The black widow

The black widow

Un soupçon

Who is Isabelle? A murderer or a housewife? That's what Captain Mathilde Delboscq, in charge of the investigation into Isabelle's husband's death, wants to understand... It's the beginning of an inquiry, and then a dive into the life of a woman with a unique destiny.

All This I Will Give To You

All This I Will Give To You

Tout cela je te le donnerai

As Aymeric has just been found dead in Provence, his husband, Manuel, a renowned author, is seized with doubts as to the cause of his death. While everything seemed to be going well, Manuel suspects an assassination.




106x52': S1 20x52' - S2 20x52' - S3 18x52' - S4 18x52' - S5 18x52' - S6 12x52' in production




Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

The Coroner

The Coroner

Alexandra Ehle

Alexandra Ehle is a coroner at the Bordeaux forensic institute. Fanciful and free-thinking, she devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission: restoring to the dead their dignity and human appearence, and giving them justice.


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  • Error margin

    Error margin


    Rebecca, a brilliant lawyer, manages to get Kevin Gossens acquitted, who was accused of murdering a woman after cutting off her finger on which she wore a valuable ring. To celebrate the event, he invites Rebecca to lunch. She is disturbed by her client's ambiguous speech... The next day, horrified, she discovers in her handbag a package with a severed finger wearing a ring, accompanied by a thank-you note from Kevin.

  • The man who died

    The man who died

    6x45' + S2 in production'

    Jaakko, a mushroom entrepreneur, finds out too late that he has been fatally slow-poisoned by persons unknown. He sets out to find the culprits before he dies.

  • Faithless


    6x30' + S2 in production'

    A sharp-witted tale of an oddly familiar family. Black, Buddhist, White, Irish, or Muslim— people are people. We follow three young sisters living in Dublin, and their Irish/Egyptian dad who, after a tragic incident, finds himself having to raise his three daughters alone. That is until his irresponsible younger brother moves in to ‘help’ and never leaves. Meet the Amin family—the new fighting Irish.

  • Essex County

    Essex County


    Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Jeff Lemire, this powerful and imaginative story of loss and loneliness traces the interconnectes lives of two families in a rural community. As the characters weave the ties between them, this deeply human drama taps into a universal need highlighting the power of belonging.

  • The Paradise

    The Paradise

    8x60' + S3 in production (delivery July 2024)'

    A senior criminal investigator from Oulu who travels to Spain to investigate the disappearance of a Finnish family which, in turn, leads to her extending her stay to help the local police in an ever- twisting and evolving brutal series of crimes.

  • Pulse


    6x52' + S2 in production'

    An electromagnetic pulse bomb turns a secure building into a psychotic battlefield trapping an international group of young game creators. They will now need to use the survival skills honed while creating their ‘Pulse’ game if they are going to escape the imploding and now crumbling building whose other occupants are becoming dangerously and murderously psychotic.

  • Varian Fry

    Varian Fry


    This film recounts the incredible story of American journalist Varian Fry, sent to Marseille during World War II with a list of 200 artists, intellectuals, Jews, and anti-Nazis to extradite to the United States. He managed to help over 4,000 people.

  • Murder in Catalonia


    During a speleologic expedition in Prades, the body of a woman surrounded by red-bellied black snake is found in a part of the site that is closed to the public.

  • Wanderers



    Four people on the edge of the world, on the fringes of society, each have an earth-shattering encounter.

  • Murder in St Martin


    Following the discovery of a murdered man on the small deserted island of Tintamarre off the coast of Saint-Martin, Captain Tom Firmain is forced to work with Inspector Merlene Van de Voort of the Dutch police, with whom he has an old feud.

  • Dhalinyaro



    Asma, Deka and Hibo could not be more different from each other: they come from different neighborhoods and would never have met without the High School.

  • Wolfy the Incredible Secret

    Wolfy the Incredible Secret


    Wolfy is a wolf. Tom is a rabbit. As curious as it may seem, Wolfy and Tom have been inseparable since they were little. Now in their teens, they live the easy life in the Land of the Rabbits.

  • Murder in Miribel


    Anna, 35, single, and a gendarme captain, finds herself working a complex case. Mylene, 60, a concert pianist of international renown, is found dead in her cottage, smothered in her sleep.

  • Murder in Guilvinec

    Murder in Guilvinec


    The second installment of Secrets du Finistère, featuring the characters of Morgane Le Dantec and Commandant Jérémy Laubier. Following the discovery of the lifeless body of a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to a mermaid, Commandant Jérémy Laubier calls on Morgane Le Dantec to help him with his investigation.

  • The perfect Father

    The perfect Father


    Michel is an ordinary father who raises his daughter alone. Brave and hardworking, he is one of the village's indispensable figures, running the only shop in the area. To everyone, Michel is a wonderful guy.

  • The Bodin’s investigate in Corsica

    The Bodin’s investigate in Corsica


    From “Pouziou les Trois Galoches” to the Island of Beauty, there’s just one step…

  • Toussaint Louverture

    Toussaint Louverture


    At the age of eight, Toussaint Louverture witnesses his father, an elderly slave, thrown into the waters of the port of Cap, deemed unproductive.

  • The Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary


    Affected by the death of her mother two years earlier, 16-year-old Alice is expelled from high school and sent by her father, Joscelin, to live with his grandparents in the countryside. She falls in love with a calf, but realizes that the slaughterhouse is waiting for the young animal.

  • The Test

    The Test


    Ambre, 20, is studying law, encouraged by her modest parents who dream of her becoming a lawyer. When an unexpected baby arrives, everything falls apart.

  • Alerts



    Based on the testimony of Laurence Brunet-Jambu and Karine Jambu. One woman's fight to save her abused niece. In order to put an end to the ordeal of her niece ordeal, who was raped for years.

  • Olympe



    Paris, July 1793. Four years after the storming of the Bastille and the onset of the Revolution. The Reign of Terror is in full swing. Amidst this world of violence, one nearly unchanging constant remains: women have no rights.

  • Inès and Yvan

    Inès and Yvan


    A romantic and social comedy, which tackles the issue of "made in France" in a textile factory in Charente Maritime.

  • The Two of Them

    The Two of Them


    Two women in their fifties. Everything opposes them: their social status, their backgrounds, their ethnic origins. Despite their differences, they are going to join forces in the same intimate and visceral project: to obtain custody of their grandson, on his return from a Daesh prison camp.

  • The New Kid

    The New Kid


    At a time when his marriage is on the rocks and his company is in danger of being taken over, Christophe Berthier suffers a stroke. He does everything to hide it, but he can no longer read or write...

  • Turning Point

    Turning Point


    Louise Bach, a brilliant cop, misses a red handed caught and risks her partner's life by answering her son's repeated calls.

  • Lightning-Struck



    Lucie and her husband Samuel Carrera are celebrating their wedding at the Inn of "Lac de Guéry" in the French mountains of Auvergne when lightning strikes them and five others.

  • The black widow

    The black widow


    Who is Isabelle? A murderer or a housewife? That's what Captain Mathilde Delboscq, in charge of the investigation into Isabelle's husband's death, wants to understand... It's the beginning of an inquiry, and then a dive into the life of a woman with a unique destiny.

  • Dancing forever

    Dancing forever


    Raised by her Breton mother in an entirely white environment, Maya, a young biracial girl, sets out in search of the other half of her story. Despite a world without leniency, kindness, or generosity towards her, she manages to rise to the top of her art: dance. The greatest choreographer of the moment takes her into an even more ruthless jungle: New York.

  • Shadows of love

    Shadows of love


    The story of a forbidden yet intense passion during the Liberation, between a young woman whose husband is a prisoner in Germany, and a black GI who arrives to help her father-in-law with the harvest.

  • Murder in Réunion

    Murder in Réunion


    JULIETTE GENTIL, the rural police officer in Dos-d'Âne (La Réunion), finds herself leading an investigation into the death of the sole heir of a large geranium plantation.

  • Fast Cash

    Fast Cash


    A criminal gang pulls off a major heist, getting away with gold bullions worth several million euros. Now they have to deal with the heat while waiting for the opportunity to shift such a huge score. Not as easy trick to pull off - especially when the owners of the gold, local mobsters and corrupted cops, are all on their trail, determined to recover the treasure. Boasting an edgy hip hop soundtrack, this whipslash-paced, razor-sharp tense series will leave you on the edge of your seat.

  • Murder in Les Saintes

    Murder in Les Saintes


    The heavenly archipelago of Les Saintes. The body of Caroline Boissaux, owner of the Hotel Torment d'Amour, is found at the bottom of a cliff. Like the legend of Caroline: a saintoise in love with the Chevalier de Fréminville who, out of amorous spite, threw herself from the same cliff 200 years earlier. Captain Gaëlle Boissaux's investigation takes a personal turn when her childhood sweetheart, Ludovic Augustin, is sent to the island to support her. And the investigators are not at the end of their surprises: in addition to a romantic investigation that resonates with their past history, they must apprehend a ghost who is terrorizing the population! Some say it would be the ghost of Caroline...

  • My Dead Loved Ones

    My Dead Loved Ones


    Marianne Elbert decides to sell her decrepit house, a property owned by the Elberts for five generations. However, despite the promise of a new beginning for everyone, settling the family inheritance tears at her heart. In front of the family tomb where they rest, Marianne, devastated, utters a futile plea for help to her ancestors. And then, as suddenly as it is unexpected, consequences unfold! The ghosts of her mother, Brigitte, a hippie biker advocating for living fast and enjoying without constraints, her grandmother Marie, a racist and bigoted seamstress emancipated by Coco Chanel, and her great-grandfather Alphonse, a broke twenty-year-old killed in 1917 by German bullets at the Chemin des Dames, find themselves in the middle of the living room, reluctantly pulled from their eternal rest!

  • Darkroom



    Becoming a recognized artist photographer was Jeff's dream. However, at 38, he feels like he's failed at everything. A vintage camera given to him by a strange old man and a stunning photo of a young woman will overturn his life.

  • Murder on the Sancy Massif

    Murder on the Sancy Massif


    Patrick, a shepherd in his forties, falls victim to a brutal attack in the mountains. Convinced that her son was killed by wolves, his mother, Marceline, decides to seek revenge.

  • Marjorie



    Louise, an antique dealer in the city center, has been a widow for 20 years and has never moved on in life. This woman with graying hair and a retiree's appearance doesn't bother anyone. However, Louise is only 43 years old. The reason she tries to appear 70 is that she sees men's attention as a real danger.

  • Buddies, lovers... drama

    Buddies, lovers... drama


    Three couples, 6 lifelong friends. They met when they were 20, and now, they're over 40... 20 years of sharing laughter, tears, conflicts, successes, and setbacks... 20 years during which each of them has accumulated little secrets, ticking time bombs...

  • Murder in Le Mans

    Murder in Le Mans


    As the first trials for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race have just begun, the body of a driver is discovered on the track.

  • Black as the Snow 2

    Black as the Snow 2


    When an SUV used for a robbery in Switzerland is discovered crushed at the bottom of a cliff in the French mountains, Officer Constance Vivier of the PGHM must once again team up with Captain Meyer of the Swiss police to find the 3 robbers on the run and their loot. But the discovery of the corpse of one of them suggests that someone else is trying to get a hold on this treasure lost in the peaks. Captain Meyer leads the investigation while trying to keep a link with his daughter Violette in rebellion against him.

  • Cheers to joy

    Cheers to joy


    In March 2020, Véra, a lawyer from Montpellier, returned to Paris to visit her parents. The country was abuzz with rumors of a spreading virus and an impending lockdown. As the first measures were announced, Véra decided to stay in Paris and lied to her fiancé Mehdi, who was waiting for her in Montpellier. She found refuge in an apartment lent by a friend who had just left the capital. Amidst the anxiety of this unfamiliar situation and the relief of sudden solitude, Véra began to settle in. She crossed paths with Sam...

  • The killer's daughter

    The killer's daughter


    Everyone’s in shock when esteemed doctor Pierre is found to have killed his wife. 15 years later, released on parole and determined to find the culprit, he is rejected by his sons and only finds support with his daughter, Nina, who alone is convinced of his innocence. To help her father, Nina must face a painful past. But as the secrets unfold one by one, death strikes again...

  • The beautiful Spark

    The beautiful Spark


    While being caught in a controversy that has tarnished his image, Philippe Lamarck, a brilliant starred chef with a complicated character, pushes the door of the restaurant La Belle Étincelle to take control of the kitchen. What he doesn't know is that this restaurant is not like the others... Virginie, the manager, to enable Noé, her son with autism achieve his dream of becoming a cook, set up an inclusive restaurant, hiring only young people with cognitive disabilities.

  • Wara - Season 2

    Wara - Season 2


    Moutari Wara shankes candidate Ganka Barry with information about the embezzlement of funds on a recycling center that was never built. But the unexpected return of his wife and daughter who had been taken hostage puts him in check against his opponent, who paid the ransom for their release.

  • All This I Will Give To You

    All This I Will Give To You


    As Aymeric has just been found dead in Provence, his husband, Manuel, a renowned author, is seized with doubts as to the cause of his death. While everything seemed to be going well, Manuel suspects an assassination.

  • Murders on the Côte Sauvage

    Murders on the Côte Sauvage


    For several days bales of cocaine have been washing up on beaches. One morning, the body of Lucas Lagne is found. Sarah, captain of the gendarmerie, is in charge of the investigation and will have to team up with Ben, sent by the narcotics squad. The investigators will carry out the investigation which will show that keeping secrets about the birth of children is not free of consequences...

  • Criminal Son

    Criminal Son


    “A chilling news story behind a shocking TV movie.”

  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight


    Alexandra, an energetic 30-something, is a much-appreciated professional coach. Alas, the glaucoma she suffers from causes her to lose her sight little by little. The shock is violent and the consequences are all the more serious as Alexandra is in divorce proceedings with Yann, the father of her 2 children. As the hearing before the judge approaches, will Alexandra succeed in convincing the justice that she can adapt and keep custody of her children despite her disability?

  • Far Away

    Far Away


    In a worn out but warm house in the Parisian suburbs, nine foreign roommates, students or young working people, are welcomed by Guillaume, himself from Reunion. This year, some friends of his decided to shoot a documentary on this one-of-a-kind houseshare...

  • Murders on Lérins Islands

    Murders on Lérins Islands


    On Lérins Islands, Christophe Beaumont, a film producer, is found dead on the set of the film adapted from the legend of the Iron Mask. In charge of the investigation, Laure Castaldi is surprised to find her sister Manon at the crime scene. The latter has just been transferred under her orders to the Cannes brigade. They haven't seen each other since Laure didn't come to their mother's funeral. Their investigation into the producer's crime revealed suspects who seem to echo the legend of the Iron Mask and the various identities assigned to him.

  • Murder in Vendée

    Murder in Vendée


    While investigating the murder of a journalist, Léa and Greg look into the secrets of the Africa, a true "French Titanic" which was shipwrecked in 1920 off the coast of Les Sables d'Olonne. On board this steamer which rallied the various colonial ports were many Senegalese skirmishers returning home after the First World War. Had the journalist figured out the theft of the liner's legendary treasure? Does the 47 meters deep wreck have new secrets to reveal?

  • Murder in Font Romeu

    Murder in Font Romeu


    The small town of Font Romeu is in shock when Father-Baptiste is found murdered and mutilated near the training center. Lieutenant Thomas Errelbaz, in charge of the investigation teams up with Julie Delpech, freshly arrived from Paris. The investigation leads them to take an interest in the sports center : suspicions of sexual assault, a fountain legendary for its power of fertility, but also suspicions of human trafficking,....

  • Murder in the Finistère

    Murder in the Finistère


    Back in her home Brittany, Morgane Ledantec, Captain of Gendarmerie, is confronted with the discovery of human bones after the fall of a sacred oak during a storm. The victim was a follower of druidism which Morgane was introduced to as a teenager by her godmother, the troubling Katell.

