Fictions - Romantic Comedy

Love Naturally 2

L'amour encore plus vache

Lili moved to the countryside because of her love for Luc, a farmer.

Love Naturally

L'amour Vache

Lili, a working girl from Paris, is joining her boyfriend for a wedding party in the countryside. She gets bored during the party, until her eyes catch Luc’s...

A Labour of Love

10 jours pour s'aimer

Charles, a 35 years-old business executive, is sentenced to 10 days of community service : he has to help a regional non-profit organization, settled right in the middle of nowhere, to rebuild an abandonned bakery.

Each to their own

Chacun chez soi

Pierre Bazeille is a writer. Seeking a quiet place to find inspiration, he sublets, Evelyne Droyer’s home, artist / sculptor in the Lot. But living together will not go peacefully…

Sowing the seeds of love

Qui sème l'amour...

35-year-old single farmer Julie hires African immigrant Djibril to help on the farm. What's more, she also asks him to pose as her boyfriend.

Unexpected love

Lui au printemps, elle en hiver

At 57 years, Jeanne Pascale Dorwal falls in love with a man of 35 years. Can Jeanne stand up for herself as a free and sensual woman?

Only love !

Que d'amour !

This film is an adaptation of the famous comedy "Game of Love and Chance" by Marivaux.

Rock'n Roll Circus

Rock'n Roll Circus

They were The Starlights, a group whose heyday was in the early 80s, with their hit single "Stella".

Ariane's thread

Le fil d'Ariane

Ariane is a lively young woman who works in a travel agency. One night, she receives a call for an anonymous male voice. Fascinated by the mysterious man on the phone, she falls in love with him.

Forbidden love

L'amour interdit

The moment they meet, Eve and Sebastien fall into a deep passion. Because they can not stand living their love in secret any longer, they decided to speak out and leave husband and wife. While Sebastien has already told his wife that he leaves her, Eve learns that Marc has a cancer and needs to go to hospital the next day for surgery.

Arranged marriage

Pas si simple

Nadia, an 18-year-old French girl from Moroccan origin, is now of age to get married. Despite her reluctance to marriage during the family summer vacation in Morocco, she finally chooses Samir.

Allowed to love

Permis d'aimer

When love is challenged by the weight of muslim traditions.

So sorry


Both in their forties, Clémence and Phillippe are happily married when Clémence discovers that her husband is having an affair with a very young woman.

A change of heart

Coup de coeur

Jean-Pierre is a brilliant surgeon.The problems of his nearest and dearest don't interest him! But when he discovers that he too has a serious heart disease which needs operating on, Jean-Pierre finds out what it is to be a patient.


Etat de manque

Elsa, Safia and Amandine all work for « La Providence Universelle ». One day, they decide to go for a break in a sea spa hotel. But they enventually realize that all their problems actually come from one man. That man who is making a fool of them works in the same company.

Just a bit of love

Juste un peu d'amour

Starring Clémentine Célarié who falls in love with a model, much younger than she is.