Fictions - Crime/Thriller

The man who died

The man who died

6x45' + S2 in production'
Jaakko, a mushroom entrepreneur, finds out too late that he has been fatally slow-poisoned by persons unknown. He sets out to find the culprits before he dies.

The Paradise

The Paradise

8x60' + S3 in production (delivery July 2024)'
A senior criminal investigator from Oulu who travels to Spain to investigate the disappearance of a Finnish family which, in turn, leads to her extending her stay to help the local police in an ever- twisting and evolving brutal series of crimes.



6x52' + S2 in production'
An electromagnetic pulse bomb turns a secure building into a psychotic battlefield trapping an international group of young game creators. They will now need to use the survival skills honed while creating their ‘Pulse’ game if they are going to escape the imploding and now crumbling building whose other occupants are becoming dangerously and murderously psychotic.

Murder in St Martin

Meurtre à St Martin

Following the discovery of a murdered man on the small deserted island of Tintamarre off the coast of Saint-Martin, Captain Tom Firmain is forced to work with Inspector Merlene Van de Voort of the Dutch police, with whom he has an old feud.

Murder in Guilvinec

Le Chant des Sirènes

The second installment of Secrets du Finistère, featuring the characters of Morgane Le Dantec and Commandant Jérémy Laubier. Following the discovery of the lifeless body of a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to a mermaid, Commandant Jérémy Laubier calls on Morgane Le Dantec to help him with his investigation.

The perfect Father

Un Père Idéal

Michel is an ordinary father who raises his daughter alone. Brave and hardworking, he is one of the village's indispensable figures, running the only shop in the area. To everyone, Michel is a wonderful guy.


la Fulgurée

Lucie and her husband Samuel Carrera are celebrating their wedding at the Inn of "Lac de Guéry" in the French mountains of Auvergne when lightning strikes them and five others.

The black widow

Un soupçon

Who is Isabelle? A murderer or a housewife? That's what Captain Mathilde Delboscq, in charge of the investigation into Isabelle's husband's death, wants to understand... It's the beginning of an inquiry, and then a dive into the life of a woman with a unique destiny.

Murder in Les Saintes

Le Fantôme des Saintes

The heavenly archipelago of Les Saintes. The body of Caroline Boissaux, owner of the Hotel Torment d'Amour, is found at the bottom of a cliff. Like the legend of Caroline: a saintoise in love with the Chevalier de Fréminville who, out of amorous spite, threw herself from the same cliff 200 years earlier. Captain Gaëlle Boissaux's investigation takes a personal turn when her childhood sweetheart, Ludovic Augustin, is sent to the island to support her. And the investigators are not at the end of their surprises: in addition to a romantic investigation that resonates with their past history, they must apprehend a ghost who is terrorizing the population! Some say it would be the ghost of Caroline...


Chambre noire

Becoming a recognized artist photographer was Jeff's dream. However, at 38, he feels like he's failed at everything. A vintage camera given to him by a strange old man and a stunning photo of a young woman will overturn his life.

Black as the Snow 2

Noir comme Neige 2

When an SUV used for a robbery in Switzerland is discovered crushed at the bottom of a cliff in the French mountains, Officer Constance Vivier of the PGHM must once again team up with Captain Meyer of the Swiss police to find the 3 robbers on the run and their loot. But the discovery of the corpse of one of them suggests that someone else is trying to get a hold on this treasure lost in the peaks. Captain Meyer leads the investigation while trying to keep a link with his daughter Violette in rebellion against him.

The killer's daughter

La fille de l'assassin

Everyone’s in shock when esteemed doctor Pierre is found to have killed his wife. 15 years later, released on parole and determined to find the culprit, he is rejected by his sons and only finds support with his daughter, Nina, who alone is convinced of his innocence. To help her father, Nina must face a painful past. But as the secrets unfold one by one, death strikes again...

Wara - Season 2

Wara - Saison 2

Moutari Wara shankes candidate Ganka Barry with information about the embezzlement of funds on a recycling center that was never built. But the unexpected return of his wife and daughter who had been taken hostage puts him in check against his opponent, who paid the ransom for their release.

Murders on the Côte Sauvage

Les Mystères de la marée

For several days bales of cocaine have been washing up on beaches. One morning, the body of Lucas Lagne is found. Sarah, captain of the gendarmerie, is in charge of the investigation and will have to team up with Ben, sent by the narcotics squad. The investigators will carry out the investigation which will show that keeping secrets about the birth of children is not free of consequences...