  • Murders in Dinard

    Murders in Dinard


    The seaside resort of Dinard rolls out its red carpet for its British film festival when we discover the body of a young English director floating between two waters. The man did not drown, he was killed...

  • Murders in Guadeloupe

    Murders in Guadeloupe


    When Christian Rivière, a renowned industrialist (from one of the most powerful white families on the island) is found murdered, Jean-Baptiste Lonteau, a retired white cop and reservist, returns to service and leads the investigation with Lieutenant Télumée Magloire (45), who just got back in Guadeloupe. A second corpse is found at the top of La Soufrière: Marie-Agnès Dragouvin, Indian, manager of a holistic center. Her inert, naked body is covered with cane fibres. Jean-Baptiste is in shock, this victim is none other than his best friend.

  • Bambuck - Barnay

    Bambuck - Barnay


    Through the eyes of Aurélie Bambuck, their daughter, the exemplary career of Roger Bambuck, a native of Guadeloupe, Olympic champion and sole French record holder from the 100m sprint to political office; and Ghislaine Barnay, Martiniquaise who developed the discipline of high jump and then became a great trainer with several generations of athletes.

  • Speed Sisters

    Speed Sisters


    Motor racing has been the dream of entire generations for decades. The motorsport audience is growing, with more and more women now becoming passionate about racing. There are still few female pilots, however. To launch a new dynamic, Margot Laffite, incarnation of Formula 1 on CANAL+, and herself a driver, has chosen to shine the spotlight on a 100% female crew (Tatiana Calderon, Sophia Floersch and Beitske Visser) engaged in the most legendary race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  • David Hallyday

    David Hallyday


    For the first time, David Hallyday reveals himself!

  • Women taking action

    Women taking action


    They are three, from different backgrounds and origins. They suffered great violence in their relationship. By dint of courage and willpower, they succeeded in extracting themselves from the influence of their spouse and saving their own lives.

  • Somebody to love

    Somebody to love


    Gina is about to marry Mathieu. She’s swimming in happiness, until one evening when, returning home, she discovers that all of Mathieu’s things disappeared... It's not a burglary, she’s been dumped. She is devastated. Her best friend advises her to sleep with the first comer, just to regain some self-esteem.

  • Georges Clémenceau, the Tiger's last love

    Georges Clémenceau, the Tiger's last love


    When on May 2, 1923 Clémenceau met Marguerite Baldensperger, he was 82 years old, she was 41.. Between them, the alchemy is immediate. And Clémenceau offers Marguerite this Faustian pact "I will help you to live, you will help me to die".

  • Sébastien Tellier : Many Lives

    Sébastien Tellier : Many Lives


    From his first album composed in a maid’s room to his performance at Eurovision, Sébastien Tellier never ceased to surprise, divert, bother, all without getting lost along the way. The constantly renewed authenticity of his musical universe is still one of the strongest in today’s contemporary pop scene.

  • Trouble Mum

    Trouble Mum


    Rachel, 40, celebrates her divorce in her own way: long, joyfully and very loudly; she has just obtained a comfortable pension, the apartment with a terrace and joint custody of her daughter, Rosa, 7 years old. But she quickly hits a wall when she discovers that her ex-husband, Yanis, is now dating her lawyer!

  • Murders in Béarn

    Murders in Béarn


    At the foot of the majestic mountains of Béarn, the wife of a notable is found drowned under the Sauveterre Legend bridge. Cheeky Jeanne, captain of the Oloron research brigade, as to team up with Hélène, an elegant upperclass. Once very good friends, the two fifty-somethings hate each other. And for good reason: they are the respective mothers, and very partisan, of a young couple who are divorcing.

  • Troubled Waters

    Troubled Waters


    The seabed, in the Golf du Lion, off Montpellier. A diver unearths in a wreck a treasure that many covet: the golden statuette of Medusa, one of the three Gorgons of mythology. The next day, the young man's boat is found empty, adrift. Is it the curse that surrounds the legendary statuette that has just struck again? Or a competing treasure hunter who attacked the diver?...

  • Cul-de-sac



    30-something Clarisse, a pugnacious and reckless policewoman, is called to investigate the death of Maud Duberry. Maud fell from the top of a cliff under the eyes of her husband, Jean Duberry, in his fifties, who could do nothing. The case is quickly classified as an accident. But a week later, a mysterious witness claims to have seen Jean pushing his wife.

  • The Blissful

    The Blissful


    The dad is Thierry, he was born mentally retarded. The little one is Luce. Together, they form an indestructible block of love. Until the day when six-year-old Luce goes to school and becomes aware of her father's disability. Fearing that knowledge will drive them away forever, she decides not to learn anymore.

  • An Unexpected Destiny

    An Unexpected Destiny


    The biopic of Miss France 2000

  • Born at 17

    Born at 17


    Thierry was a beaten child. He built himself against the violence suffered and has every reason to be proud of the result. But childhood traumas are still present, generating anxiety and a perpetual lack of self-confidence. The announcement of the imminent death of the father guilty of the brutality, and with whom Thierry has broken off all relations, sounds the hour of reckoning.

  • The Village of the cursed

    The Village of the cursed


    While a murderer, Lucas, escapes during a prison transfer, a strange phenomenon suddenly disrupts the life of a village. Inhabitants fall one after the other into a prolonged sleep. It is in this climate of panic and anguish that Mathieu, a gendarmerie captain on the verge of divorce, must find Lucas and investigate a series of crimes.

  • Murders in Pont-Aven

    Murders in Pont-Aven


    The investigation into the murder of the young gallery owner, Eric Sinclair, allows police captain Marion Darosa and her father, medical examiner Sébastien Darosa, to unwittingly solve the mystery surrounding the death of Marion's mother seventeen years ago, in 2004.

  • Bitter Paradise

    Bitter Paradise


    Hugo reluctantly follows his parents following their transfer to Mayotte. The island is nothing like the vacation-brochure dream of the tropics. The only white kid on the island, and suddenly well-off compared to the relative poverty of the islanders, Hugo doesn't feel at home and rejects everything.

  • Annette Zelman

    Annette Zelman


    Based on a true story Paris, 1942. Annette is 20 years old, Jean is barely older, they love each other and the future looks bright. But the deportation of the Jews from France will turn around their destiny.

  • Breaking the Silence

    Breaking the Silence


    When Marina crosses the door of the police station, it’s because she has finally found the courage to file a complaint against her ex-partner for rape.

  • Simon Coleman

    Simon Coleman

    3x90' + 6x52' OR 12x52'

    Simon Coleman is a Parisian cop, specialist in infiltration missions, who favored a life without attachments; no lasting relationships, let alone children. Until that morning, when he learns that his sister died in an accident along with her husband, leaving behind their three orphaned children.

  • Murder in Charente

    Murder in Charente


    Cyril is doing his Taï-Chi in a corner of the Domaine du Manoir park. A golf club slams into the back of Cyril's neck, killing him with a dead blow. The investigation is entrusted to Maud Arthuis, who is more than 8 months pregnant but widowed, the future father of the child she is carrying, died of a stroke early in her pregnancy.

  • Murder in Ramatuelle

    Murder in Ramatuelle


    Sébastien Lacassagne, 35, owner of a wine estate and a private beach in Ramatuelle, was assassinated with a statuette in his house. The investigation conducted by Deputy Prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and Captain Caroline Martinez reveals many gray areas in the victim's life

  • Burning Crimes

    Burning Crimes


    The first big fire of the season is devastating the scrublands. In the middle of the inferno, a burnt corpse is found in the steaming remainings of an ATV. Other ones will follow, forcing Guillaum, cop, and Damien, gendarme, brother in life and enemy brothers on the field, to collaborate and follow the tracks of Tiffany, a famous young photographer obsessed with fire. Unless they have to investigate on Târiq Amraoui, a Canadair pilot with a mysterious past.

  • Murder in Sainte Baume

    Murder in Sainte Baume


    After 20 years of absence, Captain Fred Carel returns to the small town of Provence where grow up. With Sara, his former high school friend who became a lieutenant in the local gendarmerie, he must investigate Antoine's death. Bernier, killed by dozens of bee stings to which he was allergic. It might just be a sad accident in this beekeeping region, but several suspicious elements call out to Fred and Sara. All converge on Chloé, Anaïs and Géraldine Portal, three generations of women from an eminent family in the region.

  • Thank god we have each other

    Thank god we have each other


    Vincent is 13, just entering his teens. He’s full of admiration for his father, who is unemployed and only really interested in football, claiming he’ll soon be hired as a professional trainer. On the other hand, he barely shows any interest in his wife, and even less in his children. Vincent, who shares his passion for football, thinks he has a special relationship with his father, and is very proud of this. Vincent's mother bears all the burden of taking care of the family, up to the day when she hits rock-bottom and tries to commit suicide, ending up in hospital with depression.

  • Repercussions



    The life of longtime friends is turned upside down when one of them dies on the road after a drinking party, and his wife, now a widow, files a lawsuit against them.

  • Louis 28

    Louis 28


    2021, in a France where the monarchy never has been abolished, Samia painfully raises her son, born of a failed relationship with an aristocrat 16 years earlier, and who’s going through his teenage crisis. When a plane crash takes the lives of the entire royal family, she receives an unexpected visit: her son is the heir to the throne of France.

  • That Night

    That Night


    On the evening of November 13th, a woman who lives behind the Bataclan and a man who just happens to be passing by help the wounded who are fleeing the terrorists and the hell of the attack.

  • Louis XI

    Louis XI


    Summer 1483, in Touraine. A horseman arrives at the castle where Louis XI resides. He reveals to the king the existence of a conspiracy: his ministers plan to assassinate him that same day, during the council. The old king then tries to thwart the plot...

  • They have a dream

    They have a dream

    4x45' or 2x90'

    From 1963 until the present day, families from the French overseas territories have confronted unique destinies, between their homelands and mainland France.

  • The Philosopher's friend

    The Philosopher's friend


    The moving story of an improbable duo : a grumpy old professor and a lonely young boy.

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem


    An apocalyptic comedy without an apocalypse. The end of the world is announced. An asteroid will hit Earth in a few days. For humanity, the announcement of the end means the beginning of anarchy. For Akim, Julie and Kevin, three teenagers slightly lost and rejected by others, a race against time begins to achieve everything they 'have always wanted to do'. But against all odds, the asteroid only skims the earth. Then the world only wakes up with a terrible hangover...

  • Mom, don't let me fall asleep

    Mom, don't let me fall asleep


    The powerlessness of a mother, the descent into hell of a son, the denunciation of a bane of our society. Juliette discovers that her adolescent son, whom she believed to be fulfilled, is in fact undermined by a deep malaise and that he has entered into a dangerous addiction to drugs.

  • Snow



    In the heart of winter, several notables from the Chamonix region are found murdered in their homes. To move forward with investigation, police captain Thomas Delhaye decides to release Juliette Hémon from prison, imprisoned 10 years earlier for a strangely similar case...

  • Dangerous Payback

    Dangerous Payback


    In the pursuit of truth, love becomes a dangerous game.

  • The Jangling of keys

    The Jangling of keys


    Alexis PASQUIER, a young French teacher, is starting his first day of work at the Nancy detention center, where he meets a young woman with whom he falls brutally in love.

  • Mum is Missing

    Mum is Missing


    Louise and Céline, two sisters who have drifted apart, get back together when their mother mysteriously goes missing.

  • Murders in Porquerolles

    Murders in Porquerolles


    The lifeless body of a 60-year-old woman is discovered on the beach of Alycastre in Porquerolles. Elisabeth Carlson was a painter and admired person on the island. Her body at the foot of the cliff evokes the Lycastre, the famous dragon from the legend that gave the bay its name.

  • Tadpole


    S1 15x5’ + S2 10x8’' or 80'

    It’s the challenge that Ben and Emma, a couple of 30 something, have to face. The initiatory journey of these 2 parents-to-be, waiting for the unidentified object that is their child.

  • L'Ami de Patagonie

    L'Ami de Patagonie


    Fred, Eddie et Mathieu ont passé leur enfance dans le même village du Cotentin. Adultes, leurs chemins ont bifurqué. Fred a repris l'hôtel de ses parents, Mathieu est resté à la ferme au côté de son père, quant à Eddie, il est devenu homme d'affaires en Patagonie.

  • Le coup du lapin

    Le coup du lapin


    Samedi matin, dans une mairie de la banlieue parisienne. Toute la famille et les amis de Sophie et Jean sont réunis pour célébrer le mariage du couple. Mais à quelques minutes du début de la cérémonie, les principaux intéressés sont introuvables. Vingt-quatre heures plus tôt, les fiancés s'apprêtaient à enterrer leurs vies de célibataire?

  • Il court, il court, le furet

    Il court, il court, le furet


    Pierre et Marion sont mariés depuis trois ans. Il n'ont pas d'enfants, mais élèvent un facétieux furet du nom de Smack. Ils pensaient logiquement s'être dit oui pour la vie, pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Mais ce matin, ils ont rendez-vous avec le juge des affaires matrimoniales, pour une ultime tentative de conciliation avant de prononcer le divorce.

  • Malevil



    While Emmanuel dines in the coolness of the wine cellar along with his employees, something terrible happens; whether a man-made or natural disaster, we will never know, but the world as we know it is destroyed. Protected in the cellar, these 5 people are, or so it would seem, the sole survivors.

  • Marie Trintignant

    Marie Trintignant


    This documentary film revisits the career and path of Marie Trintignant by drawing on the loving and often amused gaze of her father Jean-Louis Trintignant, but also on those of actors and directors with whom she worked.

  • Aurélien



    Séparés pendant dix-sept ans, ils éprouvent, l’un et l’autre, une profonde nostalgie pour cet amour malheureux... pendant la seconde guerre mondiale, le hasard va les réunir.

  • Rumors



    Estelle, professeur d'éducation physique dans un lycée du Sud de la France est soupçonnée d'entretenir une "relation particulière" avec une de ses élèves, Angélique. Avec la disparition de la jeune fille, la rumeur enfle.

  • Confessions d'un menteur

    Confessions d'un menteur


    Un écrivain à succès, en panne d'inspiration et infidèle, est mis à la porte par son épouse, rédactrice en chef d'un mensuel people. Voulant la reconquérir à tout prix, l'homme imagine un stratagème qui va lui fournir la matière d'un nouveau livre : il va se déguiser et intégrer la rédaction de sa femme.

  • Les cerfs-volants

    Les cerfs-volants


    En 1934, en Normandie. Ludo, élevé par son oncle Ambroise, un fabriquant de cerfs-volants, se lie d'amitié avec la petite Lila.

  • What's wrong with my family?

    What's wrong with my family?


    It's been five years since they first applied to adopt, and they’ve been relentless in their fight to have a child of their own. Céline, who is approaching forty, knows that the clock is ticking. But Mrs Rouart has only one possibility: a child with multiple disabilities.

  • I do

    I do


    Zoe, a French woman immigrating in Brooklyn, is desperately trying to find a husband so she can get a visa and work as a Cabaret Singer in New York.

  • Ocean - Infiltration

    Ocean - Infiltration


    2 years after season 1, how did Océan’s place in the world change?

  • All the way

    All the way


    Solange lives in Clèves, a small village in Haute-Savoie. In the summer of her 15th year, she discovers the pleasure she can get from her body, and the new power it gives her over boys. What a revelation!

  • Colombine



    Two brave women, polar opposites, who form an unexpected duo. They have to learn how to overcome what separates them and share their secrets in order to protect the dispensary and the kids from the region’s dangers and a threat which is out of their league.

  • Murders in Amboise

    Murders in Amboise


    In Amboise, during a music festival held at the Clos Lucé, a young virtuoso pianist is found dead in a position similar to Leonard De Vinci’s famous drawing: “Vitruvian man”.

