Feature Film

Che and Me

Moi et le Che

Go is a college professor coming to the end of his career. But, more important than that, when he was 18 he was driven by ideals of equality and fraternity, totally committed to the cause, and was one of Che Guevara’s final companions, over there in Bolivia, in 1967. Or at least, so he says, over and over and over again.

Charlie Winner

Charlie Beaugosse

Former stock-brocker and newly homeless Charlie Winner ends up on a bench, in a Berliner park during his drunken quest for happiness. Tired his homeless life in Germany, he leaves for Biarritz, in the South of France, on the coast of the Atlantic.



After the death of the young woman he was lodging for more than one year, a fifty year old man finds himself alone with a two years old little boy, Lino.


Haïti chérie

Haitian couple who work on a sugar cane plantation in the Dominican Republic escape the desperate conditions of the ‘bateyes’ (cane cutters’ communities) and make their way back to Haiti where further tragedy awaits them.

Mind loosers

Les percutés

Bruno Lussac is a cop. As he tries to get some money at an A.T, his card get stuck in the machine. He becomes crazy when he learns that he has no more money on his bank account.