Murders on Lérins Islands

Meurtres sur les Îles du Lérins

On Lérins Islands, Christophe Beaumont, a film producer, is found dead on the set of the film adapted from the legend of the Iron Mask. In charge of the investigation, Laure Castaldi is surprised to find her sister Manon at the crime scene. The latter has just been transferred under her orders to the Cannes brigade. They haven't seen each other since Laure didn't come to their mother's funeral. Their investigation into the producer's crime revealed suspects who seem to echo the legend of the Iron Mask and the various identities assigned to him.

Murder in Vendée

Le Paquebot

While investigating the murder of a journalist, Léa and Greg look into the secrets of the Africa, a true "French Titanic" which was shipwrecked in 1920 off the coast of Les Sables d'Olonne. On board this steamer which rallied the various colonial ports were many Senegalese skirmishers returning home after the First World War. Had the journalist figured out the theft of the liner's legendary treasure? Does the 47 meters deep wreck have new secrets to reveal?

Murder in Font Romeu

Meurtre à Font Romeu

The small town of Font Romeu is in shock when Father-Baptiste is found murdered and mutilated near the training center. Lieutenant Thomas Errelbaz, in charge of the investigation teams up with Julie Delpech, freshly arrived from Paris. The investigation leads them to take an interest in the sports center : suspicions of sexual assault, a fountain legendary for its power of fertility, but also suspicions of human trafficking,....

Murder in the Finistère

Les Secrets du Finistère

Back in her home Brittany, Morgane Ledantec, Captain of Gendarmerie, is confronted with the discovery of human bones after the fall of a sacred oak during a storm. The victim was a follower of druidism which Morgane was introduced to as a teenager by her godmother, the troubling Katell.

Murders in Dinard

Lame de fond

The seaside resort of Dinard rolls out its red carpet for its British film festival when we discover the body of a young English director floating between two waters. The man did not drown, he was killed...

Murders in Guadeloupe

Meurtres en Guadeloupe

When Christian Rivière, a renowned industrialist (from one of the most powerful white families on the island) is found murdered, Jean-Baptiste Lonteau, a retired white cop and reservist, returns to service and leads the investigation with Lieutenant Télumée Magloire (45), who just got back in Guadeloupe. A second corpse is found at the top of La Soufrière: Marie-Agnès Dragouvin, Indian, manager of a holistic center. Her inert, naked body is covered with cane fibres. Jean-Baptiste is in shock, this victim is none other than his best friend.

Murders in Béarn

Meurtres en Béarn

At the foot of the majestic mountains of Béarn, the wife of a notable is found drowned under the Sauveterre Legend bridge. Cheeky Jeanne, captain of the Oloron research brigade, as to team up with Hélène, an elegant upperclass. Once very good friends, the two fifty-somethings hate each other. And for good reason: they are the respective mothers, and very partisan, of a young couple who are divorcing.

Troubled Waters

La Promesse de l'eau

The seabed, in the Golf du Lion, off Montpellier. A diver unearths in a wreck a treasure that many covet: the golden statuette of Medusa, one of the three Gorgons of mythology. The next day, the young man's boat is found empty, adrift. Is it the curse that surrounds the legendary statuette that has just struck again? Or a competing treasure hunter who attacked the diver?...


Une Confession

30-something Clarisse, a pugnacious and reckless policewoman, is called to investigate the death of Maud Duberry. Maud fell from the top of a cliff under the eyes of her husband, Jean Duberry, in his fifties, who could do nothing. The case is quickly classified as an accident. But a week later, a mysterious witness claims to have seen Jean pushing his wife.

The Village of the cursed

Le Village des endormis

While a murderer, Lucas, escapes during a prison transfer, a strange phenomenon suddenly disrupts the life of a village. Inhabitants fall one after the other into a prolonged sleep. It is in this climate of panic and anguish that Mathieu, a gendarmerie captain on the verge of divorce, must find Lucas and investigate a series of crimes.

Murders in Pont-Aven

Meurtres à Pont-Aven

The investigation into the murder of the young gallery owner, Eric Sinclair, allows police captain Marion Darosa and her father, medical examiner Sébastien Darosa, to unwittingly solve the mystery surrounding the death of Marion's mother seventeen years ago, in 2004.

Murder in Charente

Les Mystères de la Duchesse

Cyril is doing his Taï-Chi in a corner of the Domaine du Manoir park. A golf club slams into the back of Cyril's neck, killing him with a dead blow. The investigation is entrusted to Maud Arthuis, who is more than 8 months pregnant but widowed, the future father of the child she is carrying, died of a stroke early in her pregnancy.

