Fictions - Crime/Thriller

My daughter on the run

La fugue

When her daughter Chloé runs away from home, Jeanne is disappointed with the response of the police, for whom a teenager runaway is not a priority, and she realises she can only rely on herself.

Lucas is gone

Lucas a disparu

11-year-old Lucas vanishes one morning from his home. His disappearance throws his parents Marion and Alexis, who recently split up, into unbearable anguish, for their son is absolutely not prepared to face the outside world, being autistic and particularly fragile.

Copy cat

Faux semblants

Newly promoted Lieutenant Valentine Ventura finds herself working with famous Captain Antoine Thomas who just came back from his medical leave after the tragedy he lived a few months ago : victim of a car crash that killed both his wife and the child she was bearing, Antoine Thomas spent several months in the hospital, and is now back in a wheelchair after losing function of his legs.


Laura, le compte à rebours a commencé

For 3 generation, first born girls of the Fontane family have mysteriously died on a 22nd of July, at the age of 26.

Murder in the Basque country

Maddy Etcheban

Maddy Etcheban is a cop in Bayonne, but more than anything else she’s the mother of autistic Clément, whom she’s been taking care of single-handedly since the death of her husband.



In a small town in the south-west of France tragedy strikes. The body of a young majorette is found near the property of Mrs Li, a Chinese wine grower settled in the region for 15 years.



A collection of eight films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, the latter given carte blanche to adapt one of the published novels, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema, from high farce to social criticism, by way of moral (or immoral) fables, the macabre and the romantic.



Georges Simenon, author of 200 novels and 160 short stories, with 550 million copies of his books sold worldwide, is the 3rd-most-read French writer after Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas.



The everyday lives of a group of police detectives in New Caledonia.



The only son of a great surgeon, Damien almost followed in his father’s footsteps before becoming a lawyer. Elected to parliament, he’s on the verge of a successful political career before being devastated by the loss of his daughter Anaïs.



Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

Someone Behind the Door

Une Ombre Derrière la Porte

Camille is single and the adoptive mother of a two-year-old Vietnamese girl named Léa. She leaves Paris for a new life but is soon overwhelmed by the everyday pressures of her job, bringing up her daughter and dealing with babysitters. Luckily for her, her charming new neighbours, a couple in their sixties, offer to help with Léa. But they soon become invasive, taking over Camille’s life.

Simenon : Monsieur Monde Vanishes

Simenon : La Fuite de Monsieur Monde

Lionel Monde had a wife, a family and a successful business in Paris. On the morning of his 49th birthday, he left home, boarded a train, and disappeared into thin air - not knowing where he was going or what he was looking for. He only knew he had to get away.

Murders in Corrèze

Meurtres en Corrèze

The historic procession of Saint-Jean in the city of Tulle is disrupted by dead bodies. Gendarmes Axel and Lena, who used to be a couple, will have to cooperate to find who is responsible for the murders.

Murder In La Rochefoucauld

Les Secrets du Château

During the annual party in the château of a wealthy French family, a murder is committed. The small neighbouring town is thrown into disorder, suddenly plunged back into the old relationship of master and serfs.

Under Pressure

États d'urgence

Justine, 40, is struggling to reconcile her family life and her job as a police officer in the serious-crimes squad. Then she’s accused of stealing money during a raid that goes wrong.



The true story of a police superintendent, a big city cop in the organised crime squad, who, after 25 years of a flawless professional career, is arrested and remanded in custody by internal affairs for 4 days, before being indicted for criminal conspiracy, drug trafficking, theft and embezzlement by the examining magistrate in charge of the case.

Murder in Herault

Crime dans l'Hérault

The boss of a fashionable Cap d’Agde nightclub is found murdered in her own office. Deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme captain Charles Jouanic get back together to investigate what looks like a crime with an obvious motive, since the safe has been emptied of its money.

Murder in Arcachon


Christophe Perrin, a renowned oyster farmer in Arcachon Bay, is the victim of a murder attempt. His three daughters rush to his bedside, where he lies wounded and unable to manage L’Héritage, the family oyster farm.

Murder in Provence

Le Prix de la Loyauté

Captain Marie Jourdan of the Lyon Police answers an emergency call to help her friend, Captain Paul Danceny. He is in jail, accused of murdering his mistress, who was the wife of a charismatic and manipulative plastic surgeon.

