Series / Short Programs

Woke - Season 3

Les Engagés - Saison 3

3x45' or 12x10'
WOKE – XAOC, a new season of WOKE, the series created by Sullivan Le Postec, in which Thibaut saves a Chechen refugee from a nearly fatal trap, and in the process discovers a trial programme for human rights protection which has provided shelter for several people in Europe. Hicham returns to his tower-block neighbourhood in Saint Étienne after a relative is killed in a fight with the police.

The Love Bug

Croc Love

In the near future, scientists have invented a test to measure the love you feel. This throws society into upheaval: couples are torn apart, the divorce rate increases and a new profession is created, that of anti-love adviser, whose job it is to warn the population about this dangerous emotion.



10x10' or 110'
Océane Rose Marie is a popular figure in the LGBT community, an actress and director renowned for her cynical humour. Up to 30,000 people saw her one-woman show over a 4-year period. Now she has decided to become Océan, a man.


Les Engagés

Hicham runs away from his home and comes to Lyon, looking for Thibaut, a young man who tried to kiss him a few years before.

Cult movies

Scènes de culte

Each three-minute film of this series is an alternative "making of", taking us behind the scenes that have marked the history of cinema.

Rachid around the world

Rachid au Texas, Rachid en Russie

In a funny and surprising road-movie, author and actor Rachid explores Texas on a moped and presents us the incredible characters he encounters.