Murder in Ramatuelle

Crime à Ramatuelle

Sébastien Lacassagne, 35, owner of a wine estate and a private beach in Ramatuelle, was assassinated with a statuette in his house. The investigation conducted by Deputy Prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and Captain Caroline Martinez reveals many gray areas in the victim's life

Burning Crimes

La Promesse du feu

The first big fire of the season is devastating the scrublands. In the middle of the inferno, a burnt corpse is found in the steaming remainings of an ATV. Other ones will follow, forcing Guillaum, cop, and Damien, gendarme, brother in life and enemy brothers on the field, to collaborate and follow the tracks of Tiffany, a famous young photographer obsessed with fire. Unless they have to investigate on Târiq Amraoui, a Canadair pilot with a mysterious past.

Murder in Sainte Baume

De Miel et de sang

After 20 years of absence, Captain Fred Carel returns to the small town of Provence where grow up. With Sara, his former high school friend who became a lieutenant in the local gendarmerie, he must investigate Antoine's death. Bernier, killed by dozens of bee stings to which he was allergic. It might just be a sad accident in this beekeeping region, but several suspicious elements call out to Fred and Sara. All converge on Chloé, Anaïs and Géraldine Portal, three generations of women from an eminent family in the region.



In the heart of winter, several notables from the Chamonix region are found murdered in their homes. To move forward with investigation, police captain Thomas Delhaye decides to release Juliette Hémon from prison, imprisoned 10 years earlier for a strangely similar case...

Murders in Porquerolles

Meurtres à Porquerolles

The lifeless body of a 60-year-old woman is discovered on the beach of Alycastre in Porquerolles. Elisabeth Carlson was a painter and admired person on the island. Her body at the foot of the cliff evokes the Lycastre, the famous dragon from the legend that gave the bay its name.



Estelle, professeur d'éducation physique dans un lycée du Sud de la France est soupçonnée d'entretenir une "relation particulière" avec une de ses élèves, Angélique. Avec la disparition de la jeune fille, la rumeur enfle.

Dangerous reunion

Dangereuses retrouvailles

Neurologist Esthelle comes home after years spent abroad. But after meeting one of her childhood friends and finding out to her dismay that the friend is married to Paul, her one true love, she is consumed by jealousy.

Black as the Snow

Noir comme Neige

It’s peak season at Morzine-Avoriaz ski resort. High mountain state police officer Constance Vivier, a purposeful and bordeline woman, and Swiss cop Andreas Meyer, fumbling and cerebral, investigate the suspect death of a teenager, found freezing on a slope after an alcohol coma.

Murder in Angoulême

Le prix de la trahison

Captain Marie Jourdan invites her friend Commandant Paul Danceny and his father to celebrate her 30th anniversary at the restaurant her husband Pierre just opened. The party is brutally interrupted when agents come to arrest their son Marc, a husband and father of 2, for the murder of his mistress.

Murder in Biot

Crime à Biot

Marie Lemaire is poisoned with fentanyl at a dinner for an association of tradespeople. Her business was the largest glassmaking firm in town, inherited from her recently deceased husband, François.

Tragedy on the High Seas

Drame en haute mer

The trawler Marie-Morgane sinks suddenly and inexplicably with all its crew, including Captain Lenormand and his son. When Nolwenn Lenormand hears the news she’s convinced that a submarine on manoeuvres must have been responsible.

Murder in the Frioul Islands

Meurtre sur les Iles du Frioul

A famous editor from Marseille, Adrien Grenna, hosts a cultural event about Alexandre Dumas on the Frioul islands, with a theatre play play based on “The Count of Monte-Cristo” as the highlight of the day. In the middle of the show, the body of the editor is found on stage!

No Compromise


Gabriel refuses to obey a prefectural decree which requires him to treat his vineyard with pesticides. As an advocate of biodynamic principles, he opposes the use of chemical products on vines because, in his view, they weaken the land, destroy the ecosystem and are a danger to people’s health.


Basse saison

La Grande Motte, in the winter. A couple of 50-somethings on the verge of splitting up have to tempt fate to save their relationship and foil the mocking hand of fate which puts them on the trail of a bag full of money.

Simenon : The Accomplices

Simenon : Les Complices

Marc Billard, boss of a public works company, regularly visits his building sites with Monica, an employee who’s used to granting him her favours in cheap hotels. One day, as they’re driving back from such an escapade, Marc fails to notice a bus travelling very fast. In swerving to avoid him, the bus crosses the road and rolls over. But the couple drive on without a word.

