Series / Short Programs



S1 15x5’ + S2 10x8’' or 80'
It’s the challenge that Ben and Emma, a couple of 30 something, have to face. The initiatory journey of these 2 parents-to-be, waiting for the unidentified object that is their child.

I do

I do

Zoe, a French woman immigrating in Brooklyn, is desperately trying to find a husband so she can get a visa and work as a Cabaret Singer in New York.

Woke XAOC- Season 3

Les Engagés XAOC- Saison 3

3x45' or 12x10'
WOKE – XAOC, a new season of WOKE, the series created by Sullivan Le Postec, in which Thibaut saves a Chechen refugee from a nearly fatal trap, and in the process discovers a trial programme for human rights protection which has provided shelter for several people in Europe. Hicham returns to his tower-block neighbourhood in Saint Étienne after a relative is killed in a fight with the police.

The Love Bug

Croc Love

In the near future, scientists have invented a test to measure the love you feel. This throws society into upheaval: couples are torn apart, the divorce rate increases and a new profession is created, that of anti-love adviser, whose job it is to warn the population about this dangerous emotion.



10x10' or 110'
The documentary series «Océan» is an intimate self-portrait of a trans man, already known by the public under his stage name Océanerosemarie, he is a comedian and true lesbian icon since his first show in 2009, "The Invisible Lesbian". Finally ready to face the social gaze, in May 2018, Océan decides to come out, change gender and assert himself as he is: a trans man.