Fictions - Historical Drama


Olympe, une femme dans la Révolution

Paris, July 1793. Four years after the storming of the Bastille and the onset of the Revolution. The Reign of Terror is in full swing. Amidst this world of violence, one nearly unchanging constant remains: women have no rights.

Shadows of love

Les Amants de l'ombre

The story of a forbidden yet intense passion during the Liberation, between a young woman whose husband is a prisoner in Germany, and a black GI who arrives to help her father-in-law with the harvest.

Louis XI

Louis xI

Summer 1483, in Touraine. A horseman arrives at the castle where Louis XI resides. He reveals to the king the existence of a conspiracy: his ministers plan to assassinate him that same day, during the council. The old king then tries to thwart the plot...

Marie Octobre

Marie Octobre

Ten years after the liberation of Paris, 10 former Resistants, who were members of the same network, are invited by Marie-Hélène Dumoulin, known by her pseudonyme Marie-Octobre.



Love affairs, jealousies, intrigues, betrayals and secrets of state... all the elements of great drama are to be found in this historical thriller, the story of how the young and ambitious Marquis de Cinq-Mars seduces King Louis XIII and betrays his protector, Cardinal Richelieu, the most powerful man in the realm, for the love of a scheming duchess.

Myriam's Choice

Le Choix de Myriam

Au début des années soixante, Kader, bientôt rejoint par sa femme Myriam, fait partie de la première génération d’immigrés algériens. Très vite, le couple est pris, comme tant d’autres, entre le rêve de retourner au pays, et celui de prospérer sur une terre d’accueil, pas toujours très accueillante…

Marie and Madeleine

Marie et Madeleine

En 1944, Madame Berthe, patronne d’une maison close, doit fuir Lyon avec ses pensionnaires, car le frère de l’une d’elles fait partie de la résistance et a caché des munitions dans la cave de la maison. En Isère, victimes d’un accident de voiture, elles sont obligées de se faire héberger dans un couvent, où elles découvrent que la mère supérieure cache des juifs dans les caves...

L'Arche de Babel

Babel's Arch

Juin 1940. Trois chasseurs alpins français en guerre, trois communistes italiens en fuite, deux rabbins polonais et trois luxembourgeois perdus dans les tourmentes de la débâcle doivent cohabiter dans un fort d’altitude à la frontière franco-italienne.

The Brave Judge

La Révolte des innocents

France, 1911. Louise Perreau is struggling financially to raise her 10-year-old son Gaston. The prospect of a new job in Paris brings her the hope of a better life. She has to enrol her son at Les Vermiraux, where children are supposed to get a good education.

The Quiet Woman

La Femme Tranquille

January 1943. France is under occupation. Louise is 70, and in her bar everyone likes to forget about the war. The militiamen at the counter are customers like anyone else, and no one complains that her meals depend on black-market produce. Her serenity is disturbed, however, by a cry for help from an English airman who falls from the sky... just like an angel.

Mister Perrichon's journey

Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon

1860. Mister Perrichon is the epitome of bourgeois respectability: a rich shopkeeper, vain and smug, brimming with social ambition but with morals that adapt to circumstances. He retires from business and, to mark the occasion, takes his  wife and daughter Henriette on a trip to Mont-Blanc.

Mr Paul

Monsieur Paul

The ghosts of World War Two return when Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, is found in Argentina. Franck Jourdan, a special correspondent with a French political magazine, dives into this investigation with passion, determined to see Paul Touvier condemned for crimes against humanity.

Rose and the captain

Rose et le soldat

Martinique, 1942. Rose, a young teacher, is dismissed by the Vichy regime of Admiral Robert. Disgusted at her treatment, and starved by the British blockade, she wants to escape with the young dissidents.


Les Fusillés

1914. Louis is a 27-year-old reservist and patriot, as is his childhood friend and longtime rival Bastien, who sees the war, like everything else, as an opportunity.


La traque

The history of Franco-German Klarsfeld couple who devoted his life to tracking down Nazi war criminals and bring them in front of Justice.



At the beginning of the 20th century, in a France divided between Catholics and Republicans, Marie, a young Republican and believer teacher, is appointed at the head of the village public school.


Albert Camus

Albert Camus, a life - Camus seen through women's eyes. From The Rebel to The First Man and The Fall, the last ten years of Albert Camus's turbulent life.

The law of my country

La loi de mon pays

Algeria. Benjamin, Kateb and Antoine are three teenagers from three religious backgrounds who never should have met. But they share the same passion for football and the same disregard for the disapproving looks which their unusual friendship draws.

Blanche Maupas

Blanche Maupas

In 1914 Théophile Maupas, a countryside teacher, is called up. From the trenches he writes long letters to his wife Blanche, who is also a teacher. In early March 1915, she hears that Theo has been shot.

A child at war

Allons petits enfants

June 1914. In the small village where he lives, twelve-year-old Momo is his parents' pride and joy. War breaks out and his father Maurice is mobilised, leaving his wife and son to run the farm.


Vive la bombe !

Algeria. May 1st 1962. The war has been over for two months. But following secret agreements, de Gaulle continues to conduct nuclear tests in the Sahara desert.

Watch your lip !

L'Été des lip

It's 1973, and the Lip watch-making factory in Besançon is experiencing hard times. The director has resigned and there is no more cash. The only person showing any interest in the company is a corporate raider.