Fictions - Drama

Bad Boy

Un Mauvais Garçon

Benoît Delage is a university professor loved by everyone. But his whole life is thrown off course when his son starts dabbling in crime, and it’s revealed that Benoît himself went to prison years ago for killing a policeman.

The Devil Inside

Le Diable au Coeur

Catherine Borowiak, 50 years old, is the head of a conditional release agency. Being in charge of 20 years old Hugo's case, recently released from jail on parole, she starts a relationship with him, a highly risky one.

The Silver Forest

La Forêt D'Argent

Roxana is a young Romanian nanny looking after 8-year-old Georges, the son of David and Elizabeth. David is a financier at the European Bank of Strasbourg. Working on a project for a motorway across Romania, David asks Roxana for some help.

Hungry For Love

Connexion Intime

In her new school, 15-year-old Chloé soon becomes a close friend of charismatic free spirit Luna. She also falls in love with Luna’s ex-boyfriend Félix, a bad boy with a poisonous charm who’s also a porn addict.

A New Life

Une Vie Après

Marion has fallen out of love with her husband. She decides to stop lying to herself, leave him, and live to the full rather than remain stuck in the reassuring routine of family life.

Climb to the Top

À Corde Tendue

Sandra, who just got out of jail, travel to Chamonix to met, for the first time, her father Paul, the only alive member of her family.

My Son

Au Nom du Fils

Following his mother’s death, Etienne goes travelling in Colombia. All of a sudden, his father Michel stops hearing from him. Michel is a steelworker in the Brest dockyards who has never travelled and speaks no foreign languages, yet decides to go looking for his son.

The Age of the Stateless

Le Temps des Egares

Sira, a former refugee, works as a translator for OFPRA (the French Office for the Protection of Stateless Persons and Migrants). She unscrupulously fleeces her clients, selling them fictions she creates to convince the authorities.



Two moments of Jonas’s life intertwine, each reflecting the other: in 1995, when he was a secretive teenager, and 18 years later, as an attractive and impulsive thirty-something looking for balance in his life.



After 20 years away, Isabelle, a former climbing champion, returns to her village in the Alps for the funeral of her mountain-guide father.



Robin, 23 years old, lives with his aunt in south of France. To make a living he babysits Victor, 11 years old. When he’s not working, Robin trains for his passion: Parkour.

Grégoire can do better

Grégoire peut mieux faire

Grégoire and Ishem are 5th formers in the same class at a "good" high school. Grégoire is starting to reject school and refusing to obey authority of any kind. It's clear to his teachers that he's wasting his chances.



Salif, a young Mauritanian of 18, is sent to Paris by his parents to find his older brother, whom they no longer hear from.

Dearest Brother

Mon frère bien aimé

Would you help your brother ditch a dead body? Etienne Leroy must make this snap decision when his younger brother Mathias admits to having accidentally killed his young mistress.

A Spiritual Matter

Une Histoire D'âme

When Sophie Marceau meets Ingrid Bergman.