Murder in the Vercors

Le Pont des Oubliés

In the pastures of the Vercors, at the heart of the French Alps, a shepherd has been murdered. The whole village suspects the former schoolteacher, because the herdsman ruined her career a few years previously, when he found out that she was dating his 17-year-old nephew. The young man now returns to the village and the tension increases.



Alice Minville is a nurse in Canada. She is travelling in the far north when her mother, Suzanne, dies in a car accident. When Alice learns of her death four days later, her corpse has already been sent to France, on the instructions of Suzanne's husband. But Suzanne’s husband, Alice's father, died 22 years earlier in a fire!

Murders in Rochefort

Les Mystères du Bois Galant

Police captain Emma Thélier is on holiday at her mother’s in the Charente-Maritime region when, while jogging in the forest, she discovers a man’s corpse. Because of her knowledge of the area and the initial findings, Emma is put in charge of the investigation. But she has to work with the gendarme captain Adrien Klévec, recently transferred here and with whom she spent the previous night. They weren’t supposed to meet again but now they are embarrassed at having to work together.

Murders in Lorraine

Meurtres en Lorraine

When a corpse clutching a crystal chess piece is found in the old fortress of Bitche, in the Lorraine region, police lieutenant Nicolas Muller is sent to investigate. He is accompanied by a young female intern and soon discovers, during this complex investigation, that he is actually related to her.

Murders in Lille

Meurtres à Lille

Roubaix is host city to an exhibition of the work of Victor Maurin, one of the most famous sculptors of nearby Lille. A few hours prior to the launch of the event, one of the sculptures starts to bleed... The artist’s corpse is found inside.

Murder in Luberon

Crime dans le Luberon

In central Provence, during a hunt, 40 year-old hunter Pascal Achard is murdered. The deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard investigates for the first time with gendarme captain Charles Jouanic, accompanied by his deputy Caroline Martinez.

Murder On Omaha Beach

Le Mort de la Plage

Captain Eloïse Gentil, of Caen police, hasn’t been on speaking terms with her father Robert, an expert on WWII, for twenty years.

Night Watch

Ronde de Nuit

Mila is a cop and she’s back in Marseille after a few years away. She’s a loner, damaged and always on her guard. She’s looking for her father, whom she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.

The Patricia MacDonald Collection

Collection Patricia MacDonald

Patricia MacDonald’s novels sell in their millions in France and around the world. Few novelists can create such fascinating plots, holding the reader in suspense to the very last page with new twists and surprise endings. She is the undisputed queen of psychological and up-close thrillers.

Marion's Law

La Loi de Marion

For 20 years Marion had a complicated relationship with the lawyer Olivier Queyras, who was not only her mentor, but also her husband and boss. But now she's finally found the courage to leave him and open her own practice. So, recalling unpleasant memories of her own relationship, she naturally advises Karine, one of her clients, to leave her abusive husband.

From Cradle to Grave

Une Mère sous Influence

Juliette is attending the baptism of Lucas, the son of her best friend Claire. But the young mother, weakened by her childbirth, shows disturbing signs of depression.

Blood Brothers

Frères de Sang

Quiet dinner at the Lemeunier’s. The door bell rings and everything radically changes : Brice, the eldest son, is arrested by the police officer Despart, suspected to have committed four murders.

Frozen Memories

Mémoire de Glace

In the sumptuous setting of the Mont Blanc a family secret in the form of a perfectly conserved body has remained buried deep in the ice for 15 years. Its reappearance will spark off many emotions.

Above Suspicion


Valérie, a youthful 40, is an active, exemplary woman. A psychiatrist by trade, she is also a perfect mother, wife, and parishioner. And yet, Valérie is also a murderer.

The Target

Ligne de Mire

Claire an 8 months pregnant young nurse is targeting Aline, main witness of a huge legal case. 48 hours earlier, David, her companion, has taken possession of a suitcase full of money that was not intended to him.

Children of the Lie

Un Mensonge Oublié

A week before her wedding, Agathe Plichard, a pretty young woman of mixed race, is found drowned in the Creuse river. The police treat the case as an accident but her fiancé, Felix Bricourt, is convinced she was murdered.


