Series / Short Programs

Woke XAOC- Season 3

Les Engagés XAOC- Saison 3

3x45' or 12x10'
WOKE – XAOC, a new season of WOKE, the series created by Sullivan Le Postec, in which Thibaut saves a Chechen refugee from a nearly fatal trap, and in the process discovers a trial programme for human rights protection which has provided shelter for several people in Europe. Hicham returns to his tower-block neighbourhood in Saint Étienne after a relative is killed in a fight with the police.

The Love Bug

Croc Love

In the near future, scientists have invented a test to measure the love you feel. This throws society into upheaval: couples are torn apart, the divorce rate increases and a new profession is created, that of anti-love adviser, whose job it is to warn the population about this dangerous emotion.



10x10' or 110'
Océane Rose Marie is a popular figure in the LGBT community, an actress and director renowned for her cynical humour. Up to 30,000 people saw her one-woman show over a 4-year period. Now she has decided to become Océan, a man.