  • Shadows of the Bataclan

    Shadows of the Bataclan


    This film restates the facts and investigates what lessons have been learnt by politicians and intelligence services across Europe, as the court case of the attacks begins in September 2021.

  • The Playground

    The Playground


    New student Anya (10 years old), arriving in the middle of the school year, disturbs the daily life of her fifth-grade class. After being hit in the head by a football, Anya realises that the playground is designed to favor boys, with girls relegated to the sides.

  • Cocoa



    The harshness of a thriller, the intensity and strength of a double saga between two families in the heart of West Africa, the bitterness of resentment, and the sweetness of a kiss.

  • Following my Dreams

    Following my Dreams


    The story of a young man with Down’s syndrome

  • Dangerous reunion

    Dangerous reunion


    Neurologist Esthelle comes home after years spent abroad. But after meeting one of her childhood friends and finding out to her dismay that the friend is married to Paul, her one true love, she is consumed by jealousy.

  • Murder in Kermadec

    Murder in Kermadec


    A man is found dead at the foot of a cliff. Gendarme Marie Breguet and her colleague Yassine go to the scene and borrow a boat from a neighbour, Franck Lavigne, to retrieve the body.

  • Murder in the mont Saint-Michel

    Murder in the mont Saint-Michel


    A seemingly mystical murder takes Captain Sophie Maliquot back to the Mont-Saint-Michel region where she spent part of her childhood and where her father, who died years earlier, is buried.

  • Murders in Marie-Galante

    Murders in Marie-Galante


    The body of Roméo Saldes, an educator for troubled teenagers, is found drowned in the Punch Pond. Captain Ophélie Villedieu is in charge of the case, assisted by Alban, her young Guadeloupean subordinate.

  • Little Thumb

    Little Thumb


    Poucet, en compagnie de ses quatre frères, est abandonné dans la forêt, par ses parents qui ne peuvent plus les nourrir.

  • Black as the Snow

    Black as the Snow


    It’s peak season at Morzine-Avoriaz ski resort. High mountain state police officer Constance Vivier, a purposeful and bordeline woman, and Swiss cop Andreas Meyer, fumbling and cerebral, investigate the suspect death of a teenager, found freezing on a slope after an alcohol coma.

  • Piaf



    This movie is a simple and touching biography, interpreted with great accuracy.

  • Murder in Rochefort-sur-Mer

    Murder in Rochefort-sur-Mer


    Emma and Adrien are all set for a romantic getaway. But then Adrien is called to investigate a murder, after an instructor is found hanged at the gendarme academy.

  • Murder in Angoulême

    Murder in Angoulême


    Captain Marie Jourdan invites her friend Commandant Paul Danceny and his father to celebrate her 30th anniversary at the restaurant her husband Pierre just opened. The party is brutally interrupted when agents come to arrest their son Marc, a husband and father of 2, for the murder of his mistress.

  • Murder in Biot

    Murder in Biot


    Marie Lemaire is poisoned with fentanyl at a dinner for an association of tradespeople. Her business was the largest glassmaking firm in town, inherited from her recently deceased husband, François.

  • Tragedy on the High Seas

    Tragedy on the High Seas


    The trawler Marie-Morgane sinks suddenly and inexplicably with all its crew, including Captain Lenormand and his son. When Nolwenn Lenormand hears the news she’s convinced that a submarine on manoeuvres must have been responsible.

  • Murder in the Frioul Islands

    Murder in the Frioul Islands


    A famous editor from Marseille, Adrien Grenna, hosts a cultural event about Alexandre Dumas on the Frioul islands, with a theatre play play based on “The Count of Monte-Cristo” as the highlight of the day. In the middle of the show, the body of the editor is found on stage!

  • The Sleeping Beauty

    The Sleeping Beauty


    Il était une fois…Dans un Château quelque part dans un temps lointain. La fée Carabosse coupe le cordon ombilical d’un nouveau-né, une petite fille prénommée Anastasia. Trois jeunes fées écervelées surgissent, les joues rouges d’avoir couru…

  • Online Justice

    Online Justice


    A father is arrested for murder and a kidnapping attempt in a case three years old. Through the police station’s one-way mirror, 16-year-old Claire is sure she recognises Gustavo as the man who tried to kidnap her and killed her father while fleeing.

  • Who will take care of Jacques?

    Who will take care of Jacques?


    When their father dies, Louise, Fabien and Estelle feel helpless as they confront the task of taking care of their schizophrenic brother Jacques. For Louise, the experience will be life-changing.

  • Saving Lisa

    Saving Lisa


    Rose Keller, 35, is a substitute primary-school teacher. On one assignment she encounters Lisa, 8, an especially endearing pupil. But Rose soon realises that Lisa is suffering abuse at home, and that her life could even be in danger if no action is taken.

  • Marie Octobre

    Marie Octobre


    Ten years after the liberation of Paris, 10 former Resistants, who were members of the same network, are invited by Marie-Hélène Dumoulin, known by her pseudonyme Marie-Octobre.

  • No Compromise

    No Compromise


    Gabriel refuses to obey a prefectural decree which requires him to treat his vineyard with pesticides. As an advocate of biodynamic principles, he opposes the use of chemical products on vines because, in his view, they weaken the land, destroy the ecosystem and are a danger to people’s health.

  • Richelieu



    Love affairs, jealousies, intrigues, betrayals and secrets of state... all the elements of great drama are to be found in this historical thriller, the story of how the young and ambitious Marquis de Cinq-Mars seduces King Louis XIII and betrays his protector, Cardinal Richelieu, the most powerful man in the realm, for the love of a scheming duchess.

  • Death of a Rookie

    Death of a Rookie


    Police cadet Fred Leprince is found dead inside the police academy. His sister Émilie, also a cadet there, doesn’t believe the suicide theory.

  • Che and Me

    Che and Me


    Go is a college professor coming to the end of his career. But, more important than that, when he was 18 he was driven by ideals of equality and fraternity, totally committed to the cause, and was one of Che Guevara’s final companions, over there in Bolivia, in 1967. Or at least, so he says, over and over and over again.

  • Off-season



    La Grande Motte, in the winter. A couple of 50-somethings on the verge of splitting up have to tempt fate to save their relationship and foil the mocking hand of fate which puts them on the trail of a bag full of money.

  • Simenon : The Accomplices

    Simenon : The Accomplices


    Marc Billard, boss of a public works company, regularly visits his building sites with Monica, an employee who’s used to granting him her favours in cheap hotels. One day, as they’re driving back from such an escapade, Marc fails to notice a bus travelling very fast. In swerving to avoid him, the bus crosses the road and rolls over. But the couple drive on without a word.

  • Festival, when my village fights back

    Festival, when my village fights back


    Every spring for 20 years Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves in Normandy has been hosting one of France biggest music festivals, bringing more than 70,000 people to this village of only 480 inhabitants. Years ago, when the small village, like many others in the French countryside, started to lose many of its inhabitants, a handful of them decided to create a musical event: the Papillons de Nuit (P2N) festival.

  • In the French

    In the French

    60' or 80'

    In 1981, the directors of Roland Garros gave William Klein the chance to film the tournament. As a tennis fan, the photographer didn’t hesitate, and made The French, a legendary documentary which shone a dazzling light on the tennis world of the early 80s.

  • The Girl in the Woods

    The Girl in the Woods


    Jeanne’s life changes dramatically when her sister makes a deathbed confession that she sent an innocent man to jail 15 years previously by refusing to give him an alibi. Jeanne will have to do all she can to get this man released and find out who really killed her best friend.

  • Owning It

    Owning It


    Sanou, a bright 15-year-old, starts at the famous Henri IV high school in Paris. In this prestigious institution, the young girl from the Saint-Denis outer suburbs finds herself dropped into a world a million miles from everything she knows.

  • Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds


    Jean Bogossian has set up a reorientation centre in a small village, his ambition being to save young petty criminals from ending up like he did, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’ll do all he can to get his stray sheep back on the right path.

  • Murders in Martinique

    Murders in Martinique


    The body of a young woman is found at the top of the Mount Pelée volcano, in Martinique. To identify her, a forensic officer has to come from Paris. A mission for Captain Léna Valrose, of Martinican origins, but who’s stepping foot on the island for the first time.

  • The Diva of the High-Rises

    The Diva of the High-Rises


    It all begins in the early 60s, in a deprived neighbourhood just outside Paris inhabited by Algerian immigrants. Malika is 5, and her mum has just bought her a brand-new pair of sandals. They’re so white that the little girl can’t keep her eyes off them, and doesn’t see the reversing truck.

  • Looking for Kardec

    Looking for Kardec


    Em busca de Kardec é um documentario de 98 minutos, rodado na França, na Suíça e no Brasil, cujo protagonista é um cineasta francês que está em busca de sua falecida filha.

  • For my son

    For my son


    Commander Paul Leclerc is a former fighter pilot, who trains soldiers to fly observation drones. During a field operation in Africa, his son Guillaume, serving in a commando unit, is killed.

  • Crime is her game

    Crime is her game


    On the one hand there’s country-girl Gaby, both a cop and a farmer, with a feisty character and methods all her own. On the other there’s city-girl Céline, as upright, respectful of the rules and formal as Gaby is borderline, messy and unpolished.

  • Murder in Haute Provence

    Murder in Haute Provence


    A man’s body with a bovine label wrapped around the neck, reading « Can they suffer? », is found in a big slaughtering and meat packaging company in the South of France.

  • Commissioner Valence

    Commissioner Valence


    Aidé par ses adjoints, le commissaire Valence, un homme solitaire, surmené et insomniaque, doit résoudre les crimes les plus complexes.

  • Hortense



    An apparently well-rounded woman hides a secret wound: her daughter Hortense was taken from her as she was only 3.

  • Murders in Toulouse

    Murders in Toulouse


    What do bodies found in the morning on different places in Toulouse have to do with the lyrics of a Claude Nougaro’s song?

  • Murder at Land's End

    Murder at Land's End


    The body of an old woman is found washed up on the beach at the Pointe du Raz

  • Murder in Castellane

    Murder in Castellane


    Caroline Jeune, a gendarme captain, takes on her first murder. An 18-year-old Kurdish woman, Sabrya, was murdered on her way home from the choir she sang in.

  • The Good-time Girls

    The Good-time Girls


    Three young women. Eden is of Lebanese origin, Maya is Gallic, and they are both gorgeous. Anissa, of African origin, is starting to put on some serious weight. Eden wants to get out of the “compensated dating” game, Maya is happy to carry on, and Anissa would like to do the same, but with her weight…

  • Esther's dream

    Esther's dream


    In the 50s, Esther, a young woman in love with the French culture, finally realizes her dream: to move to Paris.

  • Murder in the Larzac

    Murder in the Larzac


    In Saint-Affrique, Aveyron, big-shot farmer Pierre Loiseau is found murdered.

  • Commissioner Moulin

    Commissioner Moulin


    Hold-ups, kidnappings, murders,… Commissioner Moulin uses all of his investigating skills in his pursuit of justice.

  • Fluid



    “I don’t own you, you don’t own me.” In theory everyone agrees, but reality is a bit more complicated. Four people form three couples. Two of the couples are lovers. Emma is with Léo, and Esther is with Waël. The third couple is a professional one, made up of Léo and Waël, who work together writing comic books. They spend more time with each other than they do with their girlfriends, but still love Emma and Esther. When Emma decides to explore new aspects of her bisexuality without Léo (but not without telling him), the love and friendship-balance of their group is shaken, as is Emma’s relationship with Léo.

  • The Family Show

    The Family Show


    The whole neighbourhood is in a fervour as two families, the Riouxs and the Cléments, take part in an important event on the same day. The Riouxs are a coming-together of France’s Auvergne region and Polynesia, while the Cléments are a mix of the Caribbean and Africa. And the two families share a family secret.

  • Like a thunder in a cloudless sky

    Like a thunder in a cloudless sky


    Paul Vidal is a country doctor in a small town. A husband and father, he seems to have all he needs to be happy. Yet he suffers a serious nervous breakdown, making him unable to practise.

  • Driven round the bend

    Driven round the bend


    Pierre, a serviceman with a strong character, goes back to his childhood housing estate to take over his dying father’s driving school.

  • My daughter on the run

    My daughter on the run


    When her daughter Chloé runs away from home, Jeanne is disappointed with the response of the police, for whom a teenager runaway is not a priority, and she realises she can only rely on herself.

  • Lucas is gone

    Lucas is gone


    11-year-old Lucas vanishes one morning from his home. His disappearance throws his parents Marion and Alexis, who recently split up, into unbearable anguish, for their son is absolutely not prepared to face the outside world, being autistic and particularly fragile.

  • Storm warning

    Storm warning


    While an unforgettable storm lashes the Breton town of Perros-Guirec, a 10-year-old boy goes missing. Supposedly taking care of him at the time, teenagers Julie and Erwan never get over his disapearance…

  • Ramdam



    Amine, a brilliant professor at the University of Bordeaux, has been in bad terms with his father for years.

  • Copy cat

    Copy cat


    Newly promoted Lieutenant Valentine Ventura finds herself working with famous Captain Antoine Thomas who just came back from his medical leave after the tragedy he lived a few months ago : victim of a car crash that killed both his wife and the child she was bearing, Antoine Thomas spent several months in the hospital, and is now back in a wheelchair after losing function of his legs.

  • Laura



    For 3 generation, first born girls of the Fontane family have mysteriously died on a 22nd of July, at the age of 26.

  • Murder in Biarritz

    Murder in Biarritz


    Maddy Etcheban is a cop in Bayonne, but more than anything else she’s the mother of autistic Clément, whom she’s been taking care of single-handedly since the death of her husband.

  • Planet 5000

    Planet 5000


    “Those who enter want to leave, and those who have never come only dream of coming” Planet 5000




    In a small town in the south-west of France tragedy strikes. The body of a young majorette is found near the property of Mrs Li, a Chinese wine grower settled in the region for 15 years.

  • SELFISH - 40 humanitarians and their loved ones confide straightforwardly

    SELFISH - 40 humanitarians and their loved ones confide straightforwardly


    Forty humanitarian workers and their loved ones did just this, confiding straightforwardly about the risk, the commitment, the first time, the powerlessness, the encounters, the passion, the return home and the unspeakable.




    A collection of eight films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, the latter given carte blanche to adapt one of the published novels, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema, from high farce to social criticism, by way of moral (or immoral) fables, the macabre and the romantic.




    Georges Simenon, author of 200 novels and 160 short stories, with 550 million copies of his books sold worldwide, is the 3rd-most-read French writer after Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas.




    106x52': S1 20x52' - S2 20x52' - S3 18x52' - S4 18x52' - S5 18x52' - S6 12x52' in production




    The only son of a great surgeon, Damien almost followed in his father’s footsteps before becoming a lawyer. Elected to parliament, he’s on the verge of a successful political career before being devastated by the loss of his daughter Anaïs.

  • White lies

    White lies


    Bulle, a charming swiss town facing an industrial transformation. This picture-postcard landscape is home to the Aubert family, whose pleasant domestic life is destroyed by Alice’s illness at the age of just 35.

  • Wara



    Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

  • Les Fées du Logis

    Les Fées du Logis


    La déclaration d’impôts ou la lettre strictement personnelle qui traînent sur le bureau, les médicaments d’une armoire à pharmacie, une conversation téléphonique surprise par hasard, des draps changés trop souvent ou pas assez... Les femmes de ménage ont accès, souvent bien malgré elles, à tous ces indices qui révèlent plus de la vie de leurs clients que ces derniers ne le voudraient.

  • Double Life

    Double Life


    You thought you knew the person you love...

