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Olympe, une femme dans la Révolution

Paris, July 1793. Four years after the storming of the Bastille and the onset of the Revolution. The Reign of Terror is in full swing. Amidst this world of violence, one nearly unchanging constant remains: women have no rights.

Born at 17

Je suis né à 17 ans

Thierry was a beaten child. He built himself against the violence suffered and has every reason to be proud of the result. But childhood traumas are still present, generating anxiety and a perpetual lack of self-confidence. The announcement of the imminent death of the father guilty of the brutality, and with whom Thierry has broken off all relations, sounds the hour of reckoning.

The Diva of the High-Rises

Les Sandales blanches

It all begins in the early 60s, in a deprived neighbourhood just outside Paris inhabited by Algerian immigrants. Malika is 5, and her mum has just bought her a brand-new pair of sandals. They’re so white that the little girl can’t keep her eyes off them, and doesn’t see the reversing truck.


Albert Camus

Albert Camus, a life - Camus seen through women's eyes. From The Rebel to The First Man and The Fall, the last ten years of Albert Camus's turbulent life.