Fictions - Contemporary Drama

Criminal Son

Parents à perpértuité

As the Boissinot family prepares to go on vacation, the police burst in. Thomas is arrested at 16 years old. Eric and Laurence discover that they are the parents of a rapist. Thus begin the questioning and the legal process for the couple. What did they miss? Have they failed in their duty as parents? Could they have given birth to such a monster?

Out of Sight

Droit de regard

Alexandra, an energetic 30-something, is a much-appreciated professional coach. Alas, the glaucoma she suffers from causes her to lose her sight little by little. The shock is violent and the consequences are all the more serious as Alexandra is in divorce proceedings with Yann, the father of her 2 children. As the hearing before the judge approaches, will Alexandra succeed in convincing the justice that she can adapt and keep custody of her children despite her disability?

White lies


Bulle, a charming swiss town facing an industrial transformation. This picture-postcard landscape is home to the Aubert family, whose pleasant domestic life is destroyed by Alice’s illness at the age of just 35.

Watch your lip !

L'Été des lip

It's 1973, and the Lip watch-making factory in Besançon is experiencing hard times. The director has resigned and there is no more cash. The only person showing any interest in the company is a corporate raider.


Chaos technique

Like every other day, François Barat takes line 7 to work. But today a stranger stares at him from the other end of the train. The man finally approaches and calls out to François by name.

The Rival

La Rivale

For years, Judith has been waiting for Gabriel to retire. Finally, he decides to go for it, and they organise a party to celebrate. While they are dancing in front of their happy friends, Gabriel falls down struck by a heart attack. He quickly recovers but he starts behaving strangely.

The Man of my choice

L'Homme de mon choix

Antoine and Camille are a happy couple.After a lots of exams, they find out that Antoine is infertile. So Antoine has an idea : if the child can’t be his, he at least wants him to be Camille’s. He accepts her to conceive «naturally » with another man.