  • Woke XAOC- Season 3

    Woke XAOC- Season 3

    3x45' or 12x10'

    WOKE – XAOC, a new season of WOKE, the series created by Sullivan Le Postec, in which Thibaut saves a Chechen refugee from a nearly fatal trap, and in the process discovers a trial programme for human rights protection which has provided shelter for several people in Europe. Hicham returns to his tower-block neighbourhood in Saint Étienne after a relative is killed in a fight with the police.

  • Welcome in Bouchon

    Welcome in Bouchon


    Bouchon est un trou perdu qu’on ne repère même pas sur une carte de France. Pour maintenir la commune en vie, le Maire subventionne ses administrés pour éviter leur fuite vers d’autres lieux et détourne, à cet effet, les subventions européennes. Un jour, le fax annonce la venue d’une commission bruxelloise… C’est le commencement de la fin, les fonctionnaires comprennent vite la supercherie, le bras de fer s’engage : Bouchon contre Bruxelles.

  • Legend of the Three Keys

    Legend of the Three Keys


    Damien est un prodige en mathématiques, Juliette possède le don de parler toutes les langues et Jimmy celui de dessiner ce qui va arriver… Ils ont 13 ans, ils sont surdoués, ils sont nés le même jour, ils vont se rencontrer ou plutôt se retrouver…

  • Myriam's Choice

    Myriam's Choice


    Au début des années soixante, Kader, bientôt rejoint par sa femme Myriam, fait partie de la première génération d’immigrés algériens. Très vite, le couple est pris, comme tant d’autres, entre le rêve de retourner au pays, et celui de prospérer sur une terre d’accueil, pas toujours très accueillante…

  • Marie and Madeleine

    Marie and Madeleine


    En 1944, Madame Berthe, patronne d’une maison close, doit fuir Lyon avec ses pensionnaires, car le frère de l’une d’elles fait partie de la résistance et a caché des munitions dans la cave de la maison. En Isère, victimes d’un accident de voiture, elles sont obligées de se faire héberger dans un couvent, où elles découvrent que la mère supérieure cache des juifs dans les caves...

  • Someone Behind the Door

    Someone Behind the Door


    Camille is single and the adoptive mother of a two-year-old Vietnamese girl named Léa. She leaves Paris for a new life but is soon overwhelmed by the everyday pressures of her job, bringing up her daughter and dealing with babysitters. Luckily for her, her charming new neighbours, a couple in their sixties, offer to help with Léa. But they soon become invasive, taking over Camille’s life.

  • Such A Pretty Lie

    Such A Pretty Lie


    Un quadragénaire auteur de BD tombe amoureux d'une dermatologue. Rapidement, il lui fait part de son désir d'avoir un enfant. Sauf que Christine a menti sur son âge. Elle n'a pas 42 ans, comme elle lui a annoncé, mais 50, l'âge des bouleversements physiologiques chez une femme. Là voici empêtrée dans un mensonge dont elle se serait bien passée.

  • School of Life / 20 Something

    School of Life / 20 Something


    Six close friends - Stan, Inès, Barthélémy, Marine, Constant and Gaël - are revising for their Baccalauréat exams.

  • Simenon : Monsieur Monde Vanishes

    Simenon : Monsieur Monde Vanishes


    Lionel Monde had a wife, a family and a successful business in Paris. On the morning of his 49th birthday, he left home, boarded a train, and disappeared into thin air - not knowing where he was going or what he was looking for. He only knew he had to get away.

  • Tahiti Spirit

    Tahiti Spirit


    Detective Cheyenne Tinihu teams up with police captain Félix Kleber to help him find his daughter, who has mysteriously disappeared on the island of Tahiti. During the investigation, Cheyenne discovers shamanic powers of her own, inherited from her supposedly dead father.

  • Murders in Corrèze

    Murders in Corrèze


    The historic procession of Saint-Jean in the city of Tulle is disrupted by dead bodies. Gendarmes Axel and Lena, who used to be a couple, will have to cooperate to find who is responsible for the murders.

  • Murder In La Rochefoucauld

    Murder In La Rochefoucauld


    During the annual party in the château of a wealthy French family, a murder is committed. The small neighbouring town is thrown into disorder, suddenly plunged back into the old relationship of master and serfs.

  • Under Pressure

    Under Pressure


    Justine, 40, is struggling to reconcile her family life and her job as a police officer in the serious-crimes squad. Then she’s accused of stealing money during a raid that goes wrong.

  • Murder in Herault

    Murder in Herault


    The boss of a fashionable Cap d’Agde nightclub is found murdered in her own office. Deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme captain Charles Jouanic get back together to investigate what looks like a crime with an obvious motive, since the safe has been emptied of its money.

  • L'Arche de Babel

    L'Arche de Babel


    Juin 1940. Trois chasseurs alpins français en guerre, trois communistes italiens en fuite, deux rabbins polonais et trois luxembourgeois perdus dans les tourmentes de la débâcle doivent cohabiter dans un fort d’altitude à la frontière franco-italienne.

  • Bad Boy

    Bad Boy


    A respectable professor caught up in his past as an offender.

  • Raining Cats and Dogs

    Raining Cats and Dogs


    Jean is the captain of a tourist boat on the Seine, a job that’s incompatible with his drunkenness. Divorced and unable to make ends meet, when he’s suspended from his job he fears he might lose custody of his children.

  • The Devil Inside

    The Devil Inside


    Catherine Borowiak, 50 years old, is the head of a conditional release agency. Being in charge of 20 years old Hugo's case, recently released from jail on parole, she starts a relationship with him, a highly risky one.

  • Murder in Arcachon

    Murder in Arcachon


    Christophe Perrin, a renowned oyster farmer in Arcachon Bay, is the victim of a murder attempt. His three daughters rush to his bedside, where he lies wounded and unable to manage L’Héritage, the family oyster farm.

  • Murder in Provence

    Murder in Provence


    Captain Marie Jourdan of the Lyon Police answers an emergency call to help her friend, Captain Paul Danceny. He is in jail, accused of murdering his mistress, who was the wife of a charismatic and manipulative plastic surgeon.

  • The Love Bug

    The Love Bug


    In the near future, scientists have invented a test to measure the love you feel. This throws society into upheaval: couples are torn apart, the divorce rate increases and a new profession is created, that of anti-love adviser, whose job it is to warn the population about this dangerous emotion.

  • Ocean


    10x10' or 110'

    The documentary series «Océan» is an intimate self-portrait of a trans man, already known by the public under his stage name Océanerosemarie, he is a comedian and true lesbian icon since his first show in 2009, "The Invisible Lesbian". Finally ready to face the social gaze, in May 2018, Océan decides to come out, change gender and assert himself as he is: a trans man.

  • The Hummingbird Race

    The Hummingbird Race


    Thomas Ruyant, the French skipper of the boat Souffle du Nord, sails away from the starting line of the Vendée Globe race, an around the world solo yacht race. He is cheered on by a crowd of supporters waving paper hummingbirds, like the symbol on the yacht’s sail.

  • Golden Wedding

    Golden Wedding


    To celebrate Octave and Alix's golden wedding anniversary, friends and family are all invited to their large mansion for the weekend. But Alix has Alzheimer's and doesn’t even remember that she’s married. Worse, she shows up with her lover Farhad, a handsome Iranian who has the same condition.

  • The Silver Forest

    The Silver Forest


    Roxana is a young Romanian nanny looking after 8-year-old Georges, the son of David and Elizabeth. David is a financier at the European Bank of Strasbourg. Working on a project for a motorway across Romania, David asks Roxana for some help.

  • Hungry For Love

    Hungry For Love


    In her new school, 15-year-old Chloé soon becomes a close friend of charismatic free spirit Luna. She also falls in love with Luna’s ex-boyfriend Félix, a bad boy with a poisonous charm who’s also a porn addict.

  • Last Dance

    Last Dance


    Ali, 15, and Selim, 11, are spending their summer holidays in Dordogne with their grandparents, André and Françoise.

  • The Okinaway Of Life

    The Okinaway Of Life


    Throughout the eyes of very singular characters, this documentary takes you on a wonderful journey in the heart of a legendary civilization that owns the world longevity record in good health.

  • Murder in the Vercors

    Murder in the Vercors


    In the pastures of the Vercors, at the heart of the French Alps, a shepherd has been murdered. The whole village suspects the former schoolteacher, because the herdsman ruined her career a few years previously, when he found out that she was dating his 17-year-old nephew. The young man now returns to the village and the tension increases.

  • The Unexpected Child

    The Unexpected Child


    Married and with a 7-year-old daughter, Johanna is happy, until the night she unexpectedly gives birth. In shock, she abandons the child. The baby is later found alive but she is now accused of attempted infanticide. Johanna doesn't understand, adamant that she hadn’t been pregnant.

  • Duplicity



    Alice Minville is a nurse in Canada. She is travelling in the far north when her mother, Suzanne, dies in a car accident. When Alice learns of her death four days later, her corpse has already been sent to France, on the instructions of Suzanne's husband. But Suzanne’s husband, Alice's father, died 22 years earlier in a fire!

  • Murders in Rochefort

    Murders in Rochefort


    Police captain Emma Thélier is on holiday at her mother’s in the Charente-Maritime region when, while jogging in the forest, she discovers a man’s corpse. Because of her knowledge of the area and the initial findings, Emma is put in charge of the investigation. But she has to work with the gendarme captain Adrien Klévec, recently transferred here and with whom she spent the previous night. They weren’t supposed to meet again but now they are embarrassed at having to work together.

  • Crime Scenes

    Crime Scenes

    6x26’ or 3x52’'

    Some places remain engraved in the collective memory as the scenes of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.

  • Indomptable Chantal Goya

    Indomptable Chantal Goya


    Après 40 ans de carrière et près de 55 ans de présence médiatique, Chantal Goya reste finalement assez méconnue.

  • Unveiled



    Geneva 2018. On a train, Isabelle spots a young woman entirely clad in Islamic attire. Her heart skips a beat: it’s Anaïs, her granddaughter! Without saying a word to Anaïs, Isabelle calls Léa, Anaïs’ mother, who lives in Montreal. Léa immediately flies to Switzerland. She wants to understand why her daughter has converted to Islam.

  • Murders in Lorraine

    Murders in Lorraine


    When a corpse clutching a crystal chess piece is found in the old fortress of Bitche, in the Lorraine region, police lieutenant Nicolas Muller is sent to investigate. He is accompanied by a young female intern and soon discovers, during this complex investigation, that he is actually related to her.

  • Murders in Lille

    Murders in Lille


    Roubaix is host city to an exhibition of the work of Victor Maurin, one of the most famous sculptors of nearby Lille. A few hours prior to the launch of the event, one of the sculptures starts to bleed... The artist’s corpse is found inside.

  • A New Life

    A New Life


    Marion has fallen out of love with her husband. She decides to stop lying to herself, leave him, and live to the full rather than remain stuck in the reassuring routine of family life.

  • They Swapped My Baby

    They Swapped My Baby


    Single mother Sophie Serrano finds out that her eldest daughter, Manon, was swapped with another at the hospital, nine years ago.

  • Murder in Luberon

    Murder in Luberon


    In central Provence, during a hunt, 40 year-old hunter Pascal Achard is murdered. The deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard investigates for the first time with gendarme captain Charles Jouanic, accompanied by his deputy Caroline Martinez.

  • Murder On Omaha Beach

    Murder On Omaha Beach


    Captain Eloïse Gentil, of Caen police, hasn’t been on speaking terms with her father Robert, an expert on WWII, for twenty years.

  • Night Watch

    Night Watch


    Mila is a cop and she’s back in Marseille after a few years away. She’s a loner, damaged and always on her guard. She’s looking for her father, whom she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.

  • The Patricia MacDonald Collection

    The Patricia MacDonald Collection


    Patricia MacDonald’s novels sell in their millions in France and around the world. Few novelists can create such fascinating plots, holding the reader in suspense to the very last page with new twists and surprise endings. She is the undisputed queen of psychological and up-close thrillers.

  • Marion's Law

    Marion's Law


    For 20 years Marion had a complicated relationship with the lawyer Olivier Queyras, who was not only her mentor, but also her husband and boss. But now she's finally found the courage to leave him and open her own practice. So, recalling unpleasant memories of her own relationship, she naturally advises Karine, one of her clients, to leave her abusive husband.

  • From Cradle to Grave

    From Cradle to Grave


    Juliette is attending the baptism of Lucas, the son of her best friend Claire. But the young mother, weakened by her childbirth, shows disturbing signs of depression.

  • My Mum, Cancer and Me

    My Mum, Cancer and Me


    14-year-old Tania starts to become aware that the boys at school are interested in her at the same time as she learns that her mother has breast cancer.

  • The Coroner

    The Coroner


    Alexandra Ehle is a coroner at the Bordeaux forensic institute. Fanciful and free-thinking, she devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission: restoring to the dead their dignity and human appearence, and giving them justice.

  • The New World

    The New World


    Lucie is 36, and after 5 years with the love of her life, she wants a child. Nothing unusual about that, except that “the love of her life” is named Marion...

  • Blood Brothers

    Blood Brothers


    Quiet dinner at the Lemeunier’s. The door bell rings and everything radically changes : Brice, the eldest son, is arrested by the police officer Despart, suspected to have committed four murders.

  • Climb to the Top

    Climb to the Top


    Sandra, who just got out of jail, travel to Chamonix to met, for the first time, her father Paul, the only alive member of her family.

  • Frozen Memories

    Frozen Memories


    In the sumptuous setting of the Mont Blanc a family secret in the form of a perfectly conserved body has remained buried deep in the ice for 15 years. Its reappearance will spark off many emotions.

  • Above Suspicion

    Above Suspicion


    Valérie, a youthful 40, is an active, exemplary woman. A psychiatrist by trade, she is also a perfect mother, wife, and parishioner. And yet, Valérie is also a murderer.

  • The Target

    The Target


    Claire an 8 months pregnant young nurse is targeting Aline, main witness of a huge legal case. 48 hours earlier, David, her companion, has taken possession of a suitcase full of money that was not intended to him.

  • The Brave Judge

    The Brave Judge


    France, 1911. Louise Perreau is struggling financially to raise her 10-year-old son Gaston. The prospect of a new job in Paris brings her the hope of a better life. She has to enrol her son at Les Vermiraux, where children are supposed to get a good education.

  • Children of the Lie

    Children of the Lie


    A week before her wedding, Agathe Plichard, a pretty young woman of mixed race, is found drowned in the Creuse river. The police treat the case as an accident but her fiancé, Felix Bricourt, is convinced she was murdered.

  • Carpets and Chaos

    Carpets and Chaos


    While supposedly taking mud baths in Korea, the "paterfamilias" of a family from Tehran's Grand Bazaar dies of a sudden heart attack in... Brive-la-Gaillarde in provincial France!

  • Bandits



    Luis is a dreamer. Funds carrier by happenstance, only to make a living, he turns outlaw on a whim, holding up is own van -- and, incidentally, his two best friends' peace of mind.

  • Love Naturally 2

    Love Naturally 2


    Lili moved to the countryside because of her love for Luc, a farmer.

  • Love Naturally

    Love Naturally


    Lili, a working girl from Paris, is joining her boyfriend for a wedding party in the countryside. She gets bored during the party, until her eyes catch Luc’s...

  • A Labour of Love

    A Labour of Love


    Charles, a 35 years-old business executive, is sentenced to 10 days of community service : he has to help a regional non-profit organization, settled right in the middle of nowhere, to rebuild an abandonned bakery.

  • Murder in Tours

    Murder in Tours


    Police Commander Louise Chaland is investigating the murder of a controversial sculptor with the help of her son Sylvain, who has become a priest. The body was discovered alongside one of his works, which has been daubed with Latin inscriptions. They soon establish a link with the disappearance of a relic of Saint Martin, the patron saint of the city of Tours.

  • Murder in Saint-Paul de Vence

    Murder in Saint-Paul de Vence


    Behind the ramparts of the beautiful village of Saint-Paul de Vence, on the Côte d’Azur, the body of a young woman is found in the swimming pool of a luxury hotel.

