Fictions - Family Drama

My daughter on the run

La fugue

When her daughter Chloé runs away from home, Jeanne is disappointed with the response of the police, for whom a teenager runaway is not a priority, and she realises she can only rely on herself.

Lucas is gone

Lucas a disparu

11-year-old Lucas vanishes one morning from his home. His disappearance throws his parents Marion and Alexis, who recently split up, into unbearable anguish, for their son is absolutely not prepared to face the outside world, being autistic and particularly fragile.

White lies


Bulle, a charming swiss town facing an industrial transformation. This picture-postcard landscape is home to the Aubert family, whose pleasant domestic life is destroyed by Alice’s illness at the age of just 35.

Last Dance

La fin de l'été

Ali, 15, and Selim, 11, are spending their summer holidays in Dordogne with their grandparents, André and Françoise.

The Unexpected Child

L'Enfant que je n'attendais pas

Married and with a 7-year-old daughter, Johanna is happy, until the night she unexpectedly gives birth. In shock, she abandons the child. The baby is later found alive but she is now accused of attempted infanticide. Johanna doesn't understand, adamant that she hadn’t been pregnant.



Geneva 2018. On a train, Isabelle spots a young woman entirely clad in Islamic attire. Her heart skips a beat: it’s Anaïs, her granddaughter! Without saying a word to Anaïs, Isabelle calls Léa, Anaïs’ mother, who lives in Montreal. Léa immediately flies to Switzerland. She wants to understand why her daughter has converted to Islam.

They Swapped My Baby

Ils ont échangé mon enfant

Single mother Sophie Serrano finds out that her eldest daughter, Manon, was swapped with another at the hospital, nine years ago.

My Mum, Cancer and Me

Ma Mère, le Crabe et Moi

14-year-old Tania starts to become aware that the boys at school are interested in her at the same time as she learns that her mother has breast cancer.

The Holy Family

La Sainte Famille

The story of a traditional Catholic family in northern France, part of society but subject to all its changes.

The Test of Love

L'épreuve d'amour

Marielle's whole world collapses when she finds her husband Paul wearing one of her dresses.

Thirst for life

La soif de vivre

Lisa, family mother of 11 year old Thomas and a new born baby, is gradually being consumed by her alcoholism.



Nadia has raised her son by herself on the outskirts of Paris. She is proud when he wins a place at the prestigious Henri IV high school. To help him with his studies she moves to Paris, getting into debt in order to offer him what his classmates have.

Dearest Brother

Mon frère bien aimé

Would you help your brother ditch a dead body? Etienne Leroy must make this snap decision when his younger brother Mathias admits to having accidentally killed his young mistress.

Me against the world

Envers et contre tous

This film is a wake-up call about the drug and medicine industry, which can save lives but also take them away.


Changement de cap

« U-TURN » or how to go from being a retired soldier to teaching history to teenagers !

Eyes open

Les yeux ouverts

Anne is a jazz pianist and has been blind since birth, François is an astrophysicist who's been blind from the age of seven. This couple is happy. But their daily routine changes the day François is given an artificial cornea transplant and regains his sight.

Marcel Aymé : Martin, the novelist

Marcel Aymé : le romancier Martin

Novelist Martin has a bad habit of always killing off his characters.

Marcel Aymé : Heloïse

Marcel Aymé : Heloïse

Mr Martin is a 40-year-old Everyman, a fellow of normal stature who leads a normal life. But one night, at 8 o’clock, something very unusual happens.

The tattooed widow

La veuve tatouée

Colette, a mother of two, leads a peaceful life as a housewife. But her life changes when her Aunt Mathilde suddenly dies.

Winter roses

Des roses en hiver

80-year-old Jean has an incurable disease and decides to stop his treatment and end his life.



Turning 50 in a few weeks' time, getting dumped by a husband who has found a 28-year-old Capucine, refusing the advances of a fellow lecturer in corduroy trousers again,...Those are things that happen.

A son

Un fils

Mathilde works in a Planned Parenthood center. One day, a teenage girl comes to her office to ask for a morning-after pill. Mathilde quickly senses that something is wrong with her, and the girl eventually confesses she was raped.

Stroke of Luck

Coût de chance

Claire is a widow raising her two children by herself, barely making ends meet with odd jobs.

No worries

Pas d'inquiétude

Just as Marc and Claire have bought a new house, their son Rémy falls seriously ill.

Some place else

15 jours ailleurs

Vincent has a burn-out at the office, and his wife has him committed to a mental hospital against his will.

Shanghai Blues, new world

Shanghai Blues, nouveau monde

Rémy, a young architect based in Paris, is sent to Shanghai to finish the construction of a concert venue, after a colleague in charge falls ill.

The third day

Le troisième jour

Leo Dembélé is 20 and his girlfriend, Manon, 18. When she gives birth to his child, Léo is determined to take his father responsibilities,

La Croix du fau

La Croix du fau

When the teacher of isolated village La Croix du Fau dies, officially of a heart attack, he's replaced by Sylvia, a lovely young music lover.