1, 2, 3 Voleurs

Luis is a dreamer. Funds carrier by happenstance, only to make a living, he turns outlaw on a whim, holding up is own van -- and, incidentally, his two best friends' peace of mind.

Murder in Tours

Les Mysteres de la Basilique

Police Commander Louise Chaland is investigating the murder of a controversial sculptor with the help of her son Sylvain, who has become a priest. The body was discovered alongside one of his works, which has been daubed with Latin inscriptions. They soon establish a link with the disappearance of a relic of Saint Martin, the patron saint of the city of Tours.

Murder in Saint-Paul de Vence

Le Prix de la Verite

Behind the ramparts of the beautiful village of Saint-Paul de Vence, on the Côte d’Azur, the body of a young woman is found in the swimming pool of a luxury hotel.

Murders in Cornouaille

Meurtres en Cornouaille

A young fisherman discovers the body of Morgane near the entrance to Douarnenez harbour. According to Celtic legend, this is the exact location of the sunken city of Ys.

Without A Trace

Vivre sans eux

Based on a true story. Martin is 60. Adèle is 25. He is unhealthy, grumpy and shy. She is cheeky, brazen and provocative. He is looking for his son, she is looking for her father.

Valerie's Law

La Loi de Valérie : Tous Coupables

Valérie, a gifted lawyer in her fifties, acts as if she were still a rebellious teenager with a love of gambling. She takes malicious pleasure defending notorious villains.

Murder in Maussane

Crime dans les Alpilles

Maussane, at the very heart of the French region of Provence, with its olive trees and its charming squares. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner.

Missing Child

Le Poids des Mensonges

Luisa has all she needs to be happy: she lives with Mathieu, the man she loves, and Arthur, Mathieu’s 6-year-old son by his first wife, who died in an accident. But Arthur, whom Luisa has been raising like her own, suddenly disappears from school and no one claims a kidnapping.

Julien's Law

La Loi de Julien : Le Bon Fils

Julien is a famous lawyer, upright and loyal, who worships Irène Delamarche, the rich and generous businesswoman who adopted him on the death of his parents.

The Queen Murders

Jeu de Dames

Though he's often alone, Martin's world revolves around his women, his "queens": women of character, who don't always make things easy, but women he can't live without.

Suite noire

Suite noire

8 films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema.

Crimson winter

Hiver rouge

A third girl has been murdered in the middle of the festive season but superintendent Rousseau is not convinced by the serial-killer hypothesis.


À la dérive

Villefranche is a French city of 30,000 citizens where Jérôme Cachart, 34, is accused of murdering Driss Belhaj, who used to be his best friend.

Death in the soul

La mort dans l'âme

A hideous crime, an even worse truth. Marc Lagnier confesses to the murder of his adored son, but refuses to explain.

Russian Roulette

Une chance sur six

Hubert Vallon is a well-off antique dealer, a thrill-seeker who loves gambling a lot more than he loves his wife, Patricia, to whom he owes his fortune.

Murders in Sarlat

Meurtres à Sarlat

Sarlat, in south-west France, was the site of violent peasant revolts - the croquant rebellions - in the 17th Century. Now, the son of the region's largest manufacturer of preserved foods has been murdered in a ritual recalling those historical events

Murder in Fresange

Le secret de l'abbaye

The body of Brother Yves is found hanged by the feet from a cross in Montjoyer cemetery, near Fresange Abbey in the South of France.

Her word against his

Parole contre parole

Laura has a promising career as a young auctioneer, but her life looks set to fall apart when she's the victim of a rape.

Murders in Bastia

Tensions sur le Cap Corse

A businessman with a nefarious reputation is found murdered on the pier of the port of Toga. There's a particular, striking detail: the victim's ears have been cut off.

Murder on Aix Island

Les mystères de l'île

A body is found in a boat adrift somewhere between Fort Boyard and Aix Island. Solène Brach from the mainland police is sent to investigate. 17,5% market share, 4,3 million viewers on France 3, first position on 17/01/17

The woman with red hair

La femme aux cheveux rouges

Southern Burgundy is a peaceful region of many churches. But in Saint Gilles the atmosphere becomes frightening as the past plays with the present.

Deadly Seasons

Les Saisons Meurtrières

DEADLY SEASONS is about criminal investigations which begin on common places. Colors evoke seasons and the episodes aim at exploring all the possibilities of the thriller.