  • Murders in Cornouaille

    Murders in Cornouaille


    A young fisherman discovers the body of Morgane near the entrance to Douarnenez harbour. According to Celtic legend, this is the exact location of the sunken city of Ys.

  • Bertrand


    16x10' or 90'+60'

    On a “break” with his girlfriend, Bertrand moves in with their upstairs neighbour who happens to be hacking every webcam of the building.

  • My Son

    My Son


    Following his mother’s death, Etienne goes travelling in Colombia. All of a sudden, his father Michel stops hearing from him. Michel is a steelworker in the Brest dockyards who has never travelled and speaks no foreign languages, yet decides to go looking for his son.

  • Without A Trace

    Without A Trace


    Based on a true story. Martin is 60. Adèle is 25. He is unhealthy, grumpy and shy. She is cheeky, brazen and provocative. He is looking for his son, she is looking for her father.

  • The Age of the Stateless

    The Age of the Stateless


    Sira, a former refugee, works as a translator for OFPRA (the French Office for the Protection of Stateless Persons and Migrants). She unscrupulously fleeces her clients, selling them fictions she creates to convince the authorities.

  • The Quiet Woman

    The Quiet Woman


    January 1943. France is under occupation. Louise is 70, and in her bar everyone likes to forget about the war. The militiamen at the counter are customers like anyone else, and no one complains that her meals depend on black-market produce. Her serenity is disturbed, however, by a cry for help from an English airman who falls from the sky... just like an angel.

  • The Law of...

    The Law of...


    In court, the accused awaits the jury's decision. As the legal engine rolls on, he or she is all alone except for the counsel for the defence. No matter how serious the case, the accused has the right to be defended by a criminal defence lawyer.

  • Valerie's Law

    Valerie's Law


    Valérie, a gifted lawyer in her fifties, acts as if she were still a rebellious teenager with a love of gambling. She takes malicious pleasure defending notorious villains.

  • Murder in Maussane

    Murder in Maussane


    Maussane, at the very heart of the French region of Provence, with its olive trees and its charming squares. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner.

  • Missing Child

    Missing Child


    Luisa has all she needs to be happy: she lives with Mathieu, the man she loves, and Arthur, Mathieu’s 6-year-old son by his first wife, who died in an accident. But Arthur, whom Luisa has been raising like her own, suddenly disappears from school and no one claims a kidnapping.

  • The Holy Family

    The Holy Family


    The story of a traditional Catholic family in northern France, part of society but subject to all its changes.

  • Julien's Law

    Julien's Law


    Julien is a famous lawyer, upright and loyal, who worships Irène Delamarche, the rich and generous businesswoman who adopted him on the death of his parents.

  • Woke



    Hicham runs away from his home and comes to Lyon, looking for Thibaut, a young man who tried to kiss him a few years before.

  • Boys



    Two moments of Jonas’s life intertwine, each reflecting the other: in 1995, when he was a secretive teenager, and 18 years later, as an attractive and impulsive thirty-something looking for balance in his life.

  • The Test of Love

    The Test of Love


    Marielle's whole world collapses when she finds her husband Paul wearing one of her dresses.

  • Murder in...

    Murder in...


    A region, a legend, a murder.

  • The churchmen

    The churchmen


    This TV series opens the doors of a seminary and invites the audience into the little known life of churchmen.

  • The Queen Murders

    The Queen Murders


    Though he's often alone, Martin's world revolves around his women, his "queens": women of character, who don't always make things easy, but women he can't live without.

  • Match day

    Match day


    A small French town is devastated by the murder of a football supporter in the stands during a match. Alex, a local girl but also a cop, leads the investigation, seeking answers at the heart of her town, her family and their passion for football.

  • Ten



    New Year’s Eve in Geneva. Ten around a poker table.

  • Suite noire

    Suite noire


    8 films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema.

  • The house of the Rochevilles

    The house of the Rochevilles


    The strangest things happen in the Rochevilles' manor house, with its cursed bedroom and walls that speak... In its time it has been a place of protection, condemnation and also punishment.

  • Xanadu



    Every family business has a golden rule: compartmentalize. Xanadu isn’t any different. At the helm, Alex Valadine, the flamboyant patriarch…and the high priest of the French X-rated film industry.

  • The Simenon collection

    The Simenon collection


    Now, for the first time, discover this mini-series of six films adapted from Simenon’s novels.

  • Barbara's law

    Barbara's law


    In court, the accused awaits the jury's decision. As the legal engine rolls on, he or she is all alone except for the counsel for the defence.

  • Crimson winter

    Crimson winter


    A third girl has been murdered in the middle of the festive season but superintendent Rousseau is not convinced by the serial-killer hypothesis.

  • Belmondo by Belmondo

    Belmondo by Belmondo


    Jean-Paul Belmondo returns to the settings of a fantastic career, accompanied by his son Paul.

  • Cult movies

    Cult movies


    Each three-minute film of this series is an alternative "making of", taking us behind the scenes that have marked the history of cinema.

  • I Love You 2

    I Love You 2


    At the age of 35, Hector happens to meet his childhood love Louise, and falls in love with her all over again. But there's a big problem. He's gay and has been in a loving relationship with a man for several years.

  • Adrift



    Villefranche is a French city of 30,000 citizens where Jérôme Cachart, 34, is accused of murdering Driss Belhaj, who used to be his best friend.

  • Death in the soul

    Death in the soul


    A hideous crime, an even worse truth. Marc Lagnier confesses to the murder of his adored son, but refuses to explain.

  • Murders in Hossegor

    Murders in Hossegor


    In Hossegor, local VIP Juliette Laborde is found murdered in the same conditions as a falsely accused shepherdess 600 years previously. Was the killer using this famous legend of the Landes region to send a message?

  • Russian Roulette

    Russian Roulette


    Hubert Vallon is a well-off antique dealer, a thrill-seeker who loves gambling a lot more than he loves his wife, Patricia, to whom he owes his fortune.

  • Murders in Sarlat

    Murders in Sarlat


    Sarlat, in south-west France, was the site of violent peasant revolts - the croquant rebellions - in the 17th Century. Now, the son of the region's largest manufacturer of preserved foods has been murdered in a ritual recalling those historical events

  • Aids memories

    Aids memories

    85' or 52'

    Aids Memories, written and directed by Marina Karmochkine and Marc Sieger.

  • Murder in Fresange

    Murder in Fresange


    The body of Brother Yves is found hanged by the feet from a cross in Montjoyer cemetery, near Fresange Abbey in the South of France.

  • Gloria's law

    Gloria's law


    Among France's top lawyers, Gloria Mendoza is a legend.

  • Chronicles Of A Haunted Castle

    Chronicles Of A Haunted Castle


    Two mediums knowing nothing about the experience they are going to live, agree to investigate a mysterious castle, where supernatural forces seem to be at work and where the world of the dead sometimes gives the impression of merging with the one of the living.

  • LEO: Dream, dare, believe

    LEO: Dream, dare, believe


    “LEO” is a beguiling Adult fairy-tale set in Nairobi City- a Metropolitan City that is a melting point of East African cultures, art, politics and commerce.

  • Aurore



    Murder is not a game

  • Her word against his

    Her word against his


    Laura has a promising career as a young auctioneer, but her life looks set to fall apart when she's the victim of a rape.

  • Altitudes



    After 20 years away, Isabelle, a former climbing champion, returns to her village in the Alps for the funeral of her mountain-guide father.

  • Robin



    Robin, 23 years old, lives with his aunt in south of France. To make a living he babysits Victor, 11 years old. When he’s not working, Robin trains for his passion: Parkour.

  • Murders in Bastia

    Murders in Bastia


    A businessman with a nefarious reputation is found murdered on the pier of the port of Toga. There's a particular, striking detail: the victim's ears have been cut off.

  • Grégoire can do better

    Grégoire can do better


    Grégoire and Ishem are 5th formers in the same class at a "good" high school. Grégoire is starting to reject school and refusing to obey authority of any kind. It's clear to his teachers that he's wasting his chances.

  • Thirst for life

    Thirst for life


    Lisa, family mother of 11 year old Thomas and a new born baby, is gradually being consumed by her alcoholism.

  • Murder on Aix Island

    Murder on Aix Island


    A body is found in a boat adrift somewhere between Fort Boyard and Aix Island. Solène Brach from the mainland police is sent to investigate. 17,5% market share, 4,3 million viewers on France 3, first position on 17/01/17

  • Mister Perrichon's journey

    Mister Perrichon's journey


    1860. Mister Perrichon is the epitome of bourgeois respectability: a rich shopkeeper, vain and smug, brimming with social ambition but with morals that adapt to circumstances. He retires from business and, to mark the occasion, takes his  wife and daughter Henriette on a trip to Mont-Blanc.

  • Origins



    A genealogist and a cop: a great team for uncovering the origins of the crime.

  • Et la laïcité dans tout ça

    Et la laïcité dans tout ça


    Et la Laicité dans tout ça nous plonge dans le vif des polémiques et des combats, souvent violents, que déclenche la laïcité.

  • Manon




  • The woman with red hair

    The woman with red hair


    Southern Burgundy is a peaceful region of many churches. But in Saint Gilles the atmosphere becomes frightening as the past plays with the present.

  • Stowaway



    Salif, a young Mauritanian of 18, is sent to Paris by his parents to find his older brother, whom they no longer hear from.

  • Pauline's law

    Pauline's law


    After her divorce, Pauline starts a career as a lawyer.

  • OH BOY!

    OH BOY!


    Niko, Berlinois presque trentenaire, éternel étudiant et rêveur incorrigible, s’apprête à vivre les vingt-quatre heures les plus tumultueuses de son existence.




    Bernard, jeune Toulousin éblouit par le show-business parisien se retrouve à la Capitale afin d’y tenter sa chance. Sorte de Rastignac des temps modernes, il a un atout : Fabien, son ami « coiffeur studio » des vedettes du petit écran.




    Une parodie de la Télévision, servie par un casting impressionnant : les talk shows racoleurs, les nouvelles séries américaines « choc », les jeux où l’argent et l’humiliation se côtoient et bien sur les concepts de télé-réalité sont tournés en dérision.

  • Eternal



    A fantastic thriller between bacteriological conspiration and enigmatique manhunt.

  • Deadly Seasons

    Deadly Seasons


    DEADLY SEASONS is about criminal investigations which begin on common places. Colors evoke seasons and the episodes aim at exploring all the possibilities of the thriller.

  • Angel of fire

    Angel of fire


    No one saw Françoise's suicide coming. She jumped out of her Parisian apartment after receiving a death notice, which she immediately burnt.

  • Christophe's Law

    Christophe's Law


    Christophe is a successful lawyer, the boss of a practice which advises the Devaux group, a leading company in the paper industry.

  • Dying for a child

    Dying for a child


    Florence Varthy is found dead in her garage. Witnesses to her last few days are questioned to discover who wanted her dead. How did this woman, only daughter of well-known, brash businessman Jacques Varthy, end up like this?

  • Life after killing

    Life after killing


    Italian jeweller Matteo Belmonte and his wife Christine are robbed for the third time in the space of a few months. With Christine in danger, Matteo fires two shots.

  • Murder in Martigues

    Murder in Martigues


    Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme Paul Jansac team up once again for an investigation in Martigues.

  • Simon's Law

    Simon's Law


    Simon Varlet is a brilliant and cynical lawyer, more sensitive to the amount of his fees than to the interest of the justice or the respect of the business ethics.

  • The old bear and the child

    The old bear and the child


    The coming together of two magnificent human beings totally different in every way: age, skin colour and culture.

  • The gospel according to Aimé

    The gospel according to Aimé


    Running away from the local Senegalese police, 30-year-old Aimé lands illegally in France. Without friends or a penny to his name, he has to rely on his natural wiliness to get by. Looking for somewhere to hide and a way to earn a little money, Aimé jumps at the opportunity to pass himself off as a priest.

  • Nadia



    Nadia has raised her son by herself on the outskirts of Paris. She is proud when he wins a place at the prestigious Henri IV high school. To help him with his studies she moves to Paris, getting into debt in order to offer him what his classmates have.

  • The President's hat

    The President's hat


    It all begins one evening in November, when Daniel Mercier, a minor accountant persecuted by his boss, decides to treat himself to a "royal" seafood platter in a Parisian brasserie. And there, to his surprise, President François Mitterrand comes and sits next to him...

  • Dearest Brother

    Dearest Brother


    Would you help your brother ditch a dead body? Etienne Leroy must make this snap decision when his younger brother Mathias admits to having accidentally killed his young mistress.

  • Murder in Batz

    Murder in Batz


    After long years of study, Manon is about to become a neurosurgeon. To pay her way through college she cleans crime scenes.

  • Murdered



    This day, Cathy’s life is turned upside-down with the shocking news that her daughter has been murdered

  • The Robin hoods of the Poor

    The Robin hoods of the Poor


    Inspired by a true story. Franck and Régis Delmas are the sons of a poor farmer in the Cantal. They form the "Robin Hoods of the Poor" gang, robbing banks and distributing the proceeds to those who need it most.

  • Et Allah dans tout ça

    Et Allah dans tout ça


    Aujourd'hui, beaucoup de religions deviennent plus dogmatiques.

  • Images of women or the social corset

    Images of women or the social corset

    52' et / and 80'

    A critical look at the tyranny of appearances.

  • My brother Yves

    My brother Yves


    The tale of a brotherly, stormy and passionate friendship between naval officer Julien Viaud, better known by his pen name Pierre Loti, and sailor Yves Kermadec, his substitute "brother" - two men with seemingly nothing in common.

  • Seasons of love

    Seasons of love


    1934. Philippe falls in love with Odile, a beautiful stranger, and decides to marry her, against the will of his parents.

  • Counterfeiters



    High-school student Bernard discovers that he's the fruit of a one-night stand by his mother.

  • The skin of sorrow

    The skin of sorrow


    It's 1832, and 22-year-old Raphaël's gambling has driven him to the brink of suicide.

  • Mr Paul

    Mr Paul


    The ghosts of World War Two return when Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, is found in Argentina. Franck Jourdan, a special correspondent with a French political magazine, dives into this investigation with passion, determined to see Paul Touvier condemned for crimes against humanity.

  • Trapped in the mine

    Trapped in the mine


    The disaster which occured in Courrières in 1906 claiming the lives of more than 1100 miners.

  • Me against the world

    Me against the world


    This film is a wake-up call about the drug and medicine industry, which can save lives but also take them away.

  • U-turn



    « U-TURN » or how to go from being a retired soldier to teaching history to teenagers !

  • Eyes open

    Eyes open


    Anne is a jazz pianist and has been blind since birth, François is an astrophysicist who's been blind from the age of seven. This couple is happy. But their daily routine changes the day François is given an artificial cornea transplant and regains his sight.

  • Marcel Aymé : Martin, the novelist

    Marcel Aymé : Martin, the novelist


    Novelist Martin has a bad habit of always killing off his characters.

  • Marcel Aymé : Heloïse

    Marcel Aymé : Heloïse


    Mr Martin is a 40-year-old Everyman, a fellow of normal stature who leads a normal life. But one night, at 8 o’clock, something very unusual happens.

  • The tattooed widow

    The tattooed widow


    Colette, a mother of two, leads a peaceful life as a housewife. But her life changes when her Aunt Mathilde suddenly dies.

  • Winter roses

    Winter roses


    80-year-old Jean has an incurable disease and decides to stop his treatment and end his life.

  • E-love



    Turning 50 in a few weeks' time, getting dumped by a husband who has found a 28-year-old Capucine, refusing the advances of a fellow lecturer in corduroy trousers again,...Those are things that happen.

  • A son

    A son


    Mathilde works in a Planned Parenthood center. One day, a teenage girl comes to her office to ask for a morning-after pill. Mathilde quickly senses that something is wrong with her, and the girl eventually confesses she was raped.