The Girl in the Woods

La Fille dans les bois

Jeanne’s life changes dramatically when her sister makes a deathbed confession that she sent an innocent man to jail 15 years previously by refusing to give him an alibi. Jeanne will have to do all she can to get this man released and find out who really killed her best friend.

Bad Seeds

Mauvaises Graines

Jean Bogossian has set up a reorientation centre in a small village, his ambition being to save young petty criminals from ending up like he did, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’ll do all he can to get his stray sheep back on the right path.

Murders in Martinique

Meurtres en Martinique

The body of a young woman is found at the top of the Mount Pelée volcano, in Martinique. To identify her, a forensic officer has to come from Paris. A mission for Captain Léna Valrose, of Martinican origins, but who’s stepping foot on the island for the first time.

For my son

Pour l'honneur d'un fils

Commander Paul Leclerc is a former fighter pilot, who trains soldiers to fly observation drones. During a field operation in Africa, his son Guillaume, serving in a commando unit, is killed.

Crime is her game

Le crime lui va si bien

On the one hand there’s country-girl Gaby, both a cop and a farmer, with a feisty character and methods all her own. On the other there’s city-girl Céline, as upright, respectful of the rules and formal as Gaby is borderline, messy and unpolished.



An apparently well-rounded woman hides a secret wound: her daughter Hortense was taken from her as she was only 3.

My daughter on the run

La fugue

When her daughter Chloé runs away from home, Jeanne is disappointed with the response of the police, for whom a teenager runaway is not a priority, and she realises she can only rely on herself.

Lucas is gone

Pour te retrouver

11-year-old Lucas vanishes one morning from his home. His disappearance throws his parents Marion and Alexis, who recently split up, into unbearable anguish, for their son is absolutely not prepared to face the outside world, being autistic and particularly fragile.

Storm warning

Avis de tempête

While an unforgettable storm lashes the Breton town of Perros-Guirec, a 10-year-old boy goes missing. Supposedly taking care of him at the time, teenagers Julie and Erwan never get over his disapearance…

Copy cat

Faux semblants

Newly promoted Lieutenant Valentine Ventura finds herself working with famous Captain Antoine Thomas who just came back from his medical leave after the tragedy he lived a few months ago : victim of a car crash that killed both his wife and the child she was bearing, Antoine Thomas spent several months in the hospital, and is now back in a wheelchair after losing function of his legs.

Murder in Biarritz

Maddy Etcheban

Maddy Etcheban is a cop in Bayonne, but more than anything else she’s the mother of autistic Clément, whom she’s been taking care of single-handedly since the death of her husband.



A collection of eight films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, the latter given carte blanche to adapt one of the published novels, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema, from high farce to social criticism, by way of moral (or immoral) fables, the macabre and the romantic.



The only son of a great surgeon, Damien almost followed in his father’s footsteps before becoming a lawyer. Elected to parliament, he’s on the verge of a successful political career before being devastated by the loss of his daughter Anaïs.



Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

Someone Behind the Door

Une Ombre Derrière la Porte

Camille is single and the adoptive mother of a two-year-old Vietnamese girl named Léa. She leaves Paris for a new life but is soon overwhelmed by the everyday pressures of her job, bringing up her daughter and dealing with babysitters. Luckily for her, her charming new neighbours, a couple in their sixties, offer to help with Léa. But they soon become invasive, taking over Camille’s life.

Murders in Corrèze

Meurtres en Corrèze

The historic procession of Saint-Jean in the city of Tulle is disrupted by dead bodies. Gendarmes Axel and Lena, who used to be a couple, will have to cooperate to find who is responsible for the murders.

Murder in Herault

Crime dans l'Hérault

The boss of a fashionable Cap d’Agde nightclub is found murdered in her own office. Deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme captain Charles Jouanic get back together to investigate what looks like a crime with an obvious motive, since the safe has been emptied of its money.

Murder in Arcachon


Christophe Perrin, a renowned oyster farmer in Arcachon Bay, is the victim of a murder attempt. His three daughters rush to his bedside, where he lies wounded and unable to manage L’Héritage, the family oyster farm.

Murder in Provence

Le Prix de la Loyauté

Captain Marie Jourdan of the Lyon Police answers an emergency call to help her friend, Captain Paul Danceny. He is in jail, accused of murdering his mistress, who was the wife of a charismatic and manipulative plastic surgeon.

