Fictions - Litterary Adaptation

The Queen Murders

Jeu de Dames

Though he's often alone, Martin's world revolves around his women, his "queens": women of character, who don't always make things easy, but women he can't live without.

Manon Lescaut


Amiens, 1713. Des Grieux is a noble young student, wise for his years, who's preparing to become a knight of the Order of Malta.

My brother Yves

Mon frère Yves

The tale of a brotherly, stormy and passionate friendship between naval officer Julien Viaud, better known by his pen name Pierre Loti, and sailor Yves Kermadec, his substitute "brother" - two men with seemingly nothing in common.

Seasons of love


1934. Philippe falls in love with Odile, a beautiful stranger, and decides to marry her, against the will of his parents.


Les faux-monnayeurs

High-school student Bernard discovers that he's the fruit of a one-night stand by his mother.

The skin of sorrow

La peau de chagrin

It's 1832, and 22-year-old Raphaël's gambling has driven him to the brink of suicide.

Trespassing people

Des gens qui passent

Paris, 1961. 18 years old Jean meets 23 years old Marie, at the headquarters of the French criminal police, where he has been summoned for unexplainable reasons.

My brother simple


Following the death of his parents, Kléber is left looking after his brother Simple, 22 years old but with a mental age of three.

Simenon : blackballed

Simenon : La boule noire

En 1979, Vincent Ferreira, gérant d'un grand supermarché, se voit refuser la qualité de membre du Sporting Club où se retrouvent tous les notables de sa ville qui élisent leurs pairs par cooptation.

Simenon : the iron stairs

Simenon : l'escalier de fer

Winter 1963. Etienne Lome, a sales rep for his wife Louise’s printing shop, is taken violently ill after eating. He gradually becomes convinced that Louise is trying to poison him.

Simenon : belle's death

Simenon : Jusqu'à l'enfer

A quiet couple in a small town nearby Orleans. The sudden and unexplained death of the young English girl hosted in their house will turn Simon’s life in a nightmare.

Simenon : The Innocents

Simenon : Les Innocents

Marie dies in a car accident. But what was doing Marie Washington street? Celerin investigate.

Roxana's hands

Les mains de Roxana

Roxana Orlac, a famous violinist, loses the use of her hands in a terrible accident. Her career as a virtuoso seems to be over until Professor Christansen offers her a transplant of two new hands.


Albert Camus

Albert Camus, a life - Camus seen through women's eyes. From The Rebel to The First Man and The Fall, the last ten years of Albert Camus's turbulent life.

Only love !

Que d'amour !

This film is an adaptation of the famous comedy "Game of Love and Chance" by Marivaux.

Friends for sale

Les amis à vendre

In a not too far-off future, renting friends has become a common habit for the rich, sparing them emotional disappointments.

The Fall of the Male Empire

Le Déclin de l'empire masculin

Inspired by David Abiker's biting polemic, The Museum of Man, The fabulous fall of the male empire, this is a sweet and sour examination of a couple in the throes of a marital crisis.

The desert's chestnut trees

Les Châtaigniers du désert

At a crossroad, she penetrated another dimension. She started living her own life.

Marcel Pagnol : time for love, time for secrets

Marcel Pagnol : le temps des amours, le temps des secrets

Back on the childhood of Marcel Pagnol.