Murder in Martigues

Crime à Martigues

Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme Paul Jansac team up once again for an investigation in Martigues.

Angel of fire

Ange de feu

No one saw Françoise's suicide coming. She jumped out of her Parisian apartment after receiving a death notice, which she immediately burnt.

Dying for a child

Une mère en trop

Florence Varthy is found dead in her garage. Witnesses to her last few days are questioned to discover who wanted her dead. How did this woman, only daughter of well-known, brash businessman Jacques Varthy, end up like this?

Life after killing

Tuer un homme

Italian jeweller Matteo Belmonte and his wife Christine are robbed for the third time in the space of a few months. With Christine in danger, Matteo fires two shots.

Dearest Brother

Mon frère bien aimé

Would you help your brother ditch a dead body? Etienne Leroy must make this snap decision when his younger brother Mathias admits to having accidentally killed his young mistress.

Murder in Batz

Les blessures de l'île

After long years of study, Manon is about to become a neurosurgeon. To pay her way through college she cleans crime scenes.



This day, Cathy’s life is turned upside-down with the shocking news that her daughter has been murdered

The Robin hoods of the Poor

Les Robins des Pauvres

Inspired by a true story. Franck and Régis Delmas are the sons of a poor farmer in the Cantal. They form the "Robin Hoods of the Poor" gang, robbing banks and distributing the proceeds to those who need it most.

One thing at a time

L'affaire de Maître Lefort

Middling lawyer Julien sees his childhood friend Jacques, now a rich property developer, accused of the murder of his wife, a woman they both loved but who ended up choosing Jacques.

The dark side

La Face

Paul Berthier, an ambitious public prosecutor, is witness to the accidental drowning of a young girl in the Charente but does nothing to help. It starts to look like the girl was murdered, and the case lands on Berthier's desk.

Murder in the Cevennes

La Vallée des mensonges

Each family has their secrets… Laura, a young Parisian chef, plans to go back to her native Cévennes to turn her family home into a guest house, with the help of her childhood friend Cassandra.

Black enigma

Noir enigma

In the doorway of the neighbourhood's most-renowned bakery, a young student collapses, shot dead. It's an inexplicable murder.

Murder in Aigues-Mortes

Crime à Aigues-Mortes

Ludovic Pessac, a young lawyer in his 30s, is murdered in his office. Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and police chied Paul Jansac are put in charge of the case.

Murder in Avignon

Meurtre à Avignon

During construction work at the library of the Palais des Papes, workers discover : a woman's skeleton.

Captain Casta

Capitaine Casta

CASTA is stationed in a Criminal Investigation Department that covers several districts in Paris. He is a particular cop with particular methods, not really integrated among his colleagues.

Simenon : Death of an old man

Simenon : La mort d'Auguste

One evening, old Auguste drops dead among the customers at his restaurant. He leaves three sons.

Murder in Collioure

Meurtres à Collioure

The body of a dead woman is found in a barrel hurtling down a hill in the middle of the night. The prime suspect is the husband, a violent and jealous painter from Collioure, for whom the victim was both model and muse.

Murder in the Somme

Le Vagabond de la Baie de Somme

The unidentified body of a homeless man is found in a dune of the Bay of the Somme, a shotgun wound in his back. An accident or murder?

A mysterious disappearance

Monsieur Max et la rumeur

It sounds like an everyday story in the sunny provinces, about a violent dispute between a butcher and his flighty wife 25 years his junior. But the following day the woman in question has disappeared.

A smell of blood

Un parfum de sang

The Versini family business has just hired an unknown as creative director. But things get even more complicated when the former director is found murdered.

Christmas eve dinner

La nuit du réveillon

A group of friends is gathered under the same roof to celebrate Christmas Eve. But during the night, an evil hostage taker will force them to reveal their lies, resentment and cowardice.

Married to a stranger

J'ai épousé un inconnu

Newlyweds Emma and David are living a dream, with a baby on the way. They go on honeymoon to a simple cabin in the forest. But the romantic getaway turns into a tragedy.

Iris Yellow

Jaune iris

A teenager's butchered body is found by the Seine.

