Fictions - Comedy



Amine, a brilliant professor at the University of Bordeaux, has been in bad terms with his father for years.

Les Fées du Logis

Les Fées du Logis

La déclaration d’impôts ou la lettre strictement personnelle qui traînent sur le bureau, les médicaments d’une armoire à pharmacie, une conversation téléphonique surprise par hasard, des draps changés trop souvent ou pas assez... Les femmes de ménage ont accès, souvent bien malgré elles, à tous ces indices qui révèlent plus de la vie de leurs clients que ces derniers ne le voudraient.

Welcome in Bouchon

Bienvenue à Bouchon

Bouchon est un trou perdu qu’on ne repère même pas sur une carte de France. Pour maintenir la commune en vie, le Maire subventionne ses administrés pour éviter leur fuite vers d’autres lieux et détourne, à cet effet, les subventions européennes. Un jour, le fax annonce la venue d’une commission bruxelloise… C’est le commencement de la fin, les fonctionnaires comprennent vite la supercherie, le bras de fer s’engage : Bouchon contre Bruxelles.

Such A Pretty Lie

Un Si joli mensonge

Un quadragénaire auteur de BD tombe amoureux d'une dermatologue. Rapidement, il lui fait part de son désir d'avoir un enfant. Sauf que Christine a menti sur son âge. Elle n'a pas 42 ans, comme elle lui a annoncé, mais 50, l'âge des bouleversements physiologiques chez une femme. Là voici empêtrée dans un mensonge dont elle se serait bien passée.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Temps de Chien !

Jean is the captain of a tourist boat on the Seine, a job that’s incompatible with his drunkenness. Divorced and unable to make ends meet, when he’s suspended from his job he fears he might lose custody of his children.

Golden Wedding

Noces d'Or

To celebrate Octave and Alix's golden wedding anniversary, friends and family are all invited to their large mansion for the weekend. But Alix has Alzheimer's and doesn’t even remember that she’s married. Worse, she shows up with her lover Farhad, a handsome Iranian who has the same condition.

The New World

Le Nouveau Monde

Lucie is 36, and after 5 years with the love of her life, she wants a child. Nothing unusual about that, except that “the love of her life” is named Marion...

Carpets and Chaos

Les Pieds dans le Tapis

While supposedly taking mud baths in Korea, the "paterfamilias" of a family from Tehran's Grand Bazaar dies of a sudden heart attack in... Brive-la-Gaillarde in provincial France!


Il revient quand Bertrand?

16x10' or 90'+60'
On a “break” with his girlfriend, Bertrand moves in with their upstairs neighbour who happens to be hacking every webcam of the building.


Oh boy !

Niko, Berlinois presque trentenaire, éternel étudiant et rêveur incorrigible, s’apprête à vivre les vingt-quatre heures les plus tumultueuses de son existence.


L'homme qui voulait passer à la TV

Bernard, jeune Toulousin éblouit par le show-business parisien se retrouve à la Capitale afin d’y tenter sa chance. Sorte de Rastignac des temps modernes, il a un atout : Fabien, son ami « coiffeur studio » des vedettes du petit écran.


La famille Zappon

Une parodie de la Télévision, servie par un casting impressionnant : les talk shows racoleurs, les nouvelles séries américaines « choc », les jeux où l’argent et l’humiliation se côtoient et bien sur les concepts de télé-réalité sont tournés en dérision.

The old bear and the child

Le vieil ours et l'enfant

The coming together of two magnificent human beings totally different in every way: age, skin colour and culture.

The gospel according to Aimé

L'Evangile selon Aimé

Running away from the local Senegalese police, 30-year-old Aimé lands illegally in France. Without friends or a penny to his name, he has to rely on his natural wiliness to get by. Looking for somewhere to hide and a way to earn a little money, Aimé jumps at the opportunity to pass himself off as a priest.

The President's hat

Le chapeau de Mitterrand

It all begins one evening in November, when Daniel Mercier, a minor accountant persecuted by his boss, decides to treat himself to a "royal" seafood platter in a Parisian brasserie. And there, to his surprise, President François Mitterrand comes and sits next to him...

Lucie's journey

La balade de Lucie

This is the story of Lucia, a bright young woman and a mother.

A Villa for two

Une Villa pour deux

After his father’s death, Daniel Tressard suggested to his mother, Marion, to come live with him for two weeks. A year has gone by and Marion is still at her son’s place where she feels just fine… But Sylvie, Daniel’s companion, cannot stand the situation any longer.

