Series 26'

Far Away


In a worn out but warm house in the Parisian suburbs, nine foreign roommates, students or young working people, are welcomed by Guillaume, himself from Reunion. This year, some friends of his decided to shoot a documentary on this one-of-a-kind houseshare...

Trouble Mum

Mère indigne

Rachel, 40, celebrates her divorce in her own way: long, joyfully and very loudly; she has just obtained a comfortable pension, the apartment with a terrace and joint custody of her daughter, Rosa, 7 years old. But she quickly hits a wall when she discovers that her ex-husband, Yanis, is now dating her lawyer!

Louis 28

Louis 28

2021, in a France where the monarchy never has been abolished, Samia painfully raises her son, born of a failed relationship with an aristocrat 16 years earlier, and who’s going through his teenage crisis. When a plane crash takes the lives of the entire royal family, she receives an unexpected visit: her son is the heir to the throne of France.

I do

I do

Zoe, a French woman immigrating in Brooklyn, is desperately trying to find a husband so she can get a visa and work as a Cabaret Singer in New York.

Tahiti Spirit

Tahiti PK.0

Detective Cheyenne Tinihu teams up with police captain Félix Kleber to help him find his daughter, who has mysteriously disappeared on the island of Tahiti. During the investigation, Cheyenne discovers shamanic powers of her own, inherited from her supposedly dead father.