Orion's children

Les enfants d'Orion

Lou, 29, was initiated into ancient hunting rituals by her father before she ran away from home 15 years ago. Now, following his death, she's back. And a series of murders are being committed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Miroir, mon beau miroir

On one side there’s Marie-Line, a beautiful woman resisting the advance of time.On the other there's Marion, her daughter-in-law, married to her son, Paul. Between the two there's a house and Marion’s son, Ludo. Following Paul’s suspicious death, Marie-Line is ready to do anything to recover her property.

Manta Corridor's secret

Le secret de Manta Corridor

A new upset disturbs the peaceful atmosphere of Le Passage du Désir in Paris.

Passage du désir

Passage du désir

Lola Jost, a former police chief who's taken early retirement, and Ingrid Diesel, an American with a tormented past are neighbours. Nothing links them, apart from a horrendous murder committed in Le Passage de Désir in Paris.

Inner conviction

Intime conviction

A disturbing police investigation, loosely based on the story of a forensic scientist accused of the murder of his wife.

Murder in Lozère

Crime en Lozère

The assistant prosecutor is trying to unravel the murder of a local farmer-cum-tourist guide, stabbed in the heart and left in a Larzac cave.

Murder in Aveyron

Crime en Aveyron

A farm near Laguiole, in the Aubrac countryside. Luc Olié, forty, is found murdered with a bullet in his chest.

Hit & Run


One day, Karine Blanchard is killed in a hit-and-run road accident. Emma decided to investigate herself. But what she finds out will change all of their lives …

Blue catacomb

Bleu catacombes

Superintendent Rousseau of the murder squad, and his deputy Mariella De Luca, a young profiler, lead the investigation of a severed head found inside the Catacombs in Paris

The three silences

Les Trois Silences

One winter morning, Olivia decides to tail Philippe, the man she loves. She doubts his sincerity and faithfulness. Very soon her intuition is confirmed.

Taste for murder

Une place parmis les vivants

Paris, January 7th 1958. Ernest Ripper is a failed writer. Ernest goes to the « Lapin chasseur », a restaurant in Montmartre, to see a mysterious admirer who insists on meeting him. The secret admirer is Joseph Arcimboldo, a serial killer.

Deadly summer

Mortel été

Julie wanders Neupart's streets in her cheerleader outfit, seeking someone who can take her away from her daily routine.

I killed for you

Pour toi j'ai tué

In a small provencial French town, Dr Christian Tellier feels sorry for one of his patients, Isabelle Fayet, who is beaten by her husband.

Simenon : in case of bad luck

En cas de malheur

Noémie and Lucie have a plan: while Lucie spends the night with the jeweller, Noémie will rob her shop.

Simenon : blackballed

Simenon : La boule noire

En 1979, Vincent Ferreira, gérant d'un grand supermarché, se voit refuser la qualité de membre du Sporting Club où se retrouvent tous les notables de sa ville qui élisent leurs pairs par cooptation.

Simenon : the iron stairs

Simenon : l'escalier de fer

Winter 1963. Etienne Lome, a sales rep for his wife Louise’s printing shop, is taken violently ill after eating. He gradually becomes convinced that Louise is trying to poison him.

Simenon : belle's death

Simenon : Jusqu'à l'enfer

A quiet couple in a small town nearby Orleans. The sudden and unexplained death of the young English girl hosted in their house will turn Simon’s life in a nightmare.

Simenon : The Innocents

Simenon : Les Innocents

Marie dies in a car accident. But what was doing Marie Washington street? Celerin investigate.

Child in danger

Un enfant en danger

Rebecca is a cop in the juvenile squad. Matthieu Francoeur turns up to report that his son, Joachim, has disappeared. Rebecca is fully committed to the investigation.

Boileau-Narcejac : The accidental lover

Boileau-Narcejac : La vie en miettes

Jonathan and Anaïs Hopkins have only been married a few months, but life together is a nightmare.

Boileau-Narcejac : Sleight of hand

Boileau-Narcejac : La main passe

Arnaud Marescot has a thing about objects. He loves not only possessing them, but also the thrill he gets from stealing them. Now though, his obsessive interest is focused on Emilie, a young woman he witnessed committing a crime of passion.

Suite noire : What's the damage ?

Suite noire : Envoyez la fracture

Even a harmless and innocent pot can explode, if you leave it on the heat. And it’s this heat that’s gradually warming up the posterior of Ambroise Fridelance, failed illustrator specialising in the covers of cheap paperbacks.

