Series Mini



Louise, an antique dealer in the city center, has been a widow for 20 years and has never moved on in life. This woman with graying hair and a retiree's appearance doesn't bother anyone. However, Louise is only 43 years old. The reason she tries to appear 70 is that she sees men's attention as a real danger.

Black as the Snow 2

Noir comme Neige 2

When an SUV used for a robbery in Switzerland is discovered crushed at the bottom of a cliff in the French mountains, Officer Constance Vivier of the PGHM must once again team up with Captain Meyer of the Swiss police to find the 3 robbers on the run and their loot. But the discovery of the corpse of one of them suggests that someone else is trying to get a hold on this treasure lost in the peaks. Captain Meyer leads the investigation while trying to keep a link with his daughter Violette in rebellion against him.

Legend of the Three Keys

La Légende des Trois Clés

Damien est un prodige en mathématiques, Juliette possède le don de parler toutes les langues et Jimmy celui de dessiner ce qui va arriver… Ils ont 13 ans, ils sont surdoués, ils sont nés le même jour, ils vont se rencontrer ou plutôt se retrouver…

Myriam's Choice

Le Choix de Myriam

Au début des années soixante, Kader, bientôt rejoint par sa femme Myriam, fait partie de la première génération d’immigrés algériens. Très vite, le couple est pris, comme tant d’autres, entre le rêve de retourner au pays, et celui de prospérer sur une terre d’accueil, pas toujours très accueillante…

Match day

Virage Nord

A small French town is devastated by the murder of a football supporter in the stands during a match. Alex, a local girl but also a cop, leads the investigation, seeking answers at the heart of her town, her family and their passion for football.



Every family business has a golden rule: compartmentalize. Xanadu isn’t any different. At the helm, Alex Valadine, the flamboyant patriarch…and the high priest of the French X-rated film industry.

I Love You 2

J'ai 2 amours

At the age of 35, Hector happens to meet his childhood love Louise, and falls in love with her all over again. But there's a big problem. He's gay and has been in a loving relationship with a man for several years.

Room 327

Chambre 327

Since her husband's death, Jade has run the palatial hotel which has belonged to the Marsac family for generations. On the evening of her daughter's engagement party, her future son-in-law, Fabien, is found murdered next to a prostitute in one of the hotel suites.

The missing


You've left your child with a young babysitter, promising your little treasure that you’ll be home early. Except that, just imagine... Imagine coming home later that night to find nobody there.

The Hold-up


A bank manager, her employees and a handful of customers are about to endure a few nightmare hours with the four men who have come to rob the bank.


Quand vient la peur

2x85' ou/or 1x126'
Fear descends on the small provincial town of Poitou-Charentes in France in the 1970s after a series of pretty brunettes are brutally murdered.

The she-wolf

La louve

Following a clerical error, the chief of police Laurence Louve is sent to Lyon to be with her colleague Alexis Attar, a brutal cop using controversial methods. A strange relationship ensues between them where rivalry mixes with seduction.

My son is 70 years old

Mon fils a 70 ans

Sergio and Angela, who are in their mid 30’s, are an energetic and rather happy couple. Despite the fact that they have many friends and hobbies, their lives are clouded by the fact that they cannot conceive.



During the war in Algeria, Laurent, a student who intends to become a journalist, decides to forfeit his service exemption in order to go to Algiers and join the officer’s school. He meets Evelyne, a young French settler whom he falls deeply in love with.