Fictions - Drama

The Playground

La Cour

New student Anya (10 years old), arriving in the middle of the school year, disturbs the daily life of her fifth-grade class. After being hit in the head by a football, Anya realises that the playground is designed to favor boys, with girls relegated to the sides.

The Sleeping Beauty

La Belle Endormie

Il était une fois…Dans un Château quelque part dans un temps lointain. La fée Carabosse coupe le cordon ombilical d’un nouveau-né, une petite fille prénommée Anastasia. Trois jeunes fées écervelées surgissent, les joues rouges d’avoir couru…

Online Justice

Jugé sans Justice

A father is arrested for murder and a kidnapping attempt in a case three years old. Through the police station’s one-way mirror, 16-year-old Claire is sure she recognises Gustavo as the man who tried to kidnap her and killed her father while fleeing.

Saving Lisa

Sauver Lisa

Rose Keller, 35, is a substitute primary-school teacher. On one assignment she encounters Lisa, 8, an especially endearing pupil. But Rose soon realises that Lisa is suffering abuse at home, and that her life could even be in danger if no action is taken.


Basse saison

La Grande Motte, in the winter. A couple of 50-somethings on the verge of splitting up have to tempt fate to save their relationship and foil the mocking hand of fate which puts them on the trail of a bag full of money.

All the way


Solange lives in Clèves, a small village in Haute-Savoie. In the summer of her 15th year, she discovers the pleasure she can get from her body, and the new power it gives her over boys. What a revelation!

Owning It

Les Héritières

Sanou, a bright 15-year-old, starts at the famous Henri IV high school in Paris. In this prestigious institution, the young girl from the Saint-Denis outer suburbs finds herself dropped into a world a million miles from everything she knows.

The Diva of the High-Rises

Les Sandales blanches

It all begins in the early 60s, in a deprived neighbourhood just outside Paris inhabited by Algerian immigrants. Malika is 5, and her mum has just bought her a brand-new pair of sandals. They’re so white that the little girl can’t keep her eyes off them, and doesn’t see the reversing truck.



An apparently well-rounded woman hides a secret wound: her daughter Hortense was taken from her as she was only 3.



“I don’t own you, you don’t own me.” In theory everyone agrees, but reality is a bit more complicated. Four people form three couples. Two of the couples are lovers. Emma is with Léo, and Esther is with Waël. The third couple is a professional one, made up of Léo and Waël, who work together writing comic books. They spend more time with each other than they do with their girlfriends, but still love Emma and Esther. When Emma decides to explore new aspects of her bisexuality without Léo (but not without telling him), the love and friendship-balance of their group is shaken, as is Emma’s relationship with Léo.

Lucas is gone

Pour te retrouver

11-year-old Lucas vanishes one morning from his home. His disappearance throws his parents Marion and Alexis, who recently split up, into unbearable anguish, for their son is absolutely not prepared to face the outside world, being autistic and particularly fragile.



Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

The Devil Inside

Le Diable au Coeur

Catherine Borowiak, 50 years old, is the head of a conditional release agency. Being in charge of 20 years old Hugo's case, recently released from jail on parole, she starts a relationship with him, a highly risky one.

The Silver Forest

La Forêt D'Argent

Roxana is a young Romanian nanny looking after 8-year-old Georges, the son of David and Elizabeth. David is a financier at the European Bank of Strasbourg. Working on a project for a motorway across Romania, David asks Roxana for some help.

Hungry For Love

Connexion Intime

In her new school, 15-year-old Chloé soon becomes a close friend of charismatic free spirit Luna. She also falls in love with Luna’s ex-boyfriend Félix, a bad boy with a poisonous charm who’s also a porn addict.

A New Life

Une Vie Après

Marion has fallen out of love with her husband. She decides to stop lying to herself, leave him, and live to the full rather than remain stuck in the reassuring routine of family life.

My Son

Au Nom du Fils

Following his mother’s death, Etienne goes travelling in Colombia. All of a sudden, his father Michel stops hearing from him. Michel is a steelworker in the Brest dockyards who has never travelled and speaks no foreign languages, yet decides to go looking for his son.

The Age of the Stateless

Le Temps des Egares

Sira, a former refugee, works as a translator for OFPRA (the French Office for the Protection of Stateless Persons and Migrants). She unscrupulously fleeces her clients, selling them fictions she creates to convince the authorities.



Two moments of Jonas’s life intertwine, each reflecting the other: in 1995, when he was a secretive teenager, and 18 years later, as an attractive and impulsive thirty-something looking for balance in his life.



After 20 years away, Isabelle, a former climbing champion, returns to her village in the Alps for the funeral of her mountain-guide father.



Robin, 23 years old, lives with his aunt in south of France. To make a living he babysits Victor, 11 years old. When he’s not working, Robin trains for his passion: Parkour.



Salif, a young Mauritanian of 18, is sent to Paris by his parents to find his older brother, whom they no longer hear from.