  • Stroke of Luck

    Stroke of Luck


    Claire is a widow raising her two children by herself, barely making ends meet with odd jobs.

  • No worries

    No worries


    Just as Marc and Claire have bought a new house, their son Rémy falls seriously ill.

  • Some place else

    Some place else


    Vincent has a burn-out at the office, and his wife has him committed to a mental hospital against his will.

  • Shanghai Blues, new world

    Shanghai Blues, new world


    Rémy, a young architect based in Paris, is sent to Shanghai to finish the construction of a concert venue, after a colleague in charge falls ill.

  • The third day

    The third day


    Leo Dembélé is 20 and his girlfriend, Manon, 18. When she gives birth to his child, Léo is determined to take his father responsibilities,

  • La Croix du fau

    La Croix du fau


    When the teacher of isolated village La Croix du Fau dies, officially of a heart attack, he's replaced by Sylvia, a lovely young music lover.

  • Dog of war

    Dog of war


    Wallid, a young French officer of Algerian descent finds it hard to readapt to civilian life on his return from active service in Afghanistan. His professional career is over but, remaining in touch with former colleagues, he accepts a somewhat special offer.

  • Siren song

    Siren song


    They've just turned 20 and dream of the bright lights, meeting at an X Factor-type audition where they're attracted to each other.

  • Welcome, Kaniusha

    Welcome, Kaniusha


    Adele, a widowed teacher of 50, is lonely and bitter, until the day Kaniusha joins her class.

  • My brother simple

    My brother simple


    Following the death of his parents, Kléber is left looking after his brother Simple, 22 years old but with a mental age of three.

  • Life is short

    Life is short


    Nowdays, we refuse the idea of death, we pretend to be immortal but we forget life is short, so short.

  • Night road

    Night road


    A Father and son story.

  • News from the children

    News from the children


    The odd trip a father will undertake to meet his children and their lives.

  • What remains

    What remains


    How to overcome one's handicap and try to win the Paralympic games ! A lesson of hope.

  • Well-behaved people

    Well-behaved people


    A working grandmother starts an accurate investigation of her family and learns many things she has no idea about…

  • Runaway



    A 13 year old runaway desperately looking for his father.

  • The widow's architect

    The widow's architect


    Héléna Kramp, a bourgeois woman who lives in a nice neighborhood and, with the help of her long-time butler and friend, spends most of her time helping children living of one of the suburbs' "ghettoes"

  • A perfect family

    A perfect family


    At the beginning of the 21st century, Martha, a black baby, is adopted by two parents: Mr. Harald Beckmann and Mr. Tobias Joos. Although Tobias dies when she is a child, Martha nevertheless experiences a happy childhood.

  • Kill Me

    Kill Me


    50-year-old Christian is a disillusioned and cynical widower who's had enough of life. Lacking the courage to commit suicide, he hires a professional killer, marking himself as the target.

  • A few days altogether

    A few days altogether


    Following their parents' death in a car crash, three teenagers move in together to maintain the illusion of a family structure.

  • The child who fell from the sky

    The child who fell from the sky


    Tilly, a little Yougoslavian girl, lives alone with her mother Sonia in Bosnia, in the midst of bombings. Just before Alex(forty year old business man has just arrived from France) leaves, Sonia asks him to do her a favor - she wants him to take Tilly and leave her in the care of some family friends, the Ludovics.

  • Hidden kisses

    Hidden kisses


    16-year-old Nathan lives alone with his father Stéphane. As a new kid in high school, he’s invited to a party, where he falls for classmate Louis. They find themselves together and share a kiss. When Stéphane finds out Nathan is gay, he turns away from him.

  • Ponzi's scheme

    Ponzi's scheme


    This is the story of Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1903 with two dollars and 50 cents to his name.

  • A girl in the air

    A girl in the air


    Lea Daumas has one vocation since her childhood : flying.

  • Surveillance



    Hired by a surveillance company to oversee the security of a hypermarket, Pierre Solvy soon discovers that he’s expected to do other things besides the usual catching of suspects.

  • Lucie's journey

    Lucie's journey


    This is the story of Lucia, a bright young woman and a mother.

  • One thing at a time

    One thing at a time


    Middling lawyer Julien sees his childhood friend Jacques, now a rich property developer, accused of the murder of his wife, a woman they both loved but who ended up choosing Jacques.

  • The dark side

    The dark side


    Paul Berthier, an ambitious public prosecutor, is witness to the accidental drowning of a young girl in the Charente but does nothing to help. It starts to look like the girl was murdered, and the case lands on Berthier's desk.

  • Murder in the Cevennes

    Murder in the Cevennes


    Each family has their secrets… Laura, a young Parisian chef, plans to go back to her native Cévennes to turn her family home into a guest house, with the help of her childhood friend Cassandra.

  • Black enigma

    Black enigma


    In the doorway of the neighbourhood's most-renowned bakery, a young student collapses, shot dead. It's an inexplicable murder.

  • Murder in Aigues-Mortes

    Murder in Aigues-Mortes


    Ludovic Pessac, a young lawyer in his 30s, is murdered in his office. Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and police chied Paul Jansac are put in charge of the case.

  • Murder in Avignon

    Murder in Avignon


    During construction work at the library of the Palais des Papes, workers discover : a woman's skeleton.

  • Captain Casta

    Captain Casta


    CASTA is stationed in a Criminal Investigation Department that covers several districts in Paris. He is a particular cop with particular methods, not really integrated among his colleagues.

  • Simenon : Death of an old man

    Simenon : Death of an old man


    One evening, old Auguste drops dead among the customers at his restaurant. He leaves three sons.

  • Murder in Collioure

    Murder in Collioure


    The body of a dead woman is found in a barrel hurtling down a hill in the middle of the night. The prime suspect is the husband, a violent and jealous painter from Collioure, for whom the victim was both model and muse.

  • Murder in the Somme

    Murder in the Somme


    The unidentified body of a homeless man is found in a dune of the Bay of the Somme, a shotgun wound in his back. An accident or murder?

  • A mysterious disappearance

    A mysterious disappearance


    It sounds like an everyday story in the sunny provinces, about a violent dispute between a butcher and his flighty wife 25 years his junior. But the following day the woman in question has disappeared.

  • A smell of blood

    A smell of blood


    The Versini family business has just hired an unknown as creative director. But things get even more complicated when the former director is found murdered.

  • Christmas eve dinner

    Christmas eve dinner


    A group of friends is gathered under the same roof to celebrate Christmas Eve. But during the night, an evil hostage taker will force them to reveal their lies, resentment and cowardice.

  • Married to a stranger

    Married to a stranger


    Newlyweds Emma and David are living a dream, with a baby on the way. They go on honeymoon to a simple cabin in the forest. But the romantic getaway turns into a tragedy.

  • Iris Yellow

    Iris Yellow


    A teenager's butchered body is found by the Seine.

  • Orion's children

    Orion's children


    Lou, 29, was initiated into ancient hunting rituals by her father before she ran away from home 15 years ago. Now, following his death, she's back. And a series of murders are being committed.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Mirror, mirror on the wall


    On one side there’s Marie-Line, a beautiful woman resisting the advance of time.On the other there's Marion, her daughter-in-law, married to her son, Paul. Between the two there's a house and Marion’s son, Ludo. Following Paul’s suspicious death, Marie-Line is ready to do anything to recover her property.

  • Manta Corridor's secret

    Manta Corridor's secret


    A new upset disturbs the peaceful atmosphere of Le Passage du Désir in Paris.

  • Passage du désir

    Passage du désir


    Lola Jost, a former police chief who's taken early retirement, and Ingrid Diesel, an American with a tormented past are neighbours. Nothing links them, apart from a horrendous murder committed in Le Passage de Désir in Paris.

  • Inner conviction

    Inner conviction


    A disturbing police investigation, loosely based on the story of a forensic scientist accused of the murder of his wife.

  • Murder in Lozère

    Murder in Lozère


    The assistant prosecutor is trying to unravel the murder of a local farmer-cum-tourist guide, stabbed in the heart and left in a Larzac cave.

  • Murder in Aveyron

    Murder in Aveyron


    A farm near Laguiole, in the Aubrac countryside. Luc Olié, forty, is found murdered with a bullet in his chest.

  • Hit & Run

    Hit & Run


    One day, Karine Blanchard is killed in a hit-and-run road accident. Emma decided to investigate herself. But what she finds out will change all of their lives …

  • Blue catacomb

    Blue catacomb


    Superintendent Rousseau of the murder squad, and his deputy Mariella De Luca, a young profiler, lead the investigation of a severed head found inside the Catacombs in Paris

  • The three silences

    The three silences


    One winter morning, Olivia decides to tail Philippe, the man she loves. She doubts his sincerity and faithfulness. Very soon her intuition is confirmed.

  • Taste for murder

    Taste for murder


    Paris, January 7th 1958. Ernest Ripper is a failed writer. Ernest goes to the « Lapin chasseur », a restaurant in Montmartre, to see a mysterious admirer who insists on meeting him. The secret admirer is Joseph Arcimboldo, a serial killer.

  • Deadly summer

    Deadly summer


    Julie wanders Neupart's streets in her cheerleader outfit, seeking someone who can take her away from her daily routine.

  • I killed for you

    I killed for you


    In a small provencial French town, Dr Christian Tellier feels sorry for one of his patients, Isabelle Fayet, who is beaten by her husband.

  • Simenon : in case of bad luck

    Simenon : in case of bad luck


    Noémie and Lucie have a plan: while Lucie spends the night with the jeweller, Noémie will rob her shop.

  • Simenon : blackballed

    Simenon : blackballed


    En 1979, Vincent Ferreira, gérant d'un grand supermarché, se voit refuser la qualité de membre du Sporting Club où se retrouvent tous les notables de sa ville qui élisent leurs pairs par cooptation.

  • Simenon : the iron stairs

    Simenon : the iron stairs


    Winter 1963. Etienne Lome, a sales rep for his wife Louise’s printing shop, is taken violently ill after eating. He gradually becomes convinced that Louise is trying to poison him.

  • Simenon : belle's death

    Simenon : belle's death


    A quiet couple in a small town nearby Orleans. The sudden and unexplained death of the young English girl hosted in their house will turn Simon’s life in a nightmare.

  • Simenon : The Innocents

    Simenon : The Innocents


    Marie dies in a car accident. But what was doing Marie Washington street? Celerin investigate.

  • Child in danger

    Child in danger


    Rebecca is a cop in the juvenile squad. Matthieu Francoeur turns up to report that his son, Joachim, has disappeared. Rebecca is fully committed to the investigation.

  • Lanester



    In the west of Paris, three strange murders are committed. Each time, the victim is eviscerated before being arranged in a macabre display.

  • Boileau-Narcejac : The accidental lover

    Boileau-Narcejac : The accidental lover


    Jonathan and Anaïs Hopkins have only been married a few months, but life together is a nightmare.

  • Boileau-Narcejac : Sleight of hand

    Boileau-Narcejac : Sleight of hand


    Arnaud Marescot has a thing about objects. He loves not only possessing them, but also the thrill he gets from stealing them. Now though, his obsessive interest is focused on Emilie, a young woman he witnessed committing a crime of passion.

  • Suite noire : What's the damage ?

    Suite noire : What's the damage ?


    Even a harmless and innocent pot can explode, if you leave it on the heat. And it’s this heat that’s gradually warming up the posterior of Ambroise Fridelance, failed illustrator specialising in the covers of cheap paperbacks.

  • Suite noire : When the city bites

    Suite noire : When the city bites


    Sara, a budding artist, arrives at Charles de Gaulle airport from Brazzaville. Sara meets Tramson, a former youth worker, who promises to help her break free once she’s paid off what she owes.

  • Suite noire : They shoot disc-jockeys, don't they ?

    Suite noire : They shoot disc-jockeys, don't they ?


    You don’t dine with the devil, not even with a long spoon.

  • Suite noire : the old man's musique

    Suite noire : the old man's musique


    When a teenage boy breaks free of his uptight mother and struggling musicproducer father, wanting to punish them for their separation, how does he channel all that righteous adolescent rage? As always, through the rock’n’roll.

  • Suite noire : straight on for murder

    Suite noire : straight on for murder


    Following an unlucky car accident in which a young woman is burnt alive, Gabriel struggles to avoid getting fingered for the crime.

  • Suite noire : recipe for a killing

    Suite noire : recipe for a killing


    An unlikely encounter between a gourmet wine producer and a rebellious young girl living on the fringe, whom he takes on as a cook.

  • Suite noire : Queen bitch

    Suite noire : Queen bitch


    The first time Emmanuel(le) wanted to jump from a window, he was seven years old. The second time was only a few seconds ago. Not a suicide attempt this time, just another screw-up, the disastrous consequence of yet another stroke of bad luck.

  • Suite noire : fright of an angel

    Suite noire : fright of an angel


    Corbucci, a private detective of Corsican and Ivoirian descent, hasn’t picked an easy case for his first investigation, nor does he go about it with any great subtlety.

  • Roxana's hands

    Roxana's hands


    Roxana Orlac, a famous violinist, loses the use of her hands in a terrible accident. Her career as a virtuoso seems to be over until Professor Christansen offers her a transplant of two new hands.

  • In love

    In love


    Iona is from the Basque region but works as a reporter for a Parisian newspaper. She is in Saint Jean de Luz, interviewing a former member of the Eterra terrorist group, when he is shot dead in front of her.

  • A suspicion of innocence

    A suspicion of innocence


    Ten-year-old Julie lives with her mother, Marie, in an isolated house. When a real murder is committed in the house, Julie takes the blame and retreats into silence.

  • The shadow on the wall

    The shadow on the wall


    A man is accused of murdering his wife.

  • I love you to death

    I love you to death


    A young single mother falls in love with a mysterious handsome man. A thriller that leave the viewer breathless and restless.

  • Profiling



    She is very attractive, she has a degree in psychlogy and she is a super cop raising her two young sisters. Captain Emma Sinclair investigates on the mysterious death of a young women in a parking lot.

  • Vertigo : Remember

    Vertigo : Remember


    Suffering from amnesia due to a car accident, a photographer is the victim of a devilish conspiracy.

  • Vertigo : Head on

    Vertigo : Head on


    A nurse falls in love with a married man, a plastic surgeon, which turns her life into a nightmare.

  • Vertigo : Disturbance

    Vertigo : Disturbance


    As a joke to her unpleasant neighbor, a young woman sets up a meeting for her on The joke turns into a nightmare.

  • Vertigo : The razor's edge

    Vertigo : The razor's edge


    A young police officer is after a psychopath who kills all the women seduced by the same Don Juan.

  • Vertigo : The broken chain

    Vertigo : The broken chain


    A dancer receives a letter from a friendship-chain. In the next days, she is the victim of strange events making her believe that she is bewitched.

  • Vertigo : The seven lives of doctor Laux

    Vertigo : The seven lives of doctor Laux


    A psychopath manipulates a female doctor revealing her at the very last minute the identity of his next victim to make sure she tries to save their life.

  • Vertigo : Till death tear us apart

    Vertigo : Till death tear us apart


    After the divorce, a woman is threatened to death by her husband who does not accept to be apart from her.

  • Vertigo : Hospital alert

    Vertigo : Hospital alert


    Trying to prove her innocence after the death of one of her patient, Dr Casey, chief anesthetist, discovers her life is threatened.

  • Vertigo : A death for a life

    Vertigo : A death for a life


    The doctor in charge of donation of organs is forced to collude with a killer who provokes brain deaths.

  • Vertigo : High fequencies

    Vertigo : High fequencies


    A young radio speaker witnesses the murder of her beloved lover.

  • Vertigo : Deadly passion

    Vertigo : Deadly passion


    Bewitched by a killer prostitute, a cop goes mad.