Murder in the Vercors

Le Pont des Oubliés

In the pastures of the Vercors, at the heart of the French Alps, a shepherd has been murdered. The whole village suspects the former schoolteacher, because the herdsman ruined her career a few years previously, when he found out that she was dating his 17-year-old nephew. The young man now returns to the village and the tension increases.



Alice Minville is a nurse in Canada. She is travelling in the far north when her mother, Suzanne, dies in a car accident. When Alice learns of her death four days later, her corpse has already been sent to France, on the instructions of Suzanne's husband. But Suzanne’s husband, Alice's father, died 22 years earlier in a fire!

Murders in Rochefort

Les Mystères du Bois Galant

Police captain Emma Thélier is on holiday at her mother’s in the Charente-Maritime region when, while jogging in the forest, she discovers a man’s corpse. Because of her knowledge of the area and the initial findings, Emma is put in charge of the investigation. But she has to work with the gendarme captain Adrien Klévec, recently transferred here and with whom she spent the previous night. They weren’t supposed to meet again but now they are embarrassed at having to work together.

Murders in Lorraine

Meurtres en Lorraine

When a corpse clutching a crystal chess piece is found in the old fortress of Bitche, in the Lorraine region, police lieutenant Nicolas Muller is sent to investigate. He is accompanied by a young female intern and soon discovers, during this complex investigation, that he is actually related to her.

Murders in Lille

Meurtres à Lille

Roubaix is host city to an exhibition of the work of Victor Maurin, one of the most famous sculptors of nearby Lille. A few hours prior to the launch of the event, one of the sculptures starts to bleed... The artist’s corpse is found inside.

Murder in Luberon

Crime dans le Luberon

In central Provence, during a hunt, 40 year-old hunter Pascal Achard is murdered. The deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard investigates for the first time with gendarme captain Charles Jouanic, accompanied by his deputy Caroline Martinez.

Night Watch

Ronde de Nuit

Mila is a cop and she’s back in Marseille after a few years away. She’s a loner, damaged and always on her guard. She’s looking for her father, whom she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.

The Patricia MacDonald Collection

Collection Patricia MacDonald

Patricia MacDonald’s novels sell in their millions in France and around the world. Few novelists can create such fascinating plots, holding the reader in suspense to the very last page with new twists and surprise endings. She is the undisputed queen of psychological and up-close thrillers.

Marion's Law

La Loi de Marion

For 20 years Marion had a complicated relationship with the lawyer Olivier Queyras, who was not only her mentor, but also her husband and boss. But now she's finally found the courage to leave him and open her own practice. So, recalling unpleasant memories of her own relationship, she naturally advises Karine, one of her clients, to leave her abusive husband.

Blood Brothers

Frères de Sang

Quiet dinner at the Lemeunier’s. The door bell rings and everything radically changes : Brice, the eldest son, is arrested by the police officer Despart, suspected to have committed four murders.

Frozen Memories

Mémoire de Glace

In the sumptuous setting of the Mont Blanc a family secret in the form of a perfectly conserved body has remained buried deep in the ice for 15 years. Its reappearance will spark off many emotions.

Above Suspicion


Valérie, a youthful 40, is an active, exemplary woman. A psychiatrist by trade, she is also a perfect mother, wife, and parishioner. And yet, Valérie is also a murderer.

The Target

Ligne de Mire

Claire an 8 months pregnant young nurse is targeting Aline, main witness of a huge legal case. 48 hours earlier, David, her companion, has taken possession of a suitcase full of money that was not intended to him.


1, 2, 3 Voleurs

Luis is a dreamer. Funds carrier by happenstance, only to make a living, he turns outlaw on a whim, holding up is own van -- and, incidentally, his two best friends' peace of mind.

Murder in Tours

Les Mysteres de la Basilique

Police Commander Louise Chaland is investigating the murder of a controversial sculptor with the help of her son Sylvain, who has become a priest. The body was discovered alongside one of his works, which has been daubed with Latin inscriptions. They soon establish a link with the disappearance of a relic of Saint Martin, the patron saint of the city of Tours.

Murder in Maussane

Crime dans les Alpilles

Maussane, at the very heart of the French region of Provence, with its olive trees and its charming squares. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner.

Missing Child

Le Poids des Mensonges

Luisa has all she needs to be happy: she lives with Mathieu, the man she loves, and Arthur, Mathieu’s 6-year-old son by his first wife, who died in an accident. But Arthur, whom Luisa has been raising like her own, suddenly disappears from school and no one claims a kidnapping.

Suite noire

Suite noire

8 films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema.