One Ferrari for two

Une Ferrari pour deux

On its route, André will takes a hitchhiker on board : Vincent Saulnier who is on its way to his daughter’s boarding school. Unemployed for three years, Vincent has hidden the situation from his daughter Olivia and his ex-wife, Edith. Dazzled by the Ferrari and eager to convince his daughter that everything is working out for him, Vincent asks André to exchange their roles.

The ideal couple

Un couple modèle

Roman and Thomas are both going through a divorce and meet each other while in court for their respective conciliation hearing. One day, Thomas just ring at Romain’s place, asking him to help out -just for the night. But the days and nights go by. As cohabitation is becoming increasingly tigh.

Goodbye and see you soon

Au à bientôt

During a spa treatment, 60-something Henri meets Lila, an attractive woman in her 50s. They don’t know it yet but everything sets them apart!

The two François

Les François

The meeting of two men with the same name: François. The young François is 21, just starting out on life, while François senior is retired, Two destinies, two solitary lives full of lies and regrets on a collision course of self-discovery.

Local colour

Couleur locale

A racist widow confronts her prejudices when she has to take care of a mixed-race grandchild she never knew she had.

Back to the roots

La Clef des champs

Fred Bonnemaison, a driven and self-centered Parisian food writer has to return to his home town, Lyon, when his mother, a lively octogenarian, runs away to join a community of free-thinking widows

A special family

Une famille pas comme les autres

Blandine, a lady from the posh part of town, is almost knocked over as she's jogging by a boy on his bike. And thus she gets to meet 10-year-old Michel-Ange, the son of a gay couple. They become firm friends. Michel-Ange finds in Blandine the grandmother he never had.

She'll snap out of it

Ca va passer... mais quand?

Patrick and Sophie’s life is about to change in several ways, including moving house at the start of the next school year.

Chef challenge

Le goût du partage

Victor is 65, somewhat crazy, and one of the best chefs in France.

Family Business

L'esprit de famille

Brothers Yvan and Max are total opposites.

Lady in chief

Baptêmes du feu

Antoine Grand, a recent recruit to Lille’s fire brigade.However, these normally united tough guys find their world turned upside down when they are told their site has been chosen to test the feminization of the Fire Brigade.

A change of heart

Coup de coeur

Jean-Pierre is a brilliant surgeon.The problems of his nearest and dearest don't interest him! But when he discovers that he too has a serious heart disease which needs operating on, Jean-Pierre finds out what it is to be a patient.


Etat de manque

Elsa, Safia and Amandine all work for « La Providence Universelle ». One day, they decide to go for a break in a sea spa hotel. But they enventually realize that all their problems actually come from one man. That man who is making a fool of them works in the same company.

Belinda and me

Belinda et moi

"I am a woman trapped in man's body". Here is how Belinda appears at Jacqueline.

The goddess with hundred arms

La déesse aux cent bras

Vanina is in the middle of a mega-storm: threatened with unemployment, destabilised by her son's own mystical crisis, provoked by her rebellious daughter... Vanina encounters her double, Nina, who's determined to sort problems out her own way …

Super Lola

Super Lola

Lola Fazière is a young home nurse in a small town in the South of France. Her timidity and fear of heights disadvantage her in her daily life, yet, due to factors beyond her control, she finds herself becoming a sort of « Zorro of Provence » superheroine.

Happiness, nothing less

Le bonheur sinon rien !

The author of several self-help bestsellers, Fleur can’t resist putting her theories into practice. She’s ready to do anything to make people happy, even at the risk of finding herself in delicate situations,

Friends for sale

Les amis à vendre

In a not too far-off future, renting friends has become a common habit for the rich, sparing them emotional disappointments.

A man au pair

Un homme au pair

Maxime is 40 years old and is unemployed. He lives with his sister, who has a son 9 years . It employs his brother to be his babysitter.

The Fall of the Male Empire

Le Déclin de l'empire masculin

Inspired by David Abiker's biting polemic, The Museum of Man, The fabulous fall of the male empire, this is a sweet and sour examination of a couple in the throes of a marital crisis.

Tastes of the world

Les délices du monde

The eviction letter just brought about a general outcry among « Tastes of the world ». "Tastes of the world" is a french association aiming at gathering people by sharing cooking know-hows. Diminga, directs "Savour of the world". She suggests to counter-attack to get back to the association room.

Peter and Farid

Pierre et Farid

When you spend your life running a business, when you sacrifice entire weekends, how does your life looks like ? Pierre gave everything to his business. And he has lost everything when he got fired by the new shareholders. In Pierre’s life, everything is upside down.

