Fictions - Political Drama

Desert ambush

Qui sème le vent

Northern Nigeria. Two French scientists working for an environmental NGO disappear during a mission in the region of Arlit.

The Afghan trap

Le piège Afghan

Nadia, an army doctor based in Afghanistan, is ambushed and captured by the Taliban.

One small corner of France

Un petit bout de France

Spring 1981. France is in the middle of the presidential election campaign, and Chirac has just betrayed Giscard by standing for election.



Mayakis an underground comic designer. He is currently working on an illustrated novel : Azad ("freedom » in Armenian). Azad tells his grand father’s story.


Vive la bombe !

Algeria. May 1st 1962. The war has been over for two months. But following secret agreements, de Gaulle continues to conduct nuclear tests in the Sahara desert.

Anna Politovskaya

Une femme à abattre

October, 2006. Anna Politkovskaya, a russian journalist, is murdered in the hall of her Moscow building.

Watch your lip !

L'Été des lip

It's 1973, and the Lip watch-making factory in Besançon is experiencing hard times. The director has resigned and there is no more cash. The only person showing any interest in the company is a corporate raider.