Series 52'

The black widow

Un soupçon

Who is Isabelle? A murderer or a housewife? That's what Captain Mathilde Delboscq, in charge of the investigation into Isabelle's husband's death, wants to understand... It's the beginning of an inquiry, and then a dive into the life of a woman with a unique destiny.

Fast Cash

L'Or noir

A criminal gang pulls off a major heist, getting away with gold bullions worth several million euros. Now they have to deal with the heat while waiting for the opportunity to shift such a huge score. Not as easy trick to pull off - especially when the owners of the gold, local mobsters and corrupted cops, are all on their trail, determined to recover the treasure. Boasting an edgy hip hop soundtrack, this whipslash-paced, razor-sharp tense series will leave you on the edge of your seat.

My Dead Loved Ones

Mes chers disparus

Marianne Elbert decides to sell her decrepit house, a property owned by the Elberts for five generations. However, despite the promise of a new beginning for everyone, settling the family inheritance tears at her heart. In front of the family tomb where they rest, Marianne, devastated, utters a futile plea for help to her ancestors. And then, as suddenly as it is unexpected, consequences unfold! The ghosts of her mother, Brigitte, a hippie biker advocating for living fast and enjoying without constraints, her grandmother Marie, a racist and bigoted seamstress emancipated by Coco Chanel, and her great-grandfather Alphonse, a broke twenty-year-old killed in 1917 by German bullets at the Chemin des Dames, find themselves in the middle of the living room, reluctantly pulled from their eternal rest!

Wara - Season 2

Wara - Saison 2

Moutari Wara shankes candidate Ganka Barry with information about the embezzlement of funds on a recycling center that was never built. But the unexpected return of his wife and daughter who had been taken hostage puts him in check against his opponent, who paid the ransom for their release.



The harshness of a thriller, the intensity and strength of a double saga between two families in the heart of West Africa, the bitterness of resentment, and the sweetness of a kiss.

Saving Lisa

Sauver Lisa

Rose Keller, 35, is a substitute primary-school teacher. On one assignment she encounters Lisa, 8, an especially endearing pupil. But Rose soon realises that Lisa is suffering abuse at home, and that her life could even be in danger if no action is taken.

White lies


Bulle, a charming swiss town facing an industrial transformation. This picture-postcard landscape is home to the Aubert family, whose pleasant domestic life is destroyed by Alice’s illness at the age of just 35.



Politically committed student Aïcha fires up the campus by urging her law professor Moutari to get back into politics. Together they want to change the world. « It always seems impossible until it’s done! » (Nelson Mandela)

Tahiti Spirit

Tahiti PK.0

Detective Cheyenne Tinihu teams up with police captain Félix Kleber to help him find his daughter, who has mysteriously disappeared on the island of Tahiti. During the investigation, Cheyenne discovers shamanic powers of her own, inherited from her supposedly dead father.

Suite noire

Suite noire

8 films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, creating a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition, exploring every nuance of genre cinema.



Every family business has a golden rule: compartmentalize. Xanadu isn’t any different. At the helm, Alex Valadine, the flamboyant patriarch…and the high priest of the French X-rated film industry.