Festival, when my village fights back

Festival, quand mon village résiste

Every spring for 20 years Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves in Normandy has been hosting one of France biggest music festivals, bringing more than 70,000 people to this village of only 480 inhabitants. Years ago, when the small village, like many others in the French countryside, started to lose many of its inhabitants, a handful of them decided to create a musical event: the Papillons de Nuit (P2N) festival.

In the French

In the French

60' or 80'
In 1981, the directors of Roland Garros gave William Klein the chance to film the tournament. As a tennis fan, the photographer didn’t hesitate, and made The French, a legendary documentary which shone a dazzling light on the tennis world of the early 80s.

The Hummingbird Race

L'Odyssée du Colibri

Thomas Ruyant, the French skipper of the boat Souffle du Nord, sails away from the starting line of the Vendée Globe race, an around the world solo yacht race. He is cheered on by a crowd of supporters waving paper hummingbirds, like the symbol on the yacht’s sail.



SOLEY portrays the daily life of two young boxers between trainings, life in the slum, and soon the international competition where they will represent their country, Haiti.

Friends of the Jews

Amis des Juifs

On 7th June 1942, the day on which it became obligatory for Jews in France to wear the yellow star, non-Jewish French people begin to wear their own signs, or false stars, on the streets of French towns.

Et Dieu dans tout ça

Et Dieu dans tout ça

Pour croire, ils croyaient. Et puis, un jour, la vie a fait qu'ils se sont retrouvés en contradiction avec leur foi. La réalisatrice Philomène Esposito et Michel Schifres sont allés à la rencontre de ces catholiques chez lesquels le doute est un jour entré.

Turn your life into a dream

Fais de ta vie un rêve

17 years old Marie-Amélie wanted to become a fireman. But one day, she is the victim of a scooter accident and one of her legs has to be amputated. Her determination and courage will make her overcome this challenge and start training again to become a world class track and fields athlete.

Louisiana stories

James Lee Burke

For the past two decades, James Lee Burke has been one of the most outstanding crime fiction writers in the USA. He is the only winner of two Edgar Awards and he is considered as one of the best contemporary American authors.

It's not fair

C'est pas du jeu

What do our beloved kids get up to once we've left them at school? During lessons they discover the world with their teacher, but once the bell has rung for break, they recreate their own world through the games they play.