Dog of war

Chien de guerre

Wallid, a young French officer of Algerian descent finds it hard to readapt to civilian life on his return from active service in Afghanistan. His professional career is over but, remaining in touch with former colleagues, he accepts a somewhat special offer.

Siren song

Le chant des sirènes

They've just turned 20 and dream of the bright lights, meeting at an X Factor-type audition where they're attracted to each other.

Welcome, Kaniusha

Le choix d'Adèle

Adele, a widowed teacher of 50, is lonely and bitter, until the day Kaniusha joins her class.

My brother simple


Following the death of his parents, Kléber is left looking after his brother Simple, 22 years old but with a mental age of three.

Life is short

La vie est si courte

Nowdays, we refuse the idea of death, we pretend to be immortal but we forget life is short, so short.

News from the children

Des nouvelles des enfants

The odd trip a father will undertake to meet his children and their lives.

What remains

Celle qui reste

How to overcome one's handicap and try to win the Paralympic games ! A lesson of hope.

Well-behaved people

Des gens si biens élevés

A working grandmother starts an accurate investigation of her family and learns many things she has no idea about…

The widow's architect

La veuve de l'architecte

Héléna Kramp, a bourgeois woman who lives in a nice neighborhood and, with the help of her long-time butler and friend, spends most of her time helping children living of one of the suburbs' "ghettoes"

A perfect family

Une famille parfaite

At the beginning of the 21st century, Martha, a black baby, is adopted by two parents: Mr. Harald Beckmann and Mr. Tobias Joos. Although Tobias dies when she is a child, Martha nevertheless experiences a happy childhood.

Kill Me

Une Cible dans le Dos

50-year-old Christian is a disillusioned and cynical widower who's had enough of life. Lacking the courage to commit suicide, he hires a professional killer, marking himself as the target.

A few days altogether

Quelques jours entre nous

Following their parents' death in a car crash, three teenagers move in together to maintain the illusion of a family structure.

The child who fell from the sky

L'enfant tombée du ciel

Tilly, a little Yougoslavian girl, lives alone with her mother Sonia in Bosnia, in the midst of bombings. Just before Alex(forty year old business man has just arrived from France) leaves, Sonia asks him to do her a favor - she wants him to take Tilly and leave her in the care of some family friends, the Ludovics.

Hidden kisses

Baisers cachés

16-year-old Nathan lives alone with his father Stéphane. As a new kid in high school, he’s invited to a party, where he falls for classmate Louis. They find themselves together and share a kiss. When Stéphane finds out Nathan is gay, he turns away from him.

The three silences

Les Trois Silences

One winter morning, Olivia decides to tail Philippe, the man she loves. She doubts his sincerity and faithfulness. Very soon her intuition is confirmed.

Deadly summer

Mortel été

Julie wanders Neupart's streets in her cheerleader outfit, seeking someone who can take her away from her daily routine.

I killed for you

Pour toi j'ai tué

In a small provencial French town, Dr Christian Tellier feels sorry for one of his patients, Isabelle Fayet, who is beaten by her husband.

Brothers and sisters

Des frères et des soeurs

Four forty-something brothers and sisters.

The Fall of the Male Empire

Le Déclin de l'empire masculin

Inspired by David Abiker's biting polemic, The Museum of Man, The fabulous fall of the male empire, this is a sweet and sour examination of a couple in the throes of a marital crisis.

My mum the squatter

Petits arrangements avec ma mère

Middle-class Fabien, 40, is out of a job. Pressured by his wife, he tries to persuade his mother to leave the appartment he owns. But his mother is not at all ready to give up the place she's been living in for years



The Devilles are rich, but they become poor when Philippe, loses his job. The Riccis are poor, but they become rich thanks to Leslie, a dynamic young woman who starts up her own Internet business. The two families have nothing in common except for their honest and fair-minded banker, Frederick Merlin,

Big Jim

Big Jim

Alexander is looking for a job and for happyness... At the age of fourty, his life is not a success… until a notary announces him that his father died and that he inherits from a pork farm.

I'm going home to mum

Je retourne chez ma mère

40-year-old François, newly divorced and out of work for two years, is going through a bad patch. He has no alternative but to go back to live with his mother, Alice. The cohabitation between mother and son is fraught.

My two darlings

Mes deux amours

Barbara has vanished in Corsica without a word. Hadrien sets off in search of the woman he loves. But he soon finds he is not the only person worried about Barbara's disappearance, when he meets Emmanuel, Barbara's "other lover".

The desert's chestnut trees

Les Châtaigniers du désert

At a crossroad, she penetrated another dimension. She started living her own life.

Marcel Pagnol : time for love, time for secrets

Marcel Pagnol : le temps des amours, le temps des secrets

Back on the childhood of Marcel Pagnol.