Alice's kindness

La bonté d'Alice

Alice Dupré, takes on a job as a human resources assistant in a department store, it's more to please her father than herself. A combination of circumstances puts her in charge of human resources at the worst possible time, just as the store's owner decides to "streamline" operations …

When pigs fly

Quand les poules auront des dents

To win back his son's trust and his wife's love, Arman promises to bring home a free-range chicken for dinner. The simple promise of a joyful meal. Alas, the feathered creatures all seem to have flown from the town's shops …

The highway song

Comme un air d'autoroute

Peter has turned the motorway service station where he grew up into one big singing and dancing show, as joyous and eccentric as he is.

Brother and sister

Frère et soeur

50-year-old lawyer Bruno Cellini is a lonely old bachelor. But his peace is suddenly disturbed when his ageing father, who dumped him 40 years ago to go and live in Polynesia, suddenly comes back into his life,

Lili David

Lili David

It's a magical job that consists of fulfilling people's every need and desire, like a modern-day fairy granting wishes, Lili David gives it her best shot

My mum the squatter

Petits arrangements avec ma mère

Middle-class Fabien, 40, is out of a job. Pressured by his wife, he tries to persuade his mother to leave the appartment he owns. But his mother is not at all ready to give up the place she's been living in for years



The Devilles are rich, but they become poor when Philippe, loses his job. The Riccis are poor, but they become rich thanks to Leslie, a dynamic young woman who starts up her own Internet business. The two families have nothing in common except for their honest and fair-minded banker, Frederick Merlin,

Big Jim

Big Jim

Alexander is looking for a job and for happyness... At the age of fourty, his life is not a success… until a notary announces him that his father died and that he inherits from a pork farm.

Just like home

Comme chez soi

A French family plans to swap homes with a Turkish family for the holidays. But at the last moment, the father learns he could be about to be made redundant. The two families have to live together .

I'm going home to mum

Je retourne chez ma mère

40-year-old François, newly divorced and out of work for two years, is going through a bad patch. He has no alternative but to go back to live with his mother, Alice. The cohabitation between mother and son is fraught.

My two darlings

Mes deux amours

Barbara has vanished in Corsica without a word. Hadrien sets off in search of the woman he loves. But he soon finds he is not the only person worried about Barbara's disappearance, when he meets Emmanuel, Barbara's "other lover".

Gawky Gerald

Gérald K. Gérald

"He has no flair, just lots of luck." "By all means possible he manages to fail."

Summer camp

Merci papa, merci maman

Denis thought he had found the perfect shelter in a summer camp... But he has to cope with boisterous children which he hates and he is lumbered with the friendship of Gilles-Henri.

Thick as thieves

Vieilles Canailles

A crooked comedy that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Step out of line

Qui va à la chasse...

Dr Valmer, who pretends to be the best dentist in town, breaks an arm in a hunting accident and has to find someone to replace him.

Just a bit of love

Juste un peu d'amour

Starring Clémentine Célarié who falls in love with a model, much younger than she is.

An unexpected father

Un père inattendu

The return of Benjamin’s biological father, 7 years after his son has been adopted by Cecile !

The Heir


Following Virgile’s death, Numa, his faithful companion, requests the presence of John Spicher. Numa announces to him that he will not be able to acquire any land, nor any milk from Virgile’s properties, because, unbeknownst to everyone, Virgile has an heir.

The fall guy

Un homme par hasard

LEA FABER, a young and attractive « executive woman », learns that the new big boss of her telecommunication company is well known for having strong moral values.

Shared feelings

Sentiments partagés

Lisa leaves her husband when she finds him in a ‘compromising situation’ with his mistress. She leaves everything behind and goes with only a bag and her porfolio ...

Passion according to Didier

La passion selon Didier

Didier is a priest. He looks after wayward kids. And sometimes their parents too, who are often just as bad. Teenagers and lonely elderly people all benefit from Didier's help.

When love starts with a lie

Tel épris

Antoine just lost an important position as an executive in a advertising agency. Catherine quit her job in a big publishing company. When they meet, because they both want to show off a little, they hide to each other their professional shortcomings and their money problems. The love story starts under a cloud of lies.

No more bets

Rien ne va plus

The Maurel de Ronchard family, including Gladys, their granddaughter and financial whiz-kid, are aristocrats on the wane. Although they own a beautiful domain with a castle, which still looks wonderful, they have no money left to look after it.

A family on the edge

Famille décomposée

Poor Leo Lubac was sure he had hit rock bottom. Set-up by his bosses to take the fall in an insider trading scandal, the innocent Leo returns from prison to find his life of privilege has disappeared into thin air.