Series Collections

The Law of...

La loi de...

In court, the accused awaits the jury's decision. As the legal engine rolls on, he or she is all alone except for the counsel for the defence. No matter how serious the case, the accused has the right to be defended by a criminal defence lawyer.

Suite noire

Suite noire

8 films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema.

The Simenon collection

La collection Simenon

Now, for the first time, discover this mini-series of six films adapted from Simenon’s novels.

Deadly Seasons

Les Saisons Meurtrières

DEADLY SEASONS is about criminal investigations which begin on common places. Colors evoke seasons and the episodes aim at exploring all the possibilities of the thriller.



In the west of Paris, three strange murders are committed. Each time, the victim is eviscerated before being arranged in a macabre display.



« Vertigo » is a collection of 24 TV Movie of 90’ each. The heroines of these movies are always beautiful and innocent womens who often find thereselves in danger, with drama passion, manipulations and a lots of wrong tracks and new turns.