  • Vertigo : Guilty liaison

    Vertigo : Guilty liaison


    A piano teacher is accused of collusion with the murder of one of her most gifted students.

  • Vertigo : For better and for worse

    Vertigo : For better and for worse


    A few days after her wedding, an air-hostess discovers a marriage photo where the groom looks very much alike her husband.

  • Vertigo : The shadow woman

    Vertigo : The shadow woman


    A young women is suspected to be the accomplice to the kidnapping of her 7-years-old daughter.

  • Vertigo : Jarring notes

    Vertigo : Jarring notes


    A psychiatrist has to expertise a convict accused of a hideous crime. She starts to be the victim of murder attempts.

  • Vertigo : Forbidden marriage

    Vertigo : Forbidden marriage


    A young woman is harassed by one of her friend who tries to ruin her marriage.

  • Vertigo : Proxy murders

    Vertigo : Proxy murders


    A psychiatrist and a police officer try to prove the innocence of a man suffering from amnesia.

  • Vertigo : Still-lives

    Vertigo : Still-lives


    A young model becomes the target of a serial killer.

  • Vertigo : Appointment with death

    Vertigo : Appointment with death


    Delphine Frénel goes back to the past.

  • Vertigo : Sleeping with the devil

    Vertigo : Sleeping with the devil


    An Agatha Christie suspense for this mortal plot shut in a small stormy isolated island.

  • Vertigo : Murder under hypnosis

    Vertigo : Murder under hypnosis


    Lucie, a brilliant student in medecine is scared to go to sleep for fear of being again sleepwalking. Each time it happens, she wakes up with a dead body by her side.

  • Vertigo : Killing beauty

    Vertigo : Killing beauty


    Simon, a shy 30-year old man, meets Mélanie at work. She is dangerously beautiful. Simon’s possessive mother immediately dislikes her ; she is soon killed in an accident.

  • Vertigo : Criminal liaisons

    Vertigo : Criminal liaisons


    A young police officer investigates on the murder of a man who happens to be her lover.

  • Vertigo : A woman in trouble

    Vertigo : A woman in trouble


    Since she once cheated on her husband,the life of a young woman turns to hell.

  • Natural risk

    Natural risk


    Sophie is investigating the death of her sister, who disappeared while taking photos in the mountains accompanied by Bastien.

  • Raging heart

    Raging heart


    A man who spent 7 years in jail seeks revenge and aims at a daughter to hurt her mother.

  • A preacher in trouble

    A preacher in trouble


    Simon is an itinerant « new age » preacher. One day he picks up Gaël, a hitchhiker. He doesn’t know yet that Gaël is wanted by the police for freeing animals about to be tortured.

  • Like a bad memory

    Like a bad memory


    The city of Marseille is in a state of shock. Angèle, a depressive, alcoholic fifty-something has thrown herself out of a downtown window.

  • Cyrano in the hood

    Cyrano in the hood


    As clever as he is self-conscious, due to a tyrannical mother, Pierre-Jean Morin, also know as PJ, puts his emotions on hold after his wife leaves him. Once a brilliant cop, he has now become a local policeman dealing with the everyday life of his neighbourhood, Ménilmontant.

  • Suzie Berton

    Suzie Berton


    Suzie Berton, 67 years old, has a beauty salon. She is then arrested and accused of having killed a man, Marco, who is a small time gigolo

  • In those hands

    In those hands


    In a hospital, it is a day like any other in the operating room. Skilled doctors are gathered, ready for a regular laparoscopy, when something tragic suddenly happens.

  • A little lie

    A little lie


    A little lie with huge consequences...

  • Insanity



    Véra Cabral works in a psychiatric emergency unit. One evening, she finds her obnoxious and pretentious boss, Edouard Russel, waiting for her on her doorstep crying and begging for her help.

  • Between two shadows

    Between two shadows


    Betty Vitalini has just been through hell: she lost the baby she was expecting in a terrible car crash. She then receives a job offer to look after a seven year-old blind boy for a year. The boy lives with his father, a doctor, way up in the mountains.

  • Belleville story

    Belleville story


    Belleville, One of the melting pots of Paris, today.

  • Young mothers in the 70's

    Young mothers in the 70's


    In the 1970s, a home on the outskirts of Paris took in teenage mothers

  • Anna's time

    Anna's time


    A young watchmaker falls head over heels with a mysterious young woman.

  • Rose and the captain

    Rose and the captain


    Martinique, 1942. Rose, a young teacher, is dismissed by the Vichy regime of Admiral Robert. Disgusted at her treatment, and starved by the British blockade, she wants to escape with the young dissidents.

  • Deserters



    1914. Louis is a 27-year-old reservist and patriot, as is his childhood friend and longtime rival Bastien, who sees the war, like everything else, as an opportunity.

  • Arletty, a guilty passion

    Arletty, a guilty passion


    The love story between the French actress Arletty and the German officer Hans Jürgen Soehring during the occupation of France by Germany.

  • Dr Blanche's clinic

    Dr Blanche's clinic


    In the mid-19th century, two doctors with very different methods are competing in the field of mental disease, what will one day be known as psychiatry.

  • Valparaiso



    21:07 GMT, somewhere in the English Channel: a supertanker, the “Magnificent”, runs aground on the Casquets reef.

  • Manhunt



    The history of Franco-German Klarsfeld couple who devoted his life to tracking down Nazi war criminals and bring them in front of Justice.

  • Desert ambush

    Desert ambush


    Northern Nigeria. Two French scientists working for an environmental NGO disappear during a mission in the region of Arlit.

  • The Afghan trap

    The Afghan trap


    Nadia, an army doctor based in Afghanistan, is ambushed and captured by the Taliban.

  • 3rd reich mothers, in the name of the master race

    3rd reich mothers, in the name of the master race


    France 1943. Two pretty and different girls, Alice and Lisette, 17, are torn from their families by the Nazis and, along with many other Alsacians, sent to labor in Germany.

  • Life will be beautiful

    Life will be beautiful


    A story of friendship and closeness, a tale of courage and broken dreams.

  • One small corner of France

    One small corner of France


    Spring 1981. France is in the middle of the presidential election campaign, and Chirac has just betrayed Giscard by standing for election.

  • 1905



    At the beginning of the 20th century, in a France divided between Catholics and Republicans, Marie, a young Republican and believer teacher, is appointed at the head of the village public school.

  • Camus



    Albert Camus, a life - Camus seen through women's eyes. From The Rebel to The First Man and The Fall, the last ten years of Albert Camus's turbulent life.

  • The law of my country

    The law of my country


    Algeria. Benjamin, Kateb and Antoine are three teenagers from three religious backgrounds who never should have met. But they share the same passion for football and the same disregard for the disapproving looks which their unusual friendship draws.

  • Blanche Maupas

    Blanche Maupas


    In 1914 Théophile Maupas, a countryside teacher, is called up. From the trenches he writes long letters to his wife Blanche, who is also a teacher. In early March 1915, she hears that Theo has been shot.

  • Chesterfield



    In 1945, "cigarette camps" were set up in Normandy to provide rest and recreation for American soldiers back from the front and their wives.

  • Voltaire and the calas case

    Voltaire and the calas case


    An outraged Voltaire invents public opinion to denounce a miscarriage of justice to the whole of Europe...

  • A child at war

    A child at war


    June 1914. In the small village where he lives, twelve-year-old Momo is his parents' pride and joy. War breaks out and his father Maurice is mobilised, leaving his wife and son to run the farm.

  • The children's aviary

    The children's aviary


    In 1835, in order to cope with an ever increasing number of infants left alone during the day while their impoverished mothers had to go to work in factories, refuge rooms were put in place in some towns...

  • The president's mistress

    The president's mistress


    The extraordinary life of Marguerite Steinheil, also known as ''the Red Widow

  • The missing granddaughter

    The missing granddaughter


    A woman discovers that her granddaughter who disappeared when she was a baby is still alive...

  • The man who came from elsewhere

    The man who came from elsewhere


    In the late 19th century, Dr Pierre Adelaide, a doctor from the French West Indies, arrives in a Charente village to take over from a colleague...

  • Losing hearts

    Losing hearts


    1870. France declares war on Prussia. The Barbier family from Versailles confidently wait for the war to start ...

  • Each to their own

    Each to their own


    Pierre Bazeille is a writer. Seeking a quiet place to find inspiration, he sublets, Evelyne Droyer’s home, artist / sculptor in the Lot. But living together will not go peacefully…

  • Sowing the seeds of love

    Sowing the seeds of love


    35-year-old single farmer Julie hires African immigrant Djibril to help on the farm. What's more, she also asks him to pose as her boyfriend.

  • Unexpected love

    Unexpected love


    At 57 years, Jeanne Pascale Dorwal falls in love with a man of 35 years. Can Jeanne stand up for herself as a free and sensual woman?

  • Only love !

    Only love !


    This film is an adaptation of the famous comedy "Game of Love and Chance" by Marivaux.

  • Rock'n Roll Circus

    Rock'n Roll Circus


    They were The Starlights, a group whose heyday was in the early 80s, with their hit single "Stella".

  • Forbidden love

    Forbidden love


    The moment they meet, Eve and Sebastien fall into a deep passion. Because they can not stand living their love in secret any longer, they decided to speak out and leave husband and wife. While Sebastien has already told his wife that he leaves her, Eve learns that Marc has a cancer and needs to go to hospital the next day for surgery.

  • Arranged marriage

    Arranged marriage


    Nadia, an 18-year-old French girl from Moroccan origin, is now of age to get married. Despite her reluctance to marriage during the family summer vacation in Morocco, she finally chooses Samir.

  • Allowed to love

    Allowed to love


    When love is challenged by the weight of muslim traditions.

  • Words of love

    Words of love


    An ultimate love story, before oblivion.

  • So sorry

    So sorry


    Both in their forties, Clémence and Phillippe are happily married when Clémence discovers that her husband is having an affair with a very young woman.

  • La Madeleine Proust à Paris

    La Madeleine Proust à Paris


    Laurence Sémonin embodies Madeleine Proust, a retired woman who lives in an isolated farm.

  • Azad



    Mayakis an underground comic designer. He is currently working on an illustrated novel : Azad ("freedom » in Armenian). Azad tells his grand father’s story.

  • Exposed


    Algeria. May 1st 1962. The war has been over for two months. But following secret agreements, de Gaulle continues to conduct nuclear tests in the Sahara desert.

  • Anna Politovskaya

    Anna Politovskaya


    October, 2006. Anna Politkovskaya, a russian journalist, is murdered in the hall of her Moscow building.

  • My dear little village

    My dear little village


    Nuclear engineer Antoine Degas arrives in Saint-Lassou, a small and sleepy village, to persuade the inhabitants to approve the building of a new research centre and, eventually, a storage site for radioactive waste.

  • Palace Beach Hôtel

    Palace Beach Hôtel


    A girl and two boys, all three soldiers, turn up at an all-inclusive luxury hotel in Cyprus, with everything paid for by the French army. They're just back from Afghanistan, alive but traumatised.

  • Watch your lip !

    Watch your lip !


    It's 1973, and the Lip watch-making factory in Besançon is experiencing hard times. The director has resigned and there is no more cash. The only person showing any interest in the company is a corporate raider.

  • Limbo Trilogy

    Limbo Trilogy

    90' (or 3x26')'

    Through these three stories that answer and protract from each other, this triptych is the deads’ view of the living.

  • Chaos



    Like every other day, François Barat takes line 7 to work. But today a stranger stares at him from the other end of the train. The man finally approaches and calls out to François by name.

  • The Rival

    The Rival


    For years, Judith has been waiting for Gabriel to retire. Finally, he decides to go for it, and they organise a party to celebrate. While they are dancing in front of their happy friends, Gabriel falls down struck by a heart attack. He quickly recovers but he starts behaving strangely.

  • Rugbystar



    Olivier, a very young provincial player, has become, within a few months, the icon of an unusual rugby team.

  • The Man of my choice

    The Man of my choice


    Antoine and Camille are a happy couple.After a lots of exams, they find out that Antoine is infertile. So Antoine has an idea : if the child can’t be his, he at least wants him to be Camille’s. He accepts her to conceive «naturally » with another man.

  • For God's love

    For God's love


    Kevin, a Parisian teenager, is 17 when he discovers that Meriam, his high school friend wears an Ismalic veil...

  • A Spiritual Matter

    A Spiritual Matter


    When Sophie Marceau meets Ingrid Bergman.

  • A Villa for two

    A Villa for two


    After his father’s death, Daniel Tressard suggested to his mother, Marion, to come live with him for two weeks. A year has gone by and Marion is still at her son’s place where she feels just fine… But Sylvie, Daniel’s companion, cannot stand the situation any longer.

  • One Ferrari for two

    One Ferrari for two


    On its route, André will takes a hitchhiker on board : Vincent Saulnier who is on its way to his daughter’s boarding school. Unemployed for three years, Vincent has hidden the situation from his daughter Olivia and his ex-wife, Edith. Dazzled by the Ferrari and eager to convince his daughter that everything is working out for him, Vincent asks André to exchange their roles.

  • The ideal couple

    The ideal couple


    Roman and Thomas are both going through a divorce and meet each other while in court for their respective conciliation hearing. One day, Thomas just ring at Romain’s place, asking him to help out -just for the night. But the days and nights go by. As cohabitation is becoming increasingly tigh.

  • Goodbye and see you soon

    Goodbye and see you soon


    During a spa treatment, 60-something Henri meets Lila, an attractive woman in her 50s. They don’t know it yet but everything sets them apart!

  • The two François

    The two François


    The meeting of two men with the same name: François. The young François is 21, just starting out on life, while François senior is retired, Two destinies, two solitary lives full of lies and regrets on a collision course of self-discovery.

  • Local colour

    Local colour


    A racist widow confronts her prejudices when she has to take care of a mixed-race grandchild she never knew she had.

  • Back to the roots

    Back to the roots


    Fred Bonnemaison, a driven and self-centered Parisian food writer has to return to his home town, Lyon, when his mother, a lively octogenarian, runs away to join a community of free-thinking widows

  • A special family

    A special family


    Blandine, a lady from the posh part of town, is almost knocked over as she's jogging by a boy on his bike. And thus she gets to meet 10-year-old Michel-Ange, the son of a gay couple. They become firm friends. Michel-Ange finds in Blandine the grandmother he never had.

  • She'll snap out of it

    She'll snap out of it


    Patrick and Sophie’s life is about to change in several ways, including moving house at the start of the next school year.

  • Chef challenge

    Chef challenge


    Victor is 65, somewhat crazy, and one of the best chefs in France.

  • Family Business

    Family Business


    Brothers Yvan and Max are total opposites.

  • Lady in chief

    Lady in chief


    Antoine Grand, a recent recruit to Lille’s fire brigade.However, these normally united tough guys find their world turned upside down when they are told their site has been chosen to test the feminization of the Fire Brigade.

  • A change of heart

    A change of heart


    Jean-Pierre is a brilliant surgeon.The problems of his nearest and dearest don't interest him! But when he discovers that he too has a serious heart disease which needs operating on, Jean-Pierre finds out what it is to be a patient.

  • Foursome



    Elsa, Safia and Amandine all work for « La Providence Universelle ». One day, they decide to go for a break in a sea spa hotel. But they enventually realize that all their problems actually come from one man. That man who is making a fool of them works in the same company.

  • Belinda and me

    Belinda and me


    "I am a woman trapped in man's body". Here is how Belinda appears at Jacqueline.

  • The goddess with hundred arms

    The goddess with hundred arms


    Vanina is in the middle of a mega-storm: threatened with unemployment, destabilised by her son's own mystical crisis, provoked by her rebellious daughter... Vanina encounters her double, Nina, who's determined to sort problems out her own way …

  • Super Lola

    Super Lola


    Lola Fazière is a young home nurse in a small town in the South of France. Her timidity and fear of heights disadvantage her in her daily life, yet, due to factors beyond her control, she finds herself becoming a sort of « Zorro of Provence » superheroine.

