Series 90'


Laura, le compte à rebours a commencé

For 3 generation, first born girls of the Fontane family have mysteriously died on a 22nd of July, at the age of 26.

Murder in the Basque country

Maddy Etcheban

Maddy Etcheban is a cop in Bayonne, but more than anything else she’s the mother of autistic Clément, whom she’s been taking care of single-handedly since the death of her husband.



In a small town in the south-west of France tragedy strikes. The body of a young majorette is found near the property of Mrs Li, a Chinese wine grower settled in the region for 15 years.



Georges Simenon, author of 200 novels and 160 short stories, with 550 million copies of his books sold worldwide, is the 3rd-most-read French writer after Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas.



The only son of a great surgeon, Damien almost followed in his father’s footsteps before becoming a lawyer. Elected to parliament, he’s on the verge of a successful political career before being devastated by the loss of his daughter Anaïs.

Murders in Corrèze

Meurtres en Corrèze

The historic procession of Saint-Jean in the city of Tulle is disrupted by dead bodies. Gendarmes Axel and Lena, who used to be a couple, will have to cooperate to find who is responsible for the murders.

Murder In La Rochefoucauld

Les Secrets du Château

During the annual party in the château of a wealthy French family, a murder is committed. The small neighbouring town is thrown into disorder, suddenly plunged back into the old relationship of master and serfs.

Murder in Herault

Crime dans l'Hérault

The boss of a fashionable Cap d’Agde nightclub is found murdered in her own office. Deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme captain Charles Jouanic get back together to investigate what looks like a crime with an obvious motive, since the safe has been emptied of its money.

Murder in Arcachon


Christophe Perrin, a renowned oyster farmer in Arcachon Bay, is the victim of a murder attempt. His three daughters rush to his bedside, where he lies wounded and unable to manage L’Héritage, the family oyster farm.

Murder in Provence

Le Prix de la Loyauté

Captain Marie Jourdan of the Lyon Police answers an emergency call to help her friend, Captain Paul Danceny. He is in jail, accused of murdering his mistress, who was the wife of a charismatic and manipulative plastic surgeon.

Murder in the Vercors

Le Pont des Oubliés

In the pastures of the Vercors, at the heart of the French Alps, a shepherd has been murdered. The whole village suspects the former schoolteacher, because the herdsman ruined her career a few years previously, when he found out that she was dating his 17-year-old nephew. The young man now returns to the village and the tension increases.

Murders in Rochefort

Les Mystères du Bois Galant

Police captain Emma Thélier is on holiday at her mother’s in the Charente-Maritime region when, while jogging in the forest, she discovers a man’s corpse. Because of her knowledge of the area and the initial findings, Emma is put in charge of the investigation. But she has to work with the gendarme captain Adrien Klévec, recently transferred here and with whom she spent the previous night. They weren’t supposed to meet again but now they are embarrassed at having to work together.

Murders in Lorraine

Meurtres en Lorraine

When a corpse clutching a crystal chess piece is found in the old fortress of Bitche, in the Lorraine region, police lieutenant Nicolas Muller is sent to investigate. He is accompanied by a young female intern and soon discovers, during this complex investigation, that he is actually related to her.

Murders in Lille

Meurtres à Lille

Roubaix is host city to an exhibition of the work of Victor Maurin, one of the most famous sculptors of nearby Lille. A few hours prior to the launch of the event, one of the sculptures starts to bleed... The artist’s corpse is found inside.

Murder in Luberon

Crime dans le Luberon

In central Provence, during a hunt, 40 year-old hunter Pascal Achard is murdered. The deputy public prosecutor Elisabeth Richard investigates for the first time with gendarme captain Charles Jouanic, accompanied by his deputy Caroline Martinez.

Marion's Law

La Loi de Marion

For 20 years Marion had a complicated relationship with the lawyer Olivier Queyras, who was not only her mentor, but also her husband and boss. But now she's finally found the courage to leave him and open her own practice. So, recalling unpleasant memories of her own relationship, she naturally advises Karine, one of her clients, to leave her abusive husband.

The Coroner

Alexandra Ehle

Alexandra Ehle is a coroner at the Bordeaux forensic institute. Fanciful and free-thinking, she devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission: restoring to the dead their dignity and human appearence, and giving them justice.

Valerie's Law

La Loi de Valérie : Tous Coupables

Valérie, a gifted lawyer in her fifties, acts as if she were still a rebellious teenager with a love of gambling. She takes malicious pleasure defending notorious villains.

