SELFISH - 40 humanitarians and their loved ones confide straightforwardly

EGOISTE - 40 humanitaires et leurs proches se livrent sans détour

Forty humanitarian workers and their loved ones did just this, confiding straightforwardly about the risk, the commitment, the first time, the powerlessness, the encounters, the passion, the return home and the unspeakable.

The Hummingbird Race

L'Odyssée du Colibri

Thomas Ruyant, the French skipper of the boat Souffle du Nord, sails away from the starting line of the Vendée Globe race, an around the world solo yacht race. He is cheered on by a crowd of supporters waving paper hummingbirds, like the symbol on the yacht’s sail.

The Okinaway Of Life

La Force de L'Âge

Throughout the eyes of very singular characters, this documentary takes you on a wonderful journey in the heart of a legendary civilization that owns the world longevity record in good health.

Crime Scenes

Lieux de Crimes

6x26’ or 3x52’'
Some places remain engraved in the collective memory as the scenes of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century.

Indomptable Chantal Goya

Indomptable Chantal Goya

Après 40 ans de carrière et près de 55 ans de présence médiatique, Chantal Goya reste finalement assez méconnue.

The Mystery of the Jewish Genius

Le Mystère du génie juif

Over the course of the world’s history, Jewish wrIters, scholars, artists, poets and inventors, men and women alike, have received acclaim as visionaries and even geniuses : Einstein, Modigliani, Freud, Gershwin, Groucho Marx, Bob Dylan.

The Masters of European Cinema

Les Maîtres du Cinéma Européen

6 of the greatest European directors seen through the eyes of their favourite actresses.

Belmondo by Belmondo

Belmondo par Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo returns to the settings of a fantastic career, accompanied by his son Paul.

Aids memories

Aids memories, se souvenir du Sida

85' or 52'
Aids Memories, written and directed by Marina Karmochkine and Marc Sieger.

Chronicles Of A Haunted Castle

Chroniques d'un château hanté

Two mediums knowing nothing about the experience they are going to live, agree to investigate a mysterious castle, where supernatural forces seem to be at work and where the world of the dead sometimes gives the impression of merging with the one of the living.

Et la laïcité dans tout ça

Et la laïcité dans tout ça

Et la Laicité dans tout ça nous plonge dans le vif des polémiques et des combats, souvent violents, que déclenche la laïcité.

Et Allah dans tout ça

Et Allah dans tout ça

Aujourd'hui, beaucoup de religions deviennent plus dogmatiques.

Images of women or the social corset

Images de femmes ou le corset social

52' et / and 80'
A critical look at the tyranny of appearances.

A legacy uncovevered

L'héritage retrouvé

The film's director starts to piece together the history of the grandparents he never knew from a few old things kept in two boxes.

A man in times of war

Un homme dans la guerre

This short film was created from photographs taken by Roger Martin du Gard during the 1914-1918 war.



SOLEY portrays the daily life of two young boxers between trainings, life in the slum, and soon the international competition where they will represent their country, Haiti.

Musica do Brasil, a french passion

Musica do Brasil, une passion française

The French passion for Brazil, his songs and melodies, dates back to the early twentieth century.

Basque whalers

Baleiniers Basques

55' ou/or 75'
The tale of the last whaleboat.


Faire quelque chose

The film paints a clear picture of the French Resistance itself, while tackling the question of commitment to a cause in general.

Friends of the Jews

Amis des Juifs

On 7th June 1942, the day on which it became obligatory for Jews in France to wear the yellow star, non-Jewish French people begin to wear their own signs, or false stars, on the streets of French towns.

Rachid around the world

Rachid au Texas, Rachid en Russie

In a funny and surprising road-movie, author and actor Rachid explores Texas on a moped and presents us the incredible characters he encounters.

Albert Camus, a love for living

Albert Camus, amour de vivre

We discover Camus from a new angle, his Minorcan origins.


Vauban, la sueur épargne le sang

Vauban's career is contemporaneaous to Louis the 14th's reign. Fifty years of Vauban's life were dedicated to consolidating the Roi Soleil's sovereignty,

Et Dieu dans tout ça

Et Dieu dans tout ça

Pour croire, ils croyaient. Et puis, un jour, la vie a fait qu'ils se sont retrouvés en contradiction avec leur foi. La réalisatrice Philomène Esposito et Michel Schifres sont allés à la rencontre de ces catholiques chez lesquels le doute est un jour entré.

Turn your life into a dream

Fais de ta vie un rêve

17 years old Marie-Amélie wanted to become a fireman. But one day, she is the victim of a scooter accident and one of her legs has to be amputated. Her determination and courage will make her overcome this challenge and start training again to become a world class track and fields athlete.

4 adventurers challenged to Beijing

4 aventurières en route vers Pékin

Four girls whose dream is to attend the 2008 Beijing’s Paralympic Games.

Louisiana stories

James Lee Burke

For the past two decades, James Lee Burke has been one of the most outstanding crime fiction writers in the USA. He is the only winner of two Edgar Awards and he is considered as one of the best contemporary American authors.

I love you, neither do I!

Je t'aime moi non plus

Love, desire, need but also hatred and despise are evoked by these women and these men who all share the unquestionable love of the movie industry.

Architecture stories

Histoires d'architectures

Helping to understand a building, getting up close to the architecture itself, always coming back to the architect’s own subjective choices... such is the approach behind the Architecture Stories collection.

Willy Ronis, self-portrait of a photographer

Willy Ronis, autoportrait d'un photographe

A portrait of photographer Willy RONIS.

Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue, à la mort, à la vie

A living portrait which revisits the work of photographer Lucien Clergue, who was a friend of Picasso for almost 30 years.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, musician

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, musicien

The unknown story of a restrained passion.

To the end of the night

Au bout de la nuit

Mauthausen, a name engraved in people's memories...

A life with Oradour

Une Vie avec Oradour

90' ou/or 52'
« A life with Oradour » shot in the ruins of this martyred French village, relates Robert Hébras' story and the events of that day.

The Optimist and the Buddhist

L'Optimiste et le Bouddhiste

The story of a touching and humorous friendship between two men, one handicapped and the other wanting to save him.

Requiem for a champion

Requiem pour un champion

A dramatic story of particular relevance today - a look at doping in sport from a new perspective.

The operating Theater

Le Théâtre des opérations

The initiation rites of an apprentice surgeon in the operating block at a university hospital.

Romain Gary

Romain Gary, le roman du double

60'x 90'
This portrait of Romain Gary invites us behind of the scenes of the Ajar affair.

Tokyo Reverse

Tokyo Reverse

A young man is walking through Tokyo, facing the camera. His movement is smooth and the city he walks through is majestic.

Hitler in Paris

Hitler à Paris, autopsie d'une visite

In June 1940 Hitler was in Paris. For the first and only time in his life, he was visiting the city of lights, a city he had always dreamt of exploring.

The fabulous history of Eau de Cologne

La fabuleuse histoire de l'Eau de Cologne

Do you know what the oldest marketed perfume is? Eau de Cologne. The story of Eau de Cologne takes us almost four centuries back in history.

Musica do Brasil

Musica do Brasil, une passion brésilienne

Musica do Brasil is a subjective musical journey, from Rio to Sao Paulo, which revisits the last golden age of Brazilian music: from bossa nova to contemporary rap.

It's not fair

C'est pas du jeu

What do our beloved kids get up to once we've left them at school? During lessons they discover the world with their teacher, but once the bell has rung for break, they recreate their own world through the games they play.