  • Brothers and sisters

    Brothers and sisters


    Four forty-something brothers and sisters.

  • Happiness, nothing less

    Happiness, nothing less


    The author of several self-help bestsellers, Fleur can’t resist putting her theories into practice. She’s ready to do anything to make people happy, even at the risk of finding herself in delicate situations,

  • Friends for sale

    Friends for sale


    In a not too far-off future, renting friends has become a common habit for the rich, sparing them emotional disappointments.

  • A man au pair

    A man au pair


    Maxime is 40 years old and is unemployed. He lives with his sister, who has a son 9 years . It employs his brother to be his babysitter.

  • The Fall of the Male Empire

    The Fall of the Male Empire


    Inspired by David Abiker's biting polemic, The Museum of Man, The fabulous fall of the male empire, this is a sweet and sour examination of a couple in the throes of a marital crisis.

  • Tastes of the world

    Tastes of the world


    The eviction letter just brought about a general outcry among « Tastes of the world ». "Tastes of the world" is a french association aiming at gathering people by sharing cooking know-hows. Diminga, directs "Savour of the world". She suggests to counter-attack to get back to the association room.

  • Peter and Farid

    Peter and Farid


    When you spend your life running a business, when you sacrifice entire weekends, how does your life looks like ? Pierre gave everything to his business. And he has lost everything when he got fired by the new shareholders. In Pierre’s life, everything is upside down.

  • Alice's kindness

    Alice's kindness


    Alice Dupré, takes on a job as a human resources assistant in a department store, it's more to please her father than herself. A combination of circumstances puts her in charge of human resources at the worst possible time, just as the store's owner decides to "streamline" operations …

  • When pigs fly

    When pigs fly


    To win back his son's trust and his wife's love, Arman promises to bring home a free-range chicken for dinner. The simple promise of a joyful meal. Alas, the feathered creatures all seem to have flown from the town's shops …

  • The highway song

    The highway song


    Peter has turned the motorway service station where he grew up into one big singing and dancing show, as joyous and eccentric as he is.

  • Brother and sister

    Brother and sister


    50-year-old lawyer Bruno Cellini is a lonely old bachelor. But his peace is suddenly disturbed when his ageing father, who dumped him 40 years ago to go and live in Polynesia, suddenly comes back into his life,

  • Lili David

    Lili David


    It's a magical job that consists of fulfilling people's every need and desire, like a modern-day fairy granting wishes, Lili David gives it her best shot

  • My mum the squatter

    My mum the squatter


    Middle-class Fabien, 40, is out of a job. Pressured by his wife, he tries to persuade his mother to leave the appartment he owns. But his mother is not at all ready to give up the place she's been living in for years

  • Bankable



    The Devilles are rich, but they become poor when Philippe, loses his job. The Riccis are poor, but they become rich thanks to Leslie, a dynamic young woman who starts up her own Internet business. The two families have nothing in common except for their honest and fair-minded banker, Frederick Merlin,

  • Big Jim

    Big Jim


    Alexander is looking for a job and for happyness... At the age of fourty, his life is not a success… until a notary announces him that his father died and that he inherits from a pork farm.

  • Just like home

    Just like home


    A French family plans to swap homes with a Turkish family for the holidays. But at the last moment, the father learns he could be about to be made redundant. The two families have to live together .

  • I'm going home to mum

    I'm going home to mum


    40-year-old François, newly divorced and out of work for two years, is going through a bad patch. He has no alternative but to go back to live with his mother, Alice. The cohabitation between mother and son is fraught.

  • My two darlings

    My two darlings


    Barbara has vanished in Corsica without a word. Hadrien sets off in search of the woman he loves. But he soon finds he is not the only person worried about Barbara's disappearance, when he meets Emmanuel, Barbara's "other lover".

  • Gawky Gerald

    Gawky Gerald


    "He has no flair, just lots of luck." "By all means possible he manages to fail."

  • Summer camp

    Summer camp


    Denis thought he had found the perfect shelter in a summer camp... But he has to cope with boisterous children which he hates and he is lumbered with the friendship of Gilles-Henri.

  • Thick as thieves

    Thick as thieves


    A crooked comedy that will make you feel like a million bucks.

  • Step out of line

    Step out of line


    Dr Valmer, who pretends to be the best dentist in town, breaks an arm in a hunting accident and has to find someone to replace him.

  • Just a bit of love

    Just a bit of love


    Starring Clémentine Célarié who falls in love with a model, much younger than she is.

  • An unexpected father

    An unexpected father


    The return of Benjamin’s biological father, 7 years after his son has been adopted by Cecile !

  • The Heir

    The Heir


    Following Virgile’s death, Numa, his faithful companion, requests the presence of John Spicher. Numa announces to him that he will not be able to acquire any land, nor any milk from Virgile’s properties, because, unbeknownst to everyone, Virgile has an heir.

  • The fall guy

    The fall guy


    LEA FABER, a young and attractive « executive woman », learns that the new big boss of her telecommunication company is well known for having strong moral values.

  • Shared feelings

    Shared feelings


    Lisa leaves her husband when she finds him in a ‘compromising situation’ with his mistress. She leaves everything behind and goes with only a bag and her porfolio ...

  • Passion according to Didier

    Passion according to Didier


    Didier is a priest. He looks after wayward kids. And sometimes their parents too, who are often just as bad. Teenagers and lonely elderly people all benefit from Didier's help.

  • When love starts with a lie

    When love starts with a lie


    Antoine just lost an important position as an executive in a advertising agency. Catherine quit her job in a big publishing company. When they meet, because they both want to show off a little, they hide to each other their professional shortcomings and their money problems. The love story starts under a cloud of lies.

  • No more bets

    No more bets


    The Maurel de Ronchard family, including Gladys, their granddaughter and financial whiz-kid, are aristocrats on the wane. Although they own a beautiful domain with a castle, which still looks wonderful, they have no money left to look after it.

  • A family on the edge

    A family on the edge


    Poor Leo Lubac was sure he had hit rock bottom. Set-up by his bosses to take the fall in an insider trading scandal, the innocent Leo returns from prison to find his life of privilege has disappeared into thin air.

  • The judge

    The judge


    In Marseille, one man has created a panic in the Mafia.

  • Room 327

    Room 327


    Since her husband's death, Jade has run the palatial hotel which has belonged to the Marsac family for generations. On the evening of her daughter's engagement party, her future son-in-law, Fabien, is found murdered next to a prostitute in one of the hotel suites.

  • The missing

    The missing


    You've left your child with a young babysitter, promising your little treasure that you’ll be home early. Except that, just imagine... Imagine coming home later that night to find nobody there.

  • Carla Rubens

    Carla Rubens


    Carla Rubens is a former cop who now works as an investigator for an insurance company.

  • The King, the Squirrel and the Grass snake

    The King, the Squirrel and the Grass snake


    The series recounts Fouquet’s inexorable rise, his financial acumen, his success with women, the building of his château, Vaux-le-Vicomte, which prefigured Versailles, and his struggle with Colbert, who brought about his downfall and left him to rot in in a gloomy, remote fortress.

  • The Hold-up

    The Hold-up


    A bank manager, her employees and a handful of customers are about to endure a few nightmare hours with the four men who have come to rob the bank.

  • Fear


    2x85' ou/or 1x126'

    Fear descends on the small provincial town of Poitou-Charentes in France in the 1970s after a series of pretty brunettes are brutally murdered.

  • The desert's chestnut trees

    The desert's chestnut trees


    At a crossroad, she penetrated another dimension. She started living her own life.

  • The Heiresses

    The Heiresses


    A flamboyant drama that opposes a father to his daughters in a war for power that he has himself initiated.

  • Marcel Pagnol : time for love, time for secrets

    Marcel Pagnol : time for love, time for secrets


    Back on the childhood of Marcel Pagnol.

  • The comrades

    The comrades


    Six friends in their twenties meet each other in a Resistance network in 1944.

  • Laura's way

    Laura's way


    A young woman who wants to start it all over again gets caught up by her past.

  • The she-wolf

    The she-wolf


    Following a clerical error, the chief of police Laurence Louve is sent to Lyon to be with her colleague Alexis Attar, a brutal cop using controversial methods. A strange relationship ensues between them where rivalry mixes with seduction.

  • My son is 70 years old

    My son is 70 years old


    Sergio and Angela, who are in their mid 30’s, are an energetic and rather happy couple. Despite the fact that they have many friends and hobbies, their lives are clouded by the fact that they cannot conceive.

  • Farewell



    During the war in Algeria, Laurent, a student who intends to become a journalist, decides to forfeit his service exemption in order to go to Algiers and join the officer’s school. He meets Evelyne, a young French settler whom he falls deeply in love with.

  • Alexandre's law

    Alexandre's law


    Alexandre Laurent and Raphaël Menaud have been best friends since their childhood in state care. They became partners in a law firm, making a great team.

  • Frank Riva

    Frank Riva


    To protect his family, Frank Riva must thwart powerful criminals.

  • Rose and Val

    Rose and Val


    Two high profile cops, the cream of the crop of French Crime Squad.

  • Vertigo



    « Vertigo » is a collection of 24 TV Movie of 90’ each. The heroines of these movies are always beautiful and innocent womens who often find thereselves in danger, with drama passion, manipulations and a lots of wrong tracks and new turns.

  • Internal affairs

    Internal affairs


    Two cops, one is a police captain, the other one is an inspector. They work as a team...

  • Jeff and Leo, cops and twins

    Jeff and Leo, cops and twins


    Leonard, a former police captain, is out of action. But when Judge Alice Brezinski turns to him for help in solving a mysterious series of crimes, he calls on his twin brother Jeff.

  • Guilty as charged

    Guilty as charged


    Complaint is a detective series of 52-minute episodes, centred around a police station in a working-class suburb of a provincial French city.

  • Bitter tropics

    Bitter tropics

    6x52' ou/or 2x120'

    The lives in a sugarcane plant in from 1785 to 1810 in French Antilles.

  • Ladies of the law

    Ladies of the law

    25x90' et/and 20x52'

    Two women, a deputy public prosecutor and a young cop, team up to bring murderers to justice.

  • In the heart of the law

    In the heart of the law


    The daily life of a couple, both working for the police.

  • Ariane Ferry

    Ariane Ferry


    Ariane Ferry fights against time to find missing people.

  • United colors of Jean-Luc

    United colors of Jean-Luc


    Jean-Luc is an idealist, altruist, new hippy, anti-globalisation activist, utopian, slacker, dreamer... In short, a humanist. And as a company boss, he wants a workplace similar to his ideal world: a Noah's Ark of every race and colour.

  • The friend zone

    The friend zone


    Make your dreams come true. Save the world. Get the girl next door… or not.

  • A man in times of war

    A man in times of war


    This short film was created from photographs taken by Roger Martin du Gard during the 1914-1918 war.

  • Soley



    SOLEY portrays the daily life of two young boxers between trainings, life in the slum, and soon the international competition where they will represent their country, Haiti.

  • Musica do Brasil, a french passion

    Musica do Brasil, a french passion


    The French passion for Brazil, his songs and melodies, dates back to the early twentieth century.

  • Basque whalers

    Basque whalers

    55' ou/or 75'

    The tale of the last whaleboat.

  • Resistance



    The film paints a clear picture of the French Resistance itself, while tackling the question of commitment to a cause in general.

  • Friends of the Jews

    Friends of the Jews


    On 7th June 1942, the day on which it became obligatory for Jews in France to wear the yellow star, non-Jewish French people begin to wear their own signs, or false stars, on the streets of French towns.

  • Rachid around the world

    Rachid around the world


    In a funny and surprising road-movie, author and actor Rachid explores Texas on a moped and presents us the incredible characters he encounters.

  • Albert Camus, a love for living

    Albert Camus, a love for living


    We discover Camus from a new angle, his Minorcan origins.

  • Vauban



    Vauban's career is contemporaneaous to Louis the 14th's reign. Fifty years of Vauban's life were dedicated to consolidating the Roi Soleil's sovereignty,

  • Et Dieu dans tout ça

    Et Dieu dans tout ça


    Pour croire, ils croyaient. Et puis, un jour, la vie a fait qu'ils se sont retrouvés en contradiction avec leur foi. La réalisatrice Philomène Esposito et Michel Schifres sont allés à la rencontre de ces catholiques chez lesquels le doute est un jour entré.

  • Turn your life into a dream

    Turn your life into a dream


    17 years old Marie-Amélie wanted to become a fireman. But one day, she is the victim of a scooter accident and one of her legs has to be amputated. Her determination and courage will make her overcome this challenge and start training again to become a world class track and fields athlete.

  • 4 adventurers challenged to Beijing

    4 adventurers challenged to Beijing


    Four girls whose dream is to attend the 2008 Beijing’s Paralympic Games.

  • Louisiana stories

    Louisiana stories


    For the past two decades, James Lee Burke has been one of the most outstanding crime fiction writers in the USA. He is the only winner of two Edgar Awards and he is considered as one of the best contemporary American authors.

  •  I love you, neither do I!

    I love you, neither do I!


    Love, desire, need but also hatred and despise are evoked by these women and these men who all share the unquestionable love of the movie industry.

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau, musician

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, musician


    The unknown story of a restrained passion.

  • The Optimist and the Buddhist

    The Optimist and the Buddhist


    The story of a touching and humorous friendship between two men, one handicapped and the other wanting to save him.

  • The operating Theater

    The operating Theater


    The initiation rites of an apprentice surgeon in the operating block at a university hospital.

  • Romain Gary

    Romain Gary

    60'x 90'

    This portrait of Romain Gary invites us behind of the scenes of the Ajar affair.

  • Tokyo Reverse

    Tokyo Reverse


    A young man is walking through Tokyo, facing the camera. His movement is smooth and the city he walks through is majestic.

  • Hitler in Paris

    Hitler in Paris


    In June 1940 Hitler was in Paris. For the first and only time in his life, he was visiting the city of lights, a city he had always dreamt of exploring.

  • The fabulous history of Eau de Cologne

    The fabulous history of Eau de Cologne


    Do you know what the oldest marketed perfume is? Eau de Cologne. The story of Eau de Cologne takes us almost four centuries back in history.

  • Musica do Brasil

    Musica do Brasil


    Musica do Brasil is a subjective musical journey, from Rio to Sao Paulo, which revisits the last golden age of Brazilian music: from bossa nova to contemporary rap.

  • It's not fair

    It's not fair


    What do our beloved kids get up to once we've left them at school? During lessons they discover the world with their teacher, but once the bell has rung for break, they recreate their own world through the games they play.

  • The United States of Albert

    The United States of Albert


    The United States of Albert is a “Road Movie”.

  • Lino



    After the death of the young woman he was lodging for more than one year, a fifty year old man finds himself alone with a two years old little boy, Lino.

  • Opposed sexes

    Opposed sexes


    Ideally speaking, a love story should last as long as life does......

  • Love tangles

    Love tangles


    Sitting on the terrace of a Parisian coffee, a young man tells a charming unknown woman the bet that he had made, three years ago, with an experienced seducer.

  • Antilles sur Seine

    Antilles sur Seine


    The movie that will tropicalize you !

  • Haiti



    Haitian couple who work on a sugar cane plantation in the Dominican Republic escape the desperate conditions of the ‘bateyes’ (cane cutters’ communities) and make their way back to Haiti where further tragedy awaits them.

  • Mind loosers

    Mind loosers


    Bruno Lussac is a cop. As he tries to get some money at an A.T, his card get stuck in the machine. He becomes crazy when he learns that he has no more money on his bank account.

  • Sempre vivu !

    Sempre vivu !


    A Corsican village where there is full of lies and misunderstandings.

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