Murder in Maussane

Crime dans les Alpilles

Maussane, at the very heart of the French region of Provence, with its olive trees and its charming squares. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner.

The Queen Murders

Jeu de Dames

Though he's often alone, Martin's world revolves around his women, his "queens": women of character, who don't always make things easy, but women he can't live without.

The house of the Rochevilles

La Maison des Rocheville

The strangest things happen in the Rochevilles' manor house, with its cursed bedroom and walls that speak... In its time it has been a place of protection, condemnation and also punishment.

The Simenon collection

La collection Simenon

Now, for the first time, discover this mini-series of six films adapted from Simenon’s novels.

Barbara's law

La loi de Barbara

In court, the accused awaits the jury's decision. As the legal engine rolls on, he or she is all alone except for the counsel for the defence.

Murders in Hossegor

Meurtres dans les landes

In Hossegor, local VIP Juliette Laborde is found murdered in the same conditions as a falsely accused shepherdess 600 years previously. Was the killer using this famous legend of the Landes region to send a message?

Gloria's law

La loi de Gloria

Among France's top lawyers, Gloria Mendoza is a legend.

Lanester 3: The children of the last rain

Lanester 3: Les enfants de la dernière pluie

While visiting his brother in psychiatric hospital, police chief Lanester witnesses a violent death, followed by a suicide.

Pauline's law

La loi de Pauline

After her divorce, Pauline starts a career as a lawyer.

Murder in Martigues

Crime à Martigues

Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and gendarme Paul Jansac team up once again for an investigation in Martigues.

Simon's Law

La loi de Simon

Simon Varlet is a brilliant and cynical lawyer, more sensitive to the amount of his fees than to the interest of the justice or the respect of the business ethics.

Christophe's Law

La loi de Christophe

Christophe is a successful lawyer, the boss of a practice which advises the Devaux group, a leading company in the paper industry.

Angel of fire

Ange de feu

No one saw Françoise's suicide coming. She jumped out of her Parisian apartment after receiving a death notice, which she immediately burnt.

Murder in Batz

Les blessures de l'île

After long years of study, Manon is about to become a neurosurgeon. To pay her way through college she cleans crime scenes.

Murder in the Cevennes

La Vallée des mensonges

Each family has their secrets… Laura, a young Parisian chef, plans to go back to her native Cévennes to turn her family home into a guest house, with the help of her childhood friend Cassandra.

Murder in Aigues-Mortes

Crime à Aigues-Mortes

Ludovic Pessac, a young lawyer in his 30s, is murdered in his office. Assistant prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and police chied Paul Jansac are put in charge of the case.

Murder in Avignon

Meurtre à Avignon

During construction work at the library of the Palais des Papes, workers discover : a woman's skeleton.

Lanester 2 : Memento Mori

Lanester 2 : Memento Mori

In the space of few months, three anorexic teenagers have disappeared from the clinic where they were patients. Runaways or kidnap victims?

Murder in Collioure

Meurtres à Collioure

The body of a dead woman is found in a barrel hurtling down a hill in the middle of the night. The prime suspect is the husband, a violent and jealous painter from Collioure, for whom the victim was both model and muse.

Murder in the Somme

Le Vagabond de la Baie de Somme

The unidentified body of a homeless man is found in a dune of the Bay of the Somme, a shotgun wound in his back. An accident or murder?



In the west of Paris, three strange murders are committed. Each time, the victim is eviscerated before being arranged in a macabre display.

Alexandre's law

La loi d'Alexandre

Alexandre Laurent and Raphaël Menaud have been best friends since their childhood in state care. They became partners in a law firm, making a great team.

Frank Riva

Frank Riva

To protect his family, Frank Riva must thwart powerful criminals.

Rose and Val

Rose et Val

Two high profile cops, the cream of the crop of French Crime Squad.



« Vertigo » is a collection of 24 TV Movie of 90’ each. The heroines of these movies are always beautiful and innocent womens who often find thereselves in danger, with drama passion, manipulations and a lots of wrong tracks and new turns.

Internal affairs

Les Boeufs-carottes

Two cops, one is a police captain, the other one is an inspector. They work as a team...

Ladies of the law

Femmes de loi

25x90' et/and 20x52'
Two women, a deputy public prosecutor and a young cop, team up to bring murderers to justice.

Rachid around the world

Rachid au Texas, Rachid en Russie

In a funny and surprising road-movie, author and actor Rachid explores Texas on a moped and presents us the incredible characters he encounters.