Crimson winter

Hiver rouge

A third girl has been murdered in the middle of the festive season but superintendent Rousseau is not convinced by the serial-killer hypothesis.


À la dérive

Villefranche is a French city of 30,000 citizens where Jérôme Cachart, 34, is accused of murdering Driss Belhaj, who used to be his best friend.

Murders in Sarlat

Meurtres à Sarlat

Sarlat, in south-west France, was the site of violent peasant revolts - the croquant rebellions - in the 17th Century. Now, the son of the region's largest manufacturer of preserved foods has been murdered in a ritual recalling those historical events

Angel of fire

Ange de feu

No one saw Françoise's suicide coming. She jumped out of her Parisian apartment after receiving a death notice, which she immediately burnt.

Dying for a child

Une mère en trop

Florence Varthy is found dead in her garage. Witnesses to her last few days are questioned to discover who wanted her dead. How did this woman, only daughter of well-known, brash businessman Jacques Varthy, end up like this?

The dark side

La Face

Paul Berthier, an ambitious public prosecutor, is witness to the accidental drowning of a young girl in the Charente but does nothing to help. It starts to look like the girl was murdered, and the case lands on Berthier's desk.

Captain Casta

Capitaine Casta

CASTA is stationed in a Criminal Investigation Department that covers several districts in Paris. He is a particular cop with particular methods, not really integrated among his colleagues.

Murder in Collioure

Meurtres à Collioure

The body of a dead woman is found in a barrel hurtling down a hill in the middle of the night. The prime suspect is the husband, a violent and jealous painter from Collioure, for whom the victim was both model and muse.

Orion's children

Les enfants d'Orion

Lou, 29, was initiated into ancient hunting rituals by her father before she ran away from home 15 years ago. Now, following his death, she's back. And a series of murders are being committed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Miroir, mon beau miroir

On one side there’s Marie-Line, a beautiful woman resisting the advance of time.On the other there's Marion, her daughter-in-law, married to her son, Paul. Between the two there's a house and Marion’s son, Ludo. Following Paul’s suspicious death, Marie-Line is ready to do anything to recover her property.

Passage du désir

Passage du désir

Lola Jost, a former police chief who's taken early retirement, and Ingrid Diesel, an American with a tormented past are neighbours. Nothing links them, apart from a horrendous murder committed in Le Passage de Désir in Paris.

Hit & Run


One day, Karine Blanchard is killed in a hit-and-run road accident. Emma decided to investigate herself. But what she finds out will change all of their lives …

Taste for murder

Une place parmis les vivants

Paris, January 7th 1958. Ernest Ripper is a failed writer. Ernest goes to the « Lapin chasseur », a restaurant in Montmartre, to see a mysterious admirer who insists on meeting him. The secret admirer is Joseph Arcimboldo, a serial killer.

Roxana's hands

Les mains de Roxana

Roxana Orlac, a famous violinist, loses the use of her hands in a terrible accident. Her career as a virtuoso seems to be over until Professor Christansen offers her a transplant of two new hands.

In love


Iona is from the Basque region but works as a reporter for a Parisian newspaper. She is in Saint Jean de Luz, interviewing a former member of the Eterra terrorist group, when he is shot dead in front of her.


Profils criminels

She is very attractive, she has a degree in psychlogy and she is a super cop raising her two young sisters. Captain Emma Sinclair investigates on the mysterious death of a young women in a parking lot.

Cyrano in the hood

Cyrano de Ménilmontant

As clever as he is self-conscious, due to a tyrannical mother, Pierre-Jean Morin, also know as PJ, puts his emotions on hold after his wife leaves him. Once a brilliant cop, he has now become a local policeman dealing with the everyday life of his neighbourhood, Ménilmontant.


Notre Dame des barjots

Véra Cabral works in a psychiatric emergency unit. One evening, she finds her obnoxious and pretentious boss, Edouard Russel, waiting for her on her doorstep crying and begging for her help.

Between two shadows

Entre deux ombres

Betty Vitalini has just been through hell: she lost the baby she was expecting in a terrible car crash. She then receives a job offer to look after a seven year-old blind boy for a year. The boy lives with his father, a doctor, way up in the mountains.

The Hold-up


A bank manager, her employees and a handful of customers are about to endure a few nightmare hours with the four men who have come to rob the bank.


Quand vient la peur

2x85' ou/or 1x126'
Fear descends on the small provincial town of Poitou-Charentes in France in the 1970s after a series of pretty brunettes are brutally murdered.