Suite noire : When the city bites

Suite noire : Quand la ville mord

Sara, a budding artist, arrives at Charles de Gaulle airport from Brazzaville. Sara meets Tramson, a former youth worker, who promises to help her break free once she’s paid off what she owes.

Suite noire : They shoot disc-jockeys, don't they ?

Suite noire : On achève bien les disc-jockeys

You don’t dine with the devil, not even with a long spoon.

Suite noire : the old man's musique

Suite noire : la musique de papa

When a teenage boy breaks free of his uptight mother and struggling musicproducer father, wanting to punish them for their separation, how does he channel all that righteous adolescent rage? As always, through the rock’n’roll.

Suite noire : straight on for murder

Suite noire : Vitrage à la corde

Following an unlucky car accident in which a young woman is burnt alive, Gabriel struggles to avoid getting fingered for the crime.

Suite noire : recipe for a killing

Suite noire : tirez sur le caviste

An unlikely encounter between a gourmet wine producer and a rebellious young girl living on the fringe, whom he takes on as a cook.

Suite noire : Queen bitch

Suite noire : La reine des connes

The first time Emmanuel(le) wanted to jump from a window, he was seven years old. The second time was only a few seconds ago. Not a suicide attempt this time, just another screw-up, the disastrous consequence of yet another stroke of bad luck.

Suite noire : fright of an angel

Suite noire : Le débarcadère des anges

Corbucci, a private detective of Corsican and Ivoirian descent, hasn’t picked an easy case for his first investigation, nor does he go about it with any great subtlety.

Roxana's hands

Les mains de Roxana

Roxana Orlac, a famous violinist, loses the use of her hands in a terrible accident. Her career as a virtuoso seems to be over until Professor Christansen offers her a transplant of two new hands.

In love


Iona is from the Basque region but works as a reporter for a Parisian newspaper. She is in Saint Jean de Luz, interviewing a former member of the Eterra terrorist group, when he is shot dead in front of her.

A suspicion of innocence

Un soupçon d'innocence

Ten-year-old Julie lives with her mother, Marie, in an isolated house. When a real murder is committed in the house, Julie takes the blame and retreats into silence.

The shadow on the wall

L'ombre sur le mur

A man is accused of murdering his wife.

I love you to death

Je t'aime à te tuer

A young single mother falls in love with a mysterious handsome man. A thriller that leave the viewer breathless and restless.


Profils criminels

She is very attractive, she has a degree in psychlogy and she is a super cop raising her two young sisters. Captain Emma Sinclair investigates on the mysterious death of a young women in a parking lot.

Vertigo : Remember

Vertiges : Souviens-toi

Suffering from amnesia due to a car accident, a photographer is the victim of a devilish conspiracy.

Vertigo : Head on

Vertiges : De plein fouet

A nurse falls in love with a married man, a plastic surgeon, which turns her life into a nightmare.

Vertigo : Disturbance

Vertiges : Tapage nocturne

As a joke to her unpleasant neighbor, a young woman sets up a meeting for her on The joke turns into a nightmare.

Vertigo : The razor's edge

Vertigo : Le fil du rasoir

A young police officer is after a psychopath who kills all the women seduced by the same Don Juan.

Vertigo : The broken chain

Vertiges : Mauvais présage

A dancer receives a letter from a friendship-chain. In the next days, she is the victim of strange events making her believe that she is bewitched.

Vertigo : The seven lives of doctor Laux

Vertiges : Les sept vies du Docteur Laux

A psychopath manipulates a female doctor revealing her at the very last minute the identity of his next victim to make sure she tries to save their life.

Vertigo : Till death tear us apart

Vertiges : Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare

After the divorce, a woman is threatened to death by her husband who does not accept to be apart from her.

Vertigo : Hospital alert

Vertiges : Peur blanche

Trying to prove her innocence after the death of one of her patient, Dr Casey, chief anesthetist, discovers her life is threatened.

Vertigo : A death for a life

Vertiges : Une mort pour une vie

The doctor in charge of donation of organs is forced to collude with a killer who provokes brain deaths.

Vertigo : High fequencies

Vertiges : Hautes fréquences

A young radio speaker witnesses the murder of her beloved lover.

Vertigo : Deadly passion

Vertiges : Passion mortelle

Bewitched by a killer prostitute, a cop goes mad.

Vertigo : Guilty liaison

Vertiges : Liaison coupable

A piano teacher is accused of collusion with the murder of one of her most gifted students.

Vertigo : For better and for worse

Vertiges : Corps et âmes

A few days after her wedding, an air-hostess discovers a marriage photo where the groom looks very much alike her husband.

Vertigo : The shadow woman

Vertiges : La femme de l'ombre

A young women is suspected to be the accomplice to the kidnapping of her 7-years-old daughter.

Vertigo : Jarring notes

Vertiges : Accords et à Cris

A psychiatrist has to expertise a convict accused of a hideous crime. She starts to be the victim of murder attempts.

Vertigo : Forbidden marriage

Vertiges : Mariage interdit

A young woman is harassed by one of her friend who tries to ruin her marriage.

Vertigo : Proxy murders

Vertiges : Meurtre par procuration

A psychiatrist and a police officer try to prove the innocence of a man suffering from amnesia.

Vertigo : Still-lives

Vertiges : Natures mortes

A young model becomes the target of a serial killer.

Vertigo : Appointment with death

Vertiges : Rendez-vous avec la mort

Delphine Frénel goes back to the past.

Vertigo : Sleeping with the devil

Vertiges : Dormir avec le diable

An Agatha Christie suspense for this mortal plot shut in a small stormy isolated island.

Vertigo : Murder under hypnosis

Vertiges : Meurtre sous hypnose

Lucie, a brilliant student in medecine is scared to go to sleep for fear of being again sleepwalking. Each time it happens, she wakes up with a dead body by her side.

Vertigo : Killing beauty

Vertiges : Homicide conjugal

Simon, a shy 30-year old man, meets Mélanie at work. She is dangerously beautiful. Simon’s possessive mother immediately dislikes her ; she is soon killed in an accident.

Vertigo : Criminal liaisons

Vertiges : Le corps d'un homme

A young police officer investigates on the murder of a man who happens to be her lover.

Vertigo : A woman in trouble

Vertiges : une femme piégée

Since she once cheated on her husband,the life of a young woman turns to hell.

Natural risk

Le Ciel pour témoin

Sophie is investigating the death of her sister, who disappeared while taking photos in the mountains accompanied by Bastien.

Raging heart

La rage du coeur

A man who spent 7 years in jail seeks revenge and aims at a daughter to hurt her mother.

A preacher in trouble

Un prêcheur en eau trouble

Simon is an itinerant « new age » preacher. One day he picks up Gaël, a hitchhiker. He doesn’t know yet that Gaël is wanted by the police for freeing animals about to be tortured.

Like a bad memory

Comme un mauvais souvenir

The city of Marseille is in a state of shock. Angèle, a depressive, alcoholic fifty-something has thrown herself out of a downtown window.

Cyrano in the hood

Cyrano de Ménilmontant

As clever as he is self-conscious, due to a tyrannical mother, Pierre-Jean Morin, also know as PJ, puts his emotions on hold after his wife leaves him. Once a brilliant cop, he has now become a local policeman dealing with the everyday life of his neighbourhood, Ménilmontant.

Suzie Berton

Suzie Berton

Suzie Berton, 67 years old, has a beauty salon. She is then arrested and accused of having killed a man, Marco, who is a small time gigolo

In those hands

Entre ces mains là

In a hospital, it is a day like any other in the operating room. Skilled doctors are gathered, ready for a regular laparoscopy, when something tragic suddenly happens.


Notre Dame des barjots

Véra Cabral works in a psychiatric emergency unit. One evening, she finds her obnoxious and pretentious boss, Edouard Russel, waiting for her on her doorstep crying and begging for her help.

Between two shadows

Entre deux ombres

Betty Vitalini has just been through hell: she lost the baby she was expecting in a terrible car crash. She then receives a job offer to look after a seven year-old blind boy for a year. The boy lives with his father, a doctor, way up in the mountains.

Belleville story

Belleville story

Belleville, One of the melting pots of Paris, today.

The Hold-up


A bank manager, her employees and a handful of customers are about to endure a few nightmare hours with the four men who have come to rob the bank.

Laura's way

La Voie de Laura

A young woman who wants